How to Check If Your VPN Connection Is Secure?


Setting up VPN service often gives us a sense of satisfaction and assurance; that your internet traffic will no longer get tracked by your ISP; or any other hacker attempting to access your personal information. However, it is always recommended to check if your VPN connection is secure once in a while; make sure you have a stable working connection and all the VPN security protocols for which you are paying are in place. To that end, we present you our brief guide to help you check if your VPN connection is secure.(Also so, 7 WAYS TO AVOID BEING HACKED).

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How to Check If Your VPN Connection Is Secure?

Testing the quality of your VPN connection can be done in many ways. These techniques derive from the kind of stuff that could be wrong with your connection. If you don’t have tabs on how great you have your connection setup; your location, for instance, could get unveiled as soon as your ISP chooses to send you a question; which will, in turn, enable them to recognize the actual websites that you’ve been visiting. This sort of DNS leaks have been known to occur more so with paid services; so it’s always satisfying to have yours checked out.

One point to keep in your mind before you begin out with your test: We’d suggest using an OpenVPN protocol for your connection because you’ll get the best and most stable option regarding security. If OpenVPN isn’t available, then L2TP & IPSec are two other worthwhile choices to consider. PPTP isn’t as strong nowadays since it’s more of a dated protocol, so avoid it whenever you can.

IP Address Test

One of the things you require to run to check whether your real IP address is being bucked off another location is an IP address test. You can do this by a simple method: Head on over to this site and have a look at where your VPN IP address says you are located. If the given location determines where you’re based; then you are perversely not guarded. In other words, your VPN is not masking your original IP address.( Also check, A COMPREHENSIVE GUIDE TO IP LEAKS).

P2P Torrent IP Address Test

P2P users have tended to prefer and appreciate VPN services as they enable them to get and share media without the obligation to worry about who might be tracking their online activities. As such, users can direct to and conduct the torrent IP check test to detect whether their identity is safe or not. They’ll be asked to download the test.torrent file on their P2P client; and once downloaded, to open & confirm the IP information received. If it is found that the real IP address and DNS are the ones posted, then the connection is not stable.

DNS Leak Test

Carrying out a DNS leak test also enables you to confirm whether or not any data regarding your identification or location is being leaked. To conduct this, allow your VPN service; then go to and begin the test. You’ll get results that reveal your ISP service & location, IP addresses, and DNS hostnames. If your actual location and ISP information match with what you view as the results of the test; then your data is being leaked.

How To Work Around the Leak?

Now that you have discovered out that there is certainly a DNS leak; the next move should be to conduct all forms of troubleshooting as given by your VPN service provider. This should exclude any errors that may have occurred and resulted in your identity being exposed. Signing up with a reliable VPN provider, however, should be one of the elements you can do to limit such eventualities.

If you do beget an IP address leak; the following viable action would be to investigate whether your subscription service is active. Once approved, cut the service, then reconnect it again. If the very issue continues; then leave your current VPN provider. Leaking your IP address explicates that your identity is exposed, and hence your online security can never be guaranteed.

Upon the P2P torrent tests. If you proceeded and downloaded the torrent file from the website, we suggested only to discover that the details within the match with your original information, then the first form of the resort should be to verify that the ports being applied for the P2P connection are regulated with your VPN service. Have a look at how well your connection is set up, and assure that everything is arranged as per the requirement. If you conduct the test again and still get the same result, then you might have to complain about the service since the difficulties at hand might be too technical to deal with. If even that doesn’t work out, then it’s time to look for another provider.

Conclusion -How to Check If Your VPN Connection Is Secure?

With all that’s said, a significant number of VPN service providers, claiming credible protection to offer their valued customers; still, it is important to check if your VPN connection is secure once in a while by carrying out a spot check and know if your online data is secure or not. Doing so helps make sure that all your browsing remains secure, and that your connection holds the fort in the event of a cyber attack.(Also read, HOW TO FIX VPN ERRORS IN SIMPLE STEPS)


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