Why Is China Cracking Down On VPN?


Why Is China Cracking Down On VPN? The Chinese Firewall is getting more and more inscrutable. The Chinese Industry & Information Technology Ministry of has formally declared; that it will launch a national cleanup crackdown on all Internet access services traversing a 14-month period. This would also include an extensive China crackdown on VPNs or virtual private networks operating in the country. In this article, you know why is China cracking down on VPN.

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The New Regime

New ordinances in China specify that any VPN service has to seek government permission; before it begins its operations within Chinese borders. No national moreover, is allowed to use a VPN service without authorization; deserting which he lasts to be indicted and castigated heavily. (also see, 5 Best VPN for China 2017)

Since VPNs make employment of encryption for screening internet traffic that enables Chinese users to circumvent its Great Firewall for reaching both regulated and banned websites; the Chinese government has notified its three largest telecom companies to obstruct the access of people to them. The deadline has been anchored for early 2018.

Why Is China Cracking Down On VPN

The primary rationale behind this is that China doesn’t want its residents to get news on touchy subjects. With censorship pointing; foreign news agencies, Google, Twitter, and Facebook too; have been prevented. Any blog probing the Chinese government is inaccessible either. This deliberate choking has left Chinese users of the Internet with virtually nothing; that the digital world offers. This is how China cracking down on VPN.


China’s ever-tightening hold on Internet utility has already begun having its adverse repercussions. Apple has already drawn out the app for the New York Times from its App Store in agreement; with the new laws that no mobile app should propagate restricted or banned content. VPN apps are also no longer accessible on the Chinese version of Apple Store.

The Beijing authorities have, moreover, enacted a cybersecurity law that dictates that service providers must obtain all personal data of their users while also stopping any data accumulated within the country from going out. The Chinese have seen blacking out VPN services as a “perfectly salubrious development” and steps taken lately were for “regulating and cleaning” Internet access. Read on to know more about Why is China cracking down on VPN.

Is Blocking VPN Achievable?

However, it is a general perception that humans like overwhelming hurdles and the technically savvy will gain a bypass route to this restriction. Moreover, the government has conceded that VPNs can’t be got rid off entirely, individually for businesses but they have to employ for the same and only to licensed providers.

The global view on China’s crackdown on VPNs and Internet restriction is; that it will be a hindrance to foreign trade. Moreover, such retarding actions would also inflict significant costs on hucksters and products and services users; with whom China does trade both nationwide and internationally. Research has revealed that over the authorities has blocked over 3,000 networking; communications, news and other websites; resulting in affecting business worth billions of dollars.

China authoritatively toughened its Internet censorship before the 19th Congress of the Communist Party last fall by enacting a law that would make it very difficult for foreign business houses to operate in the country. This has been associated with Stalin’s regime in Russia during the Cold War where absolute Communist rule governed the lives of all Russian citizens.(also read, How to Unblock WhatsApp in China?)

What’s Next?

This is an absolute violation of privacy by all Chinese citizens; especially the younger generation that wants to keep alongside western mores and cultures. Furthermore, with serious effects on personal communication, the average Chinese citizen feels that the government cuts off him from the rest of the world; thanks to this totalitarian regime that attempts more to smother than to reinvigorate.

Personal liberty, after all, is the patrimony of all human beings and China’s policies in this concern is a clear violation of this fundamental right. George Orwell cautioned us about this! While its Great Wall sought to protect the country; it’s Great Firewall it seems, aims at retarding it by cutting the country off from contact with the rest of an otherwise barrier-free world.( also check, Is Using a VPN Legal in China?)

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