Chrome Update Targets The Abusive Ads Coming On Pirate Sites


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After pirate sites being criticized by governments all over the world, the running of abusive ads has brought them into trouble, once again. Here, there are ads which people don’t find appropriate and are not finding ways to encounter. Hence, this December 2018, Google Chrome Update is about to roll out which will probably terminate all abusive ads.

Here, it will prevent every rogue redirect and will put a halt on misleading dialogue boxes. Hence, to let you know more about the abusive ads & Chrome update, let’s move ahead and discover the same.

Chrome Update Targets The Abusive Ads Coming On Pirate Sites Story

If we talk about a decade ago, users on pirate sites were served with the same ads as we could see on other regular sites.

However, as the time went ahead, leading companies had issues with pirate sites. With which, the frequency of regular ads went on vanishing with time.

Further, over the past years, different anti-piracy groups have become strict and are on the verge to ban every pirate sites.

Hence, it has become difficult for the pirate sites to generate revenue which is the reason, they are looking for other income streams.

In addition, companies withdrawing their funding, we can see a decrease in the ad frequency of torrent sites. And, more often, the revenue has certainly come to a standstill.

Thus, with the intention to curb every single offensive ad, Chrome update will certainly solve users issues.

Further, the update will even look to target the malicious ads on every platform other than pirate sites.

A Word of Mouth by Vivek Sekar

“These protections blocked pop-ups and new window requests from sites with certain abusive experiences like redirecting pages. However, we’ve learned since then that this approach did not go far enough. In fact, more than half of these abusive experiences are not blocked by our current set of protections, and nearly all involve harmful or misleading ads. These ads trick users into clicking on them by pretending to be system warnings or ‘close’ buttons that do not actually close the ad”.says Google Product Manager Vivek Sekhar

As a result, Google has immediately announced that their chrome update is all set to come in December. The updated name is Chrome 71 which will certainly remove every other abusive ad. In addition, we can even assume a speedy response to other potential issues which is going in the ad industry.

Further, even the site owners will be able to check their sites against ‘Abusive Experiences Report’.

After which, they can heal themselves in case they have come under the scanner of abusive ads.

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Final Word of Mouth: Chrome Update Targets The Abusive Ads Coming On Pirate Sites Story

So, there we go. As of now, Google is stressing on its users to be in total control for their browsing experiences. Hence, if the users are using Chrome, by December they will be able to block Abusive ads, which is definitely a valuable thing.

Hence, until then, users can wait for the Chrome update, install it and browse the Internet or on Pirate networks with freeness nature.

content credit- Torrent Freak



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