Can you get Arrested for Downloading Torrents in Canada?


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Can you get Arrested for Downloading Torrents in Canada? This article is useful for all those people who are living in Canada and are confused whether or not they should download torrents being Canada. Also, if you are unaware of the copyright infringement rules in Canada; then this guide is going to help you a lot. Know how much strict laws have been implemented all across the country and whether or not downloading torrents in Canada can get you arrested.

We will also tell you the safest way to download torrents in Canada without letting the authorities and government know about it. So, read on the article to know about the torrenting laws in Canada.

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Ever since the torrenting method and BitTorrent file sharing protocols is introduced; it has always been an apple of discord for the government, copyright holders, and the piracy proponents. There have been various attempts that were made to sabotage this technology so that the torrenters will not get to download torrents for free and hence the copyright holders would be at peace.

However, these efforts have never been able to stop the torrenting websites or the torrenters to stop downloading the torrents. Whenever any torrent site shuts down, there is another potential site in line to take its place and keep the torrenters facilitated.

But, those netizens who do not know much about the aftermath of using torrent without any protection and especially if they happen to live in an anti-torrent country; they usually get into severe trouble; even in few states downloading torrents can even land you in the jail. And Canada one of those countries where copyright infringement laws are stringent. (also read, How to Connect Home Router to a VPN to Bypass Web Censorship)

Thus, it is always better to find a solution by which downloading torrents in Canada can become safe. In this article you will get to know whether or not downloading torrents in Canada can land you in the jail; and if yes, then how can you safely do torrenting in Canada with no fear of being behind bars.

Is Torrenting Legal in Canada?

Unfortunately, Canada has become the home to some of the toughest anti-piracy rules in the world. However, torrenting itself is not illegal in Canada but because this technology helps the users to download copyright-protected content which is a clear violation of copyright infringement law; that has been implemented across the country. Apart from downloading torrents in Canada, every sort of pirates stuff is illegal, and the authorities take stern action if caught.

How To Download Torrents in Canada Using VPN?

If you are living in Canada and thinking to get your hands on your favorite movie, book or game through torrenting; then think again! Canada is not the right place to download torrent files free. You might not know when you get caught that will result in getting a copyright infringement notice right at your doorstep.

However, there is still a way by which downloading torrents in Canada without getting a copyright infringement notice is possible. That way is to use a reliable VPN service and then download torrents in Canada.

This way you will be safe from the hawk eye of government’s watchdog; which keeps on watching your online activities. The VPN routes your internet data traffic through a tunnel; that is protected with end-to-end encryption, and connected to a remote server from the other end. The VPN uses the high level of military-grade encryption; which is impossible to intercept not even by your ISP. (also check, How to Access the Deep Web and Darknet Anonymously)

Basically, VPN stops the ISP snoop your internet activity; that ultimately protects the users from getting caught while torrenting. It is because the government has made all the ISPs of Canada requisite to send copyright infringement notice in case of downloading torrents in Canada. So, if the ISP can not snoop you; because of VPN encryption; how could they get to know that you are downloading torrents in Canada.

Is It Safe Downloading Torrents In Canada Without A VPN?

To cut a long story short, downloading torrents in Canada is not at all safe; because Canada is one of those countries of the world; where you can not download torrent files freely. So, it is always recommended to use a VPN; that protects your internet connection and saves you from getting copyright infringement notice.

Moreover, it also allows you to access all those blocked torrent websites which you can not access because of your Canadian IP. It is because some torrent sites are blocked in Canada as it is an anti-torrent nation, but VPN allows you to change your IP address to a virtual IP address of any country of the world. Thus, in order to access blocked torrent sites, you need to choose the IP of any torrent-friendly server location like New Zealand or Holland. (also read, 10 Top Pirate Bay Alternatives)

Why Is Torrenting A Crime In Canada?

Subsequently, torrent technology is not objectionable anywhere; but downloading copyright protected content like movies, games or books can be claimed by the copyright holders of that particular torrent; that you have downloaded. This may result in getting a legal notice; that could cost you a fortune and can even land you in the jail. So, torrenting is not a crime in Canada; but downloading pirated stuff via torrent is considered as a punishable crime in Canada.

Conclusion-Can you get Arrested for Downloading Torrents in Canada?

To conclude, the strict laws against copyright infringement in Canada are something to fear with; but if you are downloading torrents in Canada with a VPN in hand; then you do not need to worry about any law. It is because VPN lets you to use the web freely without anyone watching over you round the clock. (also read, How to Prevent Increased Cyber Crimes in Canada)


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