BTGuard VPN Review 2020


Highlights of BTGuard VPN

  • In this BTGuard VPN review, we bring you a summary of BTGuard VPN features. Military grade 256-bit encryption ensures online security.
  • As BTGuard is based in a country that is free of jurisdictions, it follows a no logging policy.
  • Pre-Configured Proxy Software For UTorrent Users
  • It is completely against geo-restrictions and helps people to unblock contents in any parts of the world.
  • Our BTGuard VPN review made us clear that it is best suited for uploading or downloading torrent files.


  • Supports PPTP & OpenVPN
  • Allow Torrenting and P2P Files Sharing
  • Compatible with PC, Mac, Linux, Tablets and Smartphones
  • It also supports Bitcoin Anonymous Payment Method
  • Zero-log Policy
  • It Supports AES 256-bit encryption
  • Much Simpler to Use
  • Availability of Unlimited Speed


  • There is no VPN client for BTGuard and it relies on the OpenVPN client. This is again an extra work on the user side to configure the OpenVPN files.
  • The pricing is slightly on the higher side for the services offered.
  • There is no documentation for the android users though it supports Android devices.
  • No Money Back Guarantee
  • Doesn’t come with a free-trial
  • Has servers in only three locations
  • Does not come with a great customer support.

Zero Log Policy

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The Right Budgeting VPN For You?

Since for a very long time, we have been reviewing some of the most exquisite VPN’s for you. Some can be the most useful ones while others, can be sheer mood spoilers. Hence, moving ahead, we are going to give you an In-Depth BTGuard VPN review.

Emerging after a few years, we have a lot more interesting things when it comes to reviewing the BTGuard VPN.

So, what are we really waiting for? Let us move ahead and start to unwrap a detailing & excited review of BTGuard VPN.

Detailing List of Features


When it comes to the protocol section of the BTGuard VPN review, the BTGuard VPN gives access to only two protocols.

With the PPTP protocol being considered as insecure, we recommend the users, not to use it at any cost.

However, we have got a pretty good news for all you folks. With the BTVPN, you can connect with the company’s server using the OpenVPN Protocol. But, here also, you will need to use a good third-party OpenVPN software.

Privacy and Security

Moving ahead in this BTGuard VPN review, the security and privacy play quite a crucial role. Since BTGuard is based in Canada, such a location is not as secure when it comes to security and privacy.

Further, right in the last few years, the Canadian government has passed some of the most stringent laws which are quite disturbing.

In addition, it comes with a massive five eyes intelligence sharing agreement which everyone has to abide by.

But, aside some of the bad news, there some really good ones too in the queue. Here, the company claims to keep no logs which are quite good. With this, the users can be assured of their privacy and their data can be kept in its confidential form.

In addition, their privacy policy statement is written in bold where “No Data Will be Shared with Third Parties Unless the permission is granted by the Subscriber” is written in bold.

However, still, in this BTGuard VPN review, there are some things which worry’s me to some extent. Here, if the logging policy is a zero one, there shouldn’t be any user data in place. Still, with the BTGuard VPN, we can be sure about the zero logging policy.

BTGuard VPN Review: Encryption

When it comes to the encryption mechanism, it is completely handled by PPTP which is probably not used in the current date.

However, the BTGuard VPN uses OpenVPN protocol whose encryption is as follows:

The Data Channel of the BTGuard VPN uses Blowfish-128 Cipher which comes with a keyed-hash message authentication code (HMAC) Secure Hash Algorithm data authentication.

Although, this isn’t that great, still helps to secure the data privacy of potential subscribers.

Moving ahead, the TLS connection is encrypted is as follows:

AES-256 (Advanced Encryption Standard) with the RSA-1028 handshake & Perfect forward secrecy (PFS) of Diffie Hellman Exchange.

Customer Support

Now, keeping the Encryption section of this BTGuard VPN review aside, let us jump into the customer support section. For every user, one thing which they want up to the mark is the customer support.

I mean, yes it is essential for every VPN Service provider to have the best customer support in any case.

Hence, coming down towards the BTGuard VPN, let us explore some of the most interesting things in relation to it.

First of all, the Customer Support of BTGuard VPN is more of a basic one. It has got a ticket-driven email service which works perfectly fine. Still, this service boasts of high costing which can be quite a downfall for a VPN company like BTGuard.

In addition, the company claims to offer 24x7x365 days customer service support which is an amazing thing. Still, you may get some issues while reaching out to them which can prove to be a mood spoiler.

Lastly, with a VPN brand like BTGuard VPN which is affordable, we really cannot accept everything to be Top-Class.

Multi-Platform Support

Although you must have some features of the BTGuard VPN in this BTGuard VPN review, still there are some good ones waiting for you.

When it comes to the compatibility section, BTGuard is compatible with every major platform and OS. Be it your old Windows Vista or the latest Windows 10, the BTGuard VPN runs quite flawlessly.

To give you a glance of the compatible devices and OS, let us move ahead and unwrap each one:

  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 10
  • MacOS
  • Linux
  • Ubuntu
  • Android Devices
  • iOS Devices
  • Tomato

What about the Chrome Extension?

In addition to the different devices support of BTGuard VPN, it also supports the good chrome extension. Yes, you can configure the extension on your wishful devices and it will work flawlessly without any issue.

However, BTGuard VPN has got one tiny issue which I think almost every VPN possesses. Here, you can connect the VPN to only one device at a time. In case if the company detects multiple lists of connections, the company has the right to dismiss those users.

Take A Look At Other BTGuard VPN Things You Must Know


Setting up the interface of the BTGuard VPN is a mere piece of cake. So what you need to do? Well, you only need to follow some basic instructions for your chosen device and OS. In addition, you can even take help of the BTGuard VPN Support Section from their website.

What does the BTGuard VPN Instruction Set Include?

When it comes towards the inclusion of this VPN Set in BTGuard VPN review, there are some useful things which BTGuard VPN brings with it. Here, you can get a glimpse of screenshots which are super helpful for the first time users.

Further, moving down towards the client section in this review of BTGuard VPN, the company still doesn’t offer its own client. Instead, it has opted for an open source kind of stuff boasting of some pretty decent features.

Hence, if you want to select your own server location, you can do the same during the initial setup process. Further, you can enter the hostname for the country of your desired choice right in the setup process.

Finally, you can only make or break the VPN Connection which is yet another good interface feature by BTGuard VPN.

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BitTorrent Proxy

For every torrent user, all they need is to download the torrent files without any issue. Hence, in this BTGuard VPN review, we have got something for you.  Using the BitTorrent Proxy, your torrent downloading functionality can become as easy as you like.

For the BitTorrent users, BTGuard does an exceptional job of downloading torrent files from different peer users. Here, the company provides a proxy Internet Protocol (IP) address. With this, the users can hide their IP Address and download their wishful files with ease and comfort.

In addition, it is one of the most important tools for hiding your real identity from the government bodies. For instance, the BTGuard VPN also provides encryption for those people who have got their bandwidth throttled by their respective ISP.

Moving ahead in this BTGuard VPN review, the company even offer some pre-configured version of the Utorrent BitTorrent Client. Here, the company even provides different instructions to manually configure the other torrent clients with proxy servers.

As for any user who wants to hide their identity, this proxy server can help them to the best ever extent.

BTGuard VPN comes with Three Server Locations

Hopping down towards the server section of the BTGuard VPN, this section is a little more towards the disappointing side. Here the server location provided by BTGuard VPN is as follows:

  • Singapore
  • Netherlands
  • Canada

As with only 3 server locations, the BTGuard VPN might not be an ideal choice for divergent unblocking purposes.

Hence, with this, you really cannot watch your favourite NetFlix Shows, or turn favourite songs on iPlayer.

Performance and Reliability

Right before this BTGuard VPN review, I tested the speed, performance and every minute dynamics of the BTGuard VPN. Hence, after a full analysis of this VPN, I am presenting the same to you in a clearer and precise format.

Now, for my testing, I tested the BTGuard VPN using the website. In the speed test, I had the internet connection which was having a massive 50Mbs speed.

Further, I tested the Servers based on the given below metrics:

  • Canada Server From US (San Francisco)
  • Singapore Server itself from Singapore
  • Netherlands Server from the UK

Hence, after doing every minute speed test, I came up with a more clearer and precise picture. Of course, some of the most top speed can be lost depending on geographical locations. Hence, you must keep the same thing in mind.

What were the results of the Speed Test?

As you can see from the above picture, there is a massive drop in the overall speed tests. Further, in relation to the different servers, the drop speed test was the same which happened due to geographical distance.

BTWhat about the DNS and WebRTC Leak Protection?

Although the BTGuard VPN works with OpenVPN, it still doesn’t have the functionality to work with the latest OpenVPN. Hence, with this, the DNS and WebRTC leak protection functionality goes missing in BTGuard VPN.

However, still, I did detect DNS leaks to different DNS addresses which includes the Google DNS. Here, such a thing is an abject failure from a VPN Company which boasts to deliver privacy to its users.

The Website: Review of BTGuard VPN

Moving ahead towards the BTGuard VPN’s Website section, the design looks sleek and easily accessible. Further, it even has got a flashy animation right on its homepage which looks amazing.

What does that animation do? It makes the home page even more vibrant and interactive all at the same time. In addition, there is a black logo of the website which looks extremely beautiful and is perfectly crafted.

However, with just 2 to 3 clicks, you will know that the branding is not continued throughout the entire website pages.

Further, there is a specific FAQ section which delivers answers to some of the most asked user questions.  In addition, there are different support pages which comes with a generic forum format. Although the information provided here is useful, the forum interface looks a little bit ugly.

Also, it is quite obvious that the whole website is sparse when we talk about the features and other useful information.  Surely, it is nice and does quite a decent job but not on a higher scale.

Further, there are other VPN which notifies the users about future updates but that is not the case with BTGuard VPN.  Here, with this VPN, you can get most basic services where no attempt is still made to improve those services.

BTGuard VPN Review: The Entire Process of BTGuard VPN

Signing Up

Starting with the basics, sign up process is the easiest of all. Here, you only require your email address and payment details which are required to subscribe.

Further, you can do payment via PayPal or even debit/credit card will be absolutely fine. In addition, to the above payment options, the company has done a brilliant job to add bitcoin as a payment option.

In case if you don’t know, the BTGuard does not have its own software of VPN. Instead, users can connect to the three servers using the third party OpenVPN Software.

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How to get the OpenVPN Software?

In case if you want to get the OpenVPN software after this review of BTGuard VPN, the process is a simple one. The software is directly available on the Google Play Store from where you can download the same and install it.

In addition, you can even download the software from iTunes for iOS and MAC. Finally, for Windows, the OpenVPN software is still available to download with ease and comfort.

Right before this BTGuard VPN review, I tried to install the latest version of OpenVPN 2.4.1. Why? Because this version comes with all the latest features such as DNS which includes the IPV6 protocol.

In addition, it also comes with a Web Real-Time Communication (WebRTC) leak protection.

But, once you will install the software, you will have to install the latest version in the later stages.

BTGuard VPN for Android VPN and Windows Clients

As you know, the BTGuard VPN doesn’t come with a custom client. Hence, there is no choice than to download a third party OpenVPN Software for connecting with the BTGuard VPN.

Compatibility Issues

In the midst of whole compatibility issues, the .ovpn files were not working with the latest version of OpenVPN. But still, after a series of hardships, I didn’t get any response.

However, making the files compatible with the latest OpenVPN Client is no-barrier. You can do it with whole ease and comfort.

Here, in this BTGuard VPN review, once you have installed the software, the user must download the .ovpn files right into the website. Further, extract those files onto the device and import the OpenVPN software using the import feature app.

Here, the entire work process is far easier and BTGuard VPN has even got a complete guide for the same.

However, in any case, if you run into an issue, you can communicate with the customer support service for the same.

Moving ahead, once the software is installed, and you have imported all the .ovpn files, connecting is a much easier process.

So what you really need to do? Follow the given below steps:

  • Right Click on the Desktop Icon and run the system as an administrator.
  • After which, again right click on the server and connect.
  • You will be asked to enter your username and password.
  • Once, the application is running, right-click in the system tray which will be present at the bottom of the screen.
  • Or else, you can even use the Connect Button on different smartphones.
  • Simply, choose your desired location of the server

Once, you are connected, it is a fair good idea to use the With this, you can make sure that the connection is working pretty properly.

In addition, you must even test the DNS Leaks for the same, if possible.

Torrenting Speed on BTGuard VPN

As you can see from the above graph, the torrent speed was a little more on the worse side. Here, the average test was averaging around 20 Mbps whereas, the peak speed was whooping at 40 Mbps.

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Pricing Options of BTGuard VPN

When it comes to purchasing any VPN service, the pricing factor, of course, plays quite a vital role.

Here, in this BTGuard VPN review, the company offers pricing plans in two options. Where, you can choose a single payment plan or else, you will be billed around $9.95 every single month. Here, you decide to go for the plans and cancel it as and when you require.

What about the Single Payment Option?

Coming down towards the single payment option, the BTGuard VPN Company has a lot more to offer. Here, the different type of options includes 1-month, 3-month, 6-month and 12-month VPN Protection plan.

Whereas, the pricing based on different month structure is as follows:

  • One Month Costs: $9.95
  • Three Month: $27.95 (Comes with a 5% Discount)
  • Six Month: $49.95 (Comes with a 15% Discount)
  • One Year: $89.95 ( Comes with a massive 25% Discount)

BTGuard VPN Review: Availability of Payment Options

In any case, whenever you are in need to buy a VPN Service, the payment options are a mandatory thing. Here, not every VPN Service will give you a detailing list of payment options

Still, you can get the basic ones, right into the hatch for you.

  • Now, when it comes to BTGuard VPN, some of the best payment options includes the following:
  • Credit Cards
  • Debit Cards
  • PayPal
  • BitCoin

Does the BTGuard VPN offer VPN Trials?

Unfortunately, the BTGuard VPN doesn’t offer any trial functionality. In addition, it even doesn’t offer a money back guarantee which is true, not a good thing. Hence, the best plan for you is to opt for a month one subscription.

After which, you can decide whether to continue with BTGuard VPN or with any other.

All in all, after this review of BTGuard VPN, there are some set of things which I really liked and hated about BTGuard VPN.

So, what are those things? Let us move ahead and  further unwrap each of these:

I Liked:

  • The OpenVPN Encryption which is probably the latest one in VPN Industry
  • BitTorrent Proxy Service as well as the availability of VPN

I Am Not Sure About:

  • Does not come with a custom-made VPN Software for any platform
  • Not a clear and Concise Terms and Privacy Policy

I Hated:

  • Just mere three server locations available
  • Pricing is a bit on the higher side compared to the feature list
  • Weak OpenVPN Handshake mechanism
  • Customer Care Support is not up to the mark
  • Does not have the ability to unblock the i-player
  • Doesn’t unblock Netflix

Final Wrap Up- BTGuard VPN Review

So, there we go. I hope you have learned each and every detailing about BTGuard VPN. Hence, what you really need to do? Well, go through each and every detailing of BTGuard VPNs features, pros, cons & much more.

After which, make up your mind, choose the best plans after this BTGuard VPN review and expand your Internet accessibility with whole ease and comfort.

Supports PPTP & OpenVPN

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