How To Check Your Torrent IP Address?


How To Check Your Torrent IP Address? In the hunt for entirely anonymous torrents, it’s necessary to have a means that enables you to check your torrent IP address and confirm that your proxy or VPN settings are operating as designed.

These easy tools will append a small magnet link to your preferred torrent software and enable you to review your torrent IP address with a click.(Also see, How to Select a Secure Torrent VPN?).

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What Is An IP Address?

An IP address is a novel digital address that recognizes a particular location on the internet. Just like your house has a road address, your internet connection has an IP address.

Your IP address is allocated to you by your ISP and is shared by all devices on your network that uses the very internet connection.

Your IP address is openly apparent

All the websites you visit and every torrent peer you correlate to can examine your IP address. This is how they are capable of accurately routing the data that is being sent to your device. For torrent downloaders, we always suggest hiding your IP address with the application of an anonymous VPN.(Also check, Anonymous BitTorrent: Download Torrents Anonymously on BitTorrent)

How to Check Your Public IP Address:

It’s simple to check your public IP address: Just follow the steps below.

  • Visit IPvanish’s check IP tool
  • Look for the green bar at the top of the page (see the image below)

How to check your ip address (ipvanish)

You can simply switch your publicly apparent IP address (and mask your true IP address)
A VPN (Virtual Private Network) enables you to quickly change your plainly visible IP address by routing all your internet traffic via an anonymous VPN server; which works as a mediator between you and the rest of the web.

Websites that trace your internet activities (like Google, Facebook, etc.) and torrent peers will only see the IP address assigned to you by your VPN service provider, not your real IP address designated by your ISP.

Majority BitTorrent users are already employing an anonymous VPN server providing service. But if you’re one of the few that aren’t;
here is some information that will benefit you.

How To Check Your Torrent IP Address

To check your torrent, IP address is only beneficial if you’re employing a VPN or proxy to hide your real IP address.

If you’re doing almost nothing to anonymize your torrents, then your torrent IP address will just be the IP address allocated to you by your ISP.

Now that we’ve got that cleaned up; here are two free online tools that allow you to check your torrent IP address instantly and easily:

  • IPMagnet

Both websites are basically running a clone of the similar tool; so it doesn’t matter which one you pick. They both work the same.

Here’s how it works.

Step #1
Head over to any of the free tools to check your torrent IP address (we’re using IPMagnet for this demo)

torrent check ip tool ipmanet

Step #2
Click the ‘Magnet Link’ hyperlink to create a different tracking link. Open it in your chosen torrent client to check your torrent IP address.

How to check torrent ip tool, compare

Step #3
Verify that your IP addresses for both browser and torrent client are what you would expect (more on that in the next section).

Here, the torrent IP is different from the browser IP address (both of which are different from my real IP address) because this setup is utilizing an anonymous proxy for torrents and a VPN for the whole internet connection (maximum privacy).

Step #4
Once you’ve appended the magnet link; you can quickly check your torrent IP address without reverting to the website.

  1. Open the torrent client
  2. Click on the tracking torrent
  3. Head over to the ‘Trackers’ tab
  4. And you’ll notice something like this (this demo used utorrent, but it works for any client):

Check your torrent IP inside utorrent torrent client

Just ensure your ‘status’ section is broad enough to represent the full IP address, otherwise, you might just view ‘Failure’ 🙂

Understanding The Results Of Your Torrent IP Address

There are four distinct results you can receive from this test; depending on whether you’re employing a VPN, Proxy, or both (or neither). (Also read, IPTV Piracy Creates More Internet Traffic Than Torrents)

If you get the anticipated result for your settings; then everything is working correctly. If you get an expected outcome; restart your torrent client and check over. If it’s still incorrect, something isn’t configured correctly.

Before you read further, be sure you know the following erudition:

  • The IP address allocated to you by your ISP (when not connected to the VPN)
  • Your current VPN IP address (if using one)

This will make it much simpler to interpret your results.

So here we go.

Just for the sake of example; we’re going to consider the following (your addresses will be different)
Real IP address =
Proxy IP Address =
VPN IP Address =

Result #1 – Torrent, Browser, True IP address all the same (Non-Anonymous Setup)

If you aren’t utilizing any VPN or proxy, then your torrent IP and browser IP address will be the same. Both will also match your real IP address.

Real IP address =
Torrent IP address =
Browser IP address =

Your real IP address is Always publicly visible

Result #2 – Torrent, Browser IP the same. True IP Different. (VPN)

If you’re connected to a VPN, this should be your result. Your torrents and web browser traffic will both routed through the VPN so that they will have the corresponding IP address. The VPN designates you a new IP address distinct from the one given by your ISP, so neither will match your real IP address.

True IP address =
Browser IP address =
Torrent IP address =
Your real IP address is never publicly visible

Result #3 – Browser and True IP address the same. Torrent IP Different (Proxy)

If you connect your torrent client to a proxy server but don’t anonymize the rest of your internet connection; then this will be your result:

True IP address =
Browser IP address =
Torrent IP address =
Your true IP address is only sneaked for torrents

Result #4 – Browser, Torrent, and Real IP address all different. (VPN + Proxy)

This setup provides the greatest amount of privacy and security when torrenting. It needs to route all torrents through a proxy server and encrypting your whole internet connection using a VPN.

This suggests your torrents will be routed via a tunnel (proxy) inside another tunnel (VPN); giving two layers of protection and anonymity.

The results would look like this:

True IP address =
Browser IP address =
Torrent IP address =
Your real IP address is never publicly visible


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