Buffered VPN Review 2019


Highlights of Buffered VPN

  • In this Buffered VPN review, we bring you a summary of Buffered VPN features. It is a Hungarian based network which means it is away from the UK and US jurisdiction which means absolute anonymity.
  • Buffered VPN has Ultra fast servers in 42 countries.
  • Rapid growing network with a reliable connection.
  • No-log Policy of Buffered VPN ensures absolute and all-round security and privacy.
  • Buffered VPN is faster with a standard 128-bit encryption, which makes it ideal for streaming.


  •  Ultra fast servers in 35 countries
  • Five simultaneous connections
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Platform support which includes Windows, Mac, and Linux
  • Customer support with a blog and social media updates
  • Protocol support which includes PPTP, L2TP/IPSec, and OpenVPN
  • NAT firewall protection
  • Helps to Unblock Netflix and BBC
  • 30-day money back guarantee


  • No Live Chat available
  • A bit on the expensive side ( Better Purchase the Yearly Plan)

30 Days Money Back Guarantee

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Buffered VPN Review: Is this the VPN You Were Looking For?

Well, when it comes down to choose the best ever VPN company, that is where problems began to arise. Still, not many people end up with a good VPN Service, Hence, to let you choose the best ever VPN, I have done the hard work for you. Here in this review, I will be giving an in-depth Buffered VPN review to all VPN lovers.

Hence, what you really need to do? Well, pretty much one thing. Just sit back, relax and get some useful knowledge from this review of Buffered VPN.

Buffered VPN Review: Discover each and everything right from this article

Features of Buffered VPN

Server Locations

Starting with the basics first, server locations does play a crucial role. Here, the more are the servers in different countries, the better will be your connectivity, as simple as that.

Hence, coming down in this Buffered VPN review, this VPN has got servers which are widespread in 37 countries. However, the number is a little less than the top VPN brands, still, it is quite impressive.

Further, in the list of server connecting options, the Buffered VPN lets you connect to only a country, not by the city.  Still, in the US connection, you can choose between the “East Coast” and “West Coast”.

Hence, to let you know some top server locations in this review of Buffered VPN, let us move ahead and uncover each of them:

    • Austria
    • Germany
    • Poland
    • Korea
    • Switzerland
    • Great Britain
    • Belgium
    • Portugal
    • Latvia
    • Turkey
    • Iceland
    • Brazil
    • Romania
    • USA-East
    • India
    • Bulgaria
    • Russia
    • Mexico
    • USA-West
    • Ireland
    • Canada
    • Singapore
    • Netherlands
    • Israel
    • New Zealand
    • South Africa
    • Denmark
    • Italy
    • Norway
    • Spain
  • Finland

In addition, there are other VPN’s which operate multiple servers and let you choose a specific server or change a server connection.

However, in the case of Buffered VPN, it does not help you to choose servers by yourself. In addition, it is unclear from their site too so as to how many total servers they have.


Each and every time you sign-in to a VPN Service, you are given a unique IP-Address. Further, the same IP-address is shared among multiple servers which make it harder to be detected.

Fundamentally, to enhance the security parameters, the factor of the protocol does come into existence. Currently, the top four protocols which are used in current VPN Services are as follows:

    • OpenVPN
    • L2TP/IPSec
    • PPTP
  • SSTP

Further, coming down in this Buffered VPN review, the company makes use of only OpenVPN protocol.  Since OpenVPN is the best of all, Buffered VPN does quite a good job in this case.

In addition, PPTP is a far older protocol and only offers a mere 128-Bit Encryption and is easily crackable. Moving ahead, L2TP/IPSec is far more secure than PPTP but consumes much more resources. Finally, it isn’t that safe as OpenVPN which is the reason, Buffered VPN doesn’t use this protocol.

Lastly, though SSTP is a good protocol, it is still not as secure as OpenVPN. Also, the SSTP protocol is considered a good protocol for windows machines too.

But, finally, when it comes to OpenVPN, every other protocol becomes absolutely not acceptable.

With Buffered VPN using the OpenVPN protocol, it offers a massive 256-Bit Encryption known as Blowfish.

On top of that, the AES encryption is not crackable which makes it one of the best ones to be used in VPN Services.

In addition, another key advantage to use OpenVPN is its availability to be used with every port.

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Privacy Policy

Over a dozen times, Buffered VPN has said that they really don’t collect any user or browsing data from their users.  

The fact, that each and everything is given in their official privacy policy page, still there are other things which are worth considering.

Here, the Buffered VPN company does seem to log users meta-data even if they claim that they don’t. In this case, I decided to check a bit and found some interesting things. The company indeed recorded IP Addresses, connection duration along with the time factor.

But, guess what, you really don’t need to worry as such information is solely kept for troubleshooting purposes. However, in the case of activity pointing, the same information can even be used for you.

Still in this Buffered VPN review, as the company is located in Hungary, EU has some sort of control on this VPN.

Further, the EU has got some of the pretty strongest data protection laws all over the world. Such a law is laid by the Data Protection Directive which is being replaced by General Data Protection Regulation in 2018.

Hence, such a thing is a great guarantee that your private data will remain secured in any case.

Buffered VPN Review: Support System

Coming down towards the support system, the Buffered VPN company excels in this case. Here, the company maintains a massive 24/7 customer support which is truly an amazing thing

Although there is no option to get in touch with a live person, procedures are made to send support queries to different users.

Here, in this case, I did a test and sent the request to the Buffered VPN company. Here, I expected the response time of at least 1 day but I was proved wrong in the end. The Buffered Company gave me the reply within 30 minutes which was absolutely marvellous.

Even better than that, the response was written in an easy way and answered my questions in the direct format.

Although, the option of Live Chat would be helpful but still, with prompt responses are more than sufficient. In either case, if you need an immediate answer, there is a support page from Buffered VPN to help you with ease.

What’s present in the Buffered VPN’s support page?

When it comes to buffered VPN’s support page, it contains the following list of sub-categories:

Getting Started: FAQ Section and Troubleshooting

Errors: Steps for resolving specific errors

Setup Tutorials: Guides present for different devices

Logs: Guide to help you access your VPN Logs

In addition, you will find a search bar situated right at the top of the page. Hence, with this, you can type your query and get answers in a much quicker way. Even here, I tested to write some queries and found my answers in a precise and easier format.

However, one thing which I felt is that it could have been a little broader when it comes to the FAQ section. Further, in this Buffered VPN review, there were certain questions which I asked and they are still unclear:

    • What is the number of IP Addresses which Buffered VPN Maintains?
    • What is the number of servers, Buffered VPN maintains?
    • Does Buffered VPN give a Kill Switch or a DNS Leak Protection?
  • Does Buffered VPN keep logging Session Meta-Data?

Another Miss by Buffered VPN: Buffered VPN review

On top of the above list of some good customer support features, there are some bad ones too. Here, the company doesn’t have a user forum which is definitely a huge miss-out.

Talking about User Forums, they are good ways to gain a pretty cool insight and get help from the other users.

Hence, with this, users can share their knowledge and Buffered VPN community could have reached to great heights. Although, they do have a blog but hasn’t yet been updated since March 2016.

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Availability of Five Simultaneous Connections

Unlike other VPNs, the Buffered VPN does a pretty good job in delivering a good quantity of simultaneous connections. Here, it allows users to connect up to 5 devices at a single time.

What’s more to it? The subscribers of Buffered VPN are allowed to download and install VPN Apps on different devices.

Hence with this, Buffered VPN becomes much to distinguish from every other VPNs.

For this, even family members can connect to the same VPN and access the internet with whole ease and comfort.

Auto-Connect Functionality

In addition to the simultaneous connection feature, the Buffered VPN even offer auto-connect functionality.

This is a really good feature which can be used along with killswitch to provide effective VPN Connections all over.

Port Discovery Mode Available

For every Buffered VPN client, Port discovery mode is one good unique feature available. Here, the subscribers can scan the nearby Wi-Fi networks to search the available list of ports.

Hence, with the port discovery mode, you can connect with Wifi’s in hotels without needing a password for the same.

How can you use this feature?

For using the port discovery mode feature, you can go to “Settings” and click on “ Test Firewall”.

On top of that, the port discovery mode feature makes it easy for travellers who want to stay on a secure Wi-Fi network while travelling.

But, one thing which you must make sure is that the Port Discovery Mode feature is available for only Apple Mac and Windows.

Built-In Download Speed Test Available

In addition to the humongous list of features, Buffered VPN even comes with a built-in download speed test.

With this feature, users can check their network speeds both from the inside and outside of the tunnel.

Buffered VPN Review: Discover Some More Essential Things

What Can You Watch Using Buffered VPN?

In case if you don’t know, Buffered VPN helps to access contents which are under stringent laws with ease. Here, you can get an access blocked streaming services including NetFlix and much more.

In addition, Buffered VPN tunnelling back to the United States helps to get an access to most popular streaming services.

Here, in this review of Buffered VPN, some of the primary ones include:

    • Amazon Prime Video
    • Hulu
  • Netflix

In the case of Netflix, it is available in 190 countries and the service is expanding to reach the majestic number of 200.

Hence with the use of Buffered VPN, you can effectively bypass most popular streaming services with ease and comfort.

The Website of Buffered VPN

Well, I know you must be eager to get your eyes on the website review of Buffered VPN. Hence, we are here unfolding the website for the same.

Now, right from the first look, Buffered VPN website looks good and comes with a great list of useful information.

Further, the design is crystal clear and it defines simplicity to a good extent. Here, you can even find some good amounts of useful information about their services.

In addition, I really enjoyed the infographics given on Buffered VPN website which was good and of excellent quality.

Right at the bottom of each page, you can easily access the privacy policy ( VPN Terms of Service).

In my opinion, this is an excellent transparency for which I will recommend you Buffered VPN.

Further, moving down towards the header section, it has got essential links to the following:

    • “Take A Tour”
    • “Pricing”
    • “Questions”
    • “Contact”
    • “Login”
    • “Get Buffered”
  • “Subscription Page”

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What’s there in Different Pages of Buffered VPN?

Browsing on the Take a Tour Page, you will see the screen split into six parts. Each of the given sections does a brilliant job of describing the essential aspects of the service.

In case, if you want some more in-depth information, you can browse through the “contact support” section. Further, there is a Buffered Help Desk present which is available for 24 hours a day.

Moving ahead, the FAQ section helps you find answers to every unsolved question of yours. Here, you can even catch a glimpse of all the popular setup guides in a much useful and easeful manner.

In fact, the Buffered VPN page has got around 100 of well-written articles which can help resolve your potential issues.

Finally, right at the bottom of the home page, there is a good link to the “tutorial” section. With this, you are taken to a different page where you can find installation & Setup guides.

This section comes with a good list of tutorials to install buffered routers and even the Amazon Firestick.

VPN Client for Windows by Buffered VPN

As per my testing, I tested each and everything of Buffered VPN’s windows client and have come up with a much clearer conclusion.

Firstly, in terms of the software download, the process was super quick and the installation was, even more, hassle-free.

In any case, if the system asks you to install the latest version of OpenVPN Tap Drivers, please click on the “Yes” option because you don’t really need them.

Once, you have installed the client VPN, you can only log-in once because there is a password box which will remember your password.

In addition, you can even use the “Auto Connect” feature in settings with which, you can connect to your favourite server.

Here, double click buffered on your Desktop to connect to any of the servers.

Further, there is the kill switch feature which does increase the overall security of Buffered VPN.

For enabling the kill-switch, you can go into the setting section, click on hamburger menu located on the top right and drag down the menu.

Hence, after which, you can switch between auto-connect and kill-switch based on your personal preference.

Speed Tests, Performance, WebRTC and IPV6 Tests

As per our testing, we tested the Buffered VPN 3 times a day and found some really good things.

Moving ahead in this Buffered VPN review, the company has always been among the top 5 fasted VPN’s all over the world.

Here, take a look at the speed of Buffered VPN:

On the first note, DNS request speed is close to average which is not too great but on the decent side.

Moving ahead, I made use of the ipleak.net for checking the IP leaks, DNS leaks and the Web real-time communication (WebRTC) bug.

Hence, after my examination, I found no leaks, whatsoever. Thus, without any doubt, in the case of the leak test, buffered VPN is probably one of the best available in the market.

Different Platforms and Devices Supported

For instance, Buffered VPN provides support to the following platforms:

    • Windows
    • Mac OS X
  • Linux

Other than this, it has also started finishing the development of mobile apps and it is ongoing the phase of testing.

However, there is the official release date of their apps but they will soon come into reality.

Which are the devices supported by Buffered VPN?

Secondly, coming down towards the device & their platforms supported, Android & iOS does use the official OpenVPN software.

Other than this, there are different guides which help you to setup Buffered VPN in an easy manner.

Who can opt for Buffered VPN?

VPN Services such as Buffered VPN can help in solving different issues for different people.

In a different café’s, restaurants and coffee shops, Buffered VPN can come to the rescue.

With this VPN, an extra layer of security can be added without much issue.

However, with the use of Buffered VPN, eavesdropping cannot be necessarily prevented but the company helps in encrypting your data. Hence, the company helps in encrypting your data by creating a tunnel for it.

In addition, it even helps in spoofing your device’s IP address & location with the desired VPN server.

With this, there are loads of benefits such as information encrypting and preventing hacker attacks in the long run.

Further, if you are connecting to a server outside your country, you can bypass the territorial restrictions with ease and comfort.

Hence, it will also become easy for the citizens of China to bypass some of the important apps such as:

    • YouTube
    • Facebook
    • Twitter
  • Google

How you can setup Buffered VPN on Desktop? (Windows)

When it comes to Mac & Windows user, you should have no difficulty in setting up Buffered VPN on your particular machine.

Hence, for your conformance, I installed & tested Buffered VPN on my Windows 10 laptop. Yes, the installation process is pretty much simple and it only a couple of minutes to set up the whole procedure.

Right after I entered my login credentials, I was presented with a list of countries with which you can connect to.

As I said before, you really don’t need to get an option to choose a city of your choice. With this, there is no option to choose the fasted VPN connection nearby.

All in all, the service is much simpler to use where a double-click on a country can make the VPN Tunnel start running.

Buffered VPN Review: What about the Interface section?

Apart from the setting up of Buffered VPN, let’s take a glance at its interface itself. Here, the most used displayed options are:

    • Connection Time
    • Upload/Download Speed
    • Total Uploaded/Downloaded Speed
  • IP Address

Pricing of Buffered VPN

Buffered VPN brings to you Three Subscription Plans. Here, every three plans provide a similar type of subscription services.

Where the customers are rewarded with a certain type of discounts for using Buffered VPN for a good number of years.

The good 30-days Money Back Guarantee

Other than the pricing options, Buffered VPN even offers a massive 30-Days Money Back guarantee where anyone can test their service and then opt for a premium subscription plan.

Payment Options of Buffered VPN

In terms of payment, the subscribers can pay through a variety of options such as:

    • PayPal
    • Visa
    • MasterCard
    • Discover
    • American Express
    • Dinner Club
  • Bitcoin

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Wrapping Things Up: Buffered VPN Review

Well, in the midst of a number of VPN companies, I know it is a pretty much tough choice to choose one. Hence, now that you have got one good VPN, you know what to do.

Go through this Buffered VPN review, rectify, understand each feature and based on your preference, decide whether to go for this VPN or not.