BolehVPN Review 2019


Highlights of BolehVPN

  • OpenVPN as well as L2TP protocol support.
  • Anonymous with VPN through Tor.
  • Accepts a range of payment modes.
  • Offers one-day free trial and seven-day paid trial.
  • Seychelles-based company and no mandatory logs.
  • Servers in 13 countries and with widely covered networks.
  • Supports P2P, proxies, and DNS options.
  • Game server hosting in South East Asia.
  • Six different types of server configurations.
  • Unlimited bandwidth.
  • Hides VPN usage by traffic obfuscation technology.
  • Dedicated support and direct contact to founders.
  • Speed optimized servers for video streaming.
  • Auto Reconnect and Enable Lockdown features.


  • Accepts Bitcoin & Dash mobile payments
  • Free trial for a day
  • Protocol options – OpenVPN & L2TP
  • Uses TOR connections for increased anonymity and privacy
  • Different servers for different needs
  • Unlimited Bandwidth and unlimited downloads
  • DNS Leak protection and the Internet kill switch facility
  • Torrent and P2P services are there


  • No on-the-spot approval for free trials
  • The live chat facility is not available
  • Does not support PPTP protocol
  • No BolehVPN client for hand-held devices
  • The interface becomes a bit clingy
  • Not every NetFlix Server Works
  • Limited refund period of fourteen days

Unlimited bandwidth

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BolehVPN Review: Is this the VPN You Were Waiting For?

Being a user who needs the top level of security, I know the struggle when it comes to choosing the best-class VPN.  Here, in this post, I will be giving the BolehVPN review and might be, this can be the one you were searching for.

So, what you will learn from this article?

Right from the basics about BolehVPN to its features, pros, and cons, we are going to uncover everything in an in-depth fashion.

Hence, what are we waiting for? Let us move ahead and go on an exciting journey of BolehVPN review.

BolehVPN Review: The One For You

Discover something you must know about BolehVPN

Originally, the BolehVPN was founded over a decade ago by founder, Reuben Yap. As of now, moving into fast-track mode, now, the company has around 3,000 customers which aren’t great. But, still is a good achievement.

Technically, BolehVPN is said to a product of the BV Internet Services. In terms of its headquarters, it is located in Malaysia but comes under the Seychelles jurisdiction.

Hence, in order to make this BolehVPN review accurate, I have done a deep research and have come up with some really useful information.

So, let’s move ahead and discover some of the BolehVPN Features.

Features of BolehVPN: Best of All Collection

Security and Privacy

When it comes to privacy, the BolehVPN truly excels in this case. Here, you have the privilege to choose between two options such as OpenVPN or L2TP protocol. Whereas, there are different P2P connections available for different users too.

As we said earlier, BolehVPN is registered in Seychelles but does its entire working from Malaysia.

What does that mean? It means that the company is subjected to the laws of Seychelles in relation to logging and data logging policy.

Luckily they don’t have any direct relations with the US or the EU law regarding data relation.

Use of 256-bit Encryption

For an improvement in security BolehVPN review the company uses the most advanced 256-bit encryption. Here, around 128-bit is reserved for streaming and other surfing purposes.

Moving ahead in this review of BolehVPN, the services even use the AES OpenVPN encryption which comes with RSA-2048 handshake encryption. More to that, there is an SHA-512 hash authentication which makes the network even more secure.

Welcoming the xCloak Feature: BolehVPN review

Roaming around some of the most exclusive security features in this BolehVPN review, xCloak truly stands apart. It helps in scrambling the Internet Traffic and makes it much harder for the ISP’s in recognizing the VPN Traffic.
Well, results? Your website traffic will be a lot more secure and free from any ISP issues.

Although there is no logging policy, still the BolehVPN can use logging to access some of your details. In this detailing, they can identify any unusual activity on your servers.

While, in this BolehVPN review, there is nothing much to worry as the company still maintains a good level of anonymity.


Coming down towards the download process and installation one, the BolehVPN is one of the best one. All that the user needs to do is to follow some basic steps for excelling in the process.

Here, the steps are fully explained and require a very little amount of knowledge about every complex VPN Setting.

Moving down towards the client section in this review of BolehVPN, the client section is well-designed where fonts appear crisp. In addition, the interface depicts some other essential things which are as follows:

  • Switching Between Protocols
  • Checking Server Status
  • Switching between Servers
  • Changing Proxy Settings

Reliability and Performance

In terms of the server BolehVPN has its servers spread across some of the most famous countries as follows:

  • UK
  • Canada
  • Germany
  • Netherlands
  • Sweden
  • Switzerland
  • Singapore
  • Japan
  • Malaysia
  • France
  • Luxembourg

Though the VPN servers provided by BolehVPN is quite low, still, it does a pretty decent job for customer satisfaction.

Further, in this BolehVPN review, great speed in combination with an unlimited bandwidth is the sole key which makes this VPN, the “Best from the Rest”. In addition, it doesn’t have any bandwidth restriction and you can stream with whole ease and comfort.

When it comes to P2P support, still this VPN Company excels in every possible criterion. It is one of those rare VPN companies which strive hard to provide its users, different speed boosts for their torrent downloading.

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Multi-Platform Support

BolehVPN alike many top class VPN companies are compatible with every major platform as follows:

  • Windows
  • Android
  • Linux

In addition, it is also applicable with OpenVPN, supported router such as DD-WRT, Tomato, and AsusMerlin-WRT.

Moving ahead in this review of BolehVPN, people who like to have a more secure and reliable connection, the company still have an edge for them. Here, the company provides two different connections to its consumers.

Though such a thing is common, still, you can make your mobile network protected along with your computer.

Customer Support

One of the best things which you can see in BolehVPN is user support directly with the ticket-based system. Further, their representatives are skilful enough to resolve any of your issues with professionalism and perfection.

In addition, the support staff is much more corporative and friendly which will remain to your issues, in a detailed manner.

They also have a community page. But, the posts frequency there is minimal and you wouldn’t find answers to your potential questions sooner. In addition, people have written their self-articles to help different users which you can find useful.

Advanced Live Chat Option Available

Spanning through some good features in this BolehVPN review, the company even offers live chat support. But, here, you can only add the message to the aforementioned ticketing system.

What about the FAQ Section?

Be it any VPN company, the FAQ of each of them must be up to the mark. Here, users must find answers to their questions in a much quicker manner.

Hence, in the case of BolehVPN, the FAQ section is filled with lots of some valuable information. Thus, I advise you to visit the section as soon as possible.

Additionally, you are free to browse the busier forum section to read all the possible threads and reap some valuable information out of it.

Best VPNs for Viewing Netflix?

Yes, when it comes to accessing Netflix, not many VPN’s passes this test. Hence, keeping aside every other VPN, the BolehVPN can do the trick for you. With this VPN, you can easily view your favourite Netflix shows, without any issue.

In addition, the VPN company even has got different special cloak servers to get past even the stringent censorship walls.

Overall, the results of NetFlix were kind of Miss and Hit. Here’s what I found:

  • BolehFlix US failed to access US Netflix
  • US LA Server used for surfing was blocked
  • Netherland server was blocked
  • Canadian Server Worked

Hence, the Good news is that BolehVPN helps in accessing Netflix. But, there is only one server present which can help you access NetFlix.

Killswitch Functionality Available

Apart from the other useful features of BolehVPN, there is still some which you must take into consideration. Here, you can use the Killswitch to cut off your Internet connection if the connection of your VPN Fails.

In other words, it is also known as “Lock Down” in the BolehVPN Language. According to the support staff, this feature only works whenever there is an “abnormal disconnection” in your network.

Otherwise, BolehVPN is smart enough to work in the most fluent and effective manner.

Ease of Use

Starting with the basics, downloading BolehVPN is a pretty simple thing. Right after you click on the download option, an install screen gets opened where you can proceed with the onscreen instructions.

Other than this, you will have to manually update the client before you can connect to any of the servers.

Here, having each and every function in one place makes BolehVPN, simply one of the best one. In addition to the interface, there are different sections present for the apps too. Where you can access the tabs arranged in a horizontal way such as the settings or proxy.

Moving ahead, right in the settings, you have the power to disappear the interface as soon as you boot your computer. Or else, you can even turn the sound ON/OFF based on your own convenience.

What About the Split Tunneling Feature?

In this BolehVPN review, I assume you must be wondering about the Split tunnelling feature. Hence, for this to install, you will have to go through a series of instructions and then register for the same. Lastly, you will have to register the apps which you want to go through the BolehVPN proxy server with utmost carefulness.

BolehVPN review: Some Other Things You Must Know About BolehVPN

Logging Policy in the Grey Area

To be honest, we have reviewed over a dozen VPN’s and we are yet to give a pretty concise answer on Logging.

Hence, here in this section of BolehVPN review, maybe you can find answers to your lost wandering questions.

Well, the truth is that most of the VPNs will keep logs no matter what their privacy and terms condition is.

And, BolehVPN is no different than the rest. Further, for your convenience, I have given the “Logging Policy” image of BolehVPN.

They claim that they take log different general traffic but never parse it at an individual level. Further, in case of any suspicious activity, logging can be done at a more extensive rate.

In addition, they will not think for a second to terminate those people accounts who are violating their terms and conditions.  Hence, here, they will make use of logging to find out any sorts of suspicious activities in the network.

Final Verdict

By the above explanation in this review of BolehVPN, yes they do keep some logs. But, all of them are for the company’s benefits and no user privacy is hurt in this case.

No DNS, IP and WEBRTC Leaks Detected till Date

There is no doubt that the internet Service providers have immense power. We as users use their connection and are bound by their terms and privacy conditions.

In which, it can include monitoring websites you are visiting or seeing the content which you are downloading. In short, everything is pretty traceable through your given DNS server.

That’s typical, how most of the service work.

Therefore, one of the most foremost steps for you is analyzed any new VPN Service before installing. Here, you can run different DNS leak tests to make sure about the privacy concerns.

And, what’s the good news?

BolehVPN passed the DNS, IP, and WEBRTC test with a lot more flying colours. I did every possible DNS test and found almost 0 leaks in any of the criteria.

Although, I did come across one issue where a Trojan was detected. Still, such things occur in even the greatest VPN network which you can neglect, in any case.

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Speed Testing of the BolehVPN (thebestVPN)

Apart from the security of any VPN Service, even the Speed factor has got equal weight. Surely, protecting one’s computer is essential but a VPN company with slow speed is truly not a good idea.

Hence, Thankfully, in this BolehVPN review, the company does a fairly decent job in the speed test results.

Just take look at the results:

US Server:

  • Ping: 117ms
  • Download Speed: 62.85 Mbps
  • Upload Speed: 35.38 Mbps

New York Server from the EU

And, here is the detailing of the EU Server:

  • Ping: 47ms
  • Download Speed: 88.41 Mbps
  • Upload Speed: 36.63 Mbps

Well, for every VPN user, the need for speed has always been the necessity. No user likes to surf on a VPN connection which is low on speeds and have connection breakouts.

In the Summary section of our speed test, BolehVPN came at the 5th spot after Hotspot Shield, SaferVPN, Avast SecureLine VPN.

Can you do Torrenting and Netflix?

Although in Torrenting you can reap several different benefits, it still has got a much darker side to it.

Firstly, downloading copyrighted materials right from the torrenting site is against the rules. In addition, torrents even expose personal information and IP Address to different people.

Hence, in such cases, VPN comes in and protects you from such disastrous cases. With the use of BolehVPN, you can stay absolute anonymous and remain unknown from government bodies.

Further, moving ahead in this BolehVPN review, they also contain an FAQ Section which allows the use of P2P. In addition, they also recommend using the UTorrent for gaining the best ever experience.

The only thing which I found an issue was the servers marked as “Surfing Streaming” which are set up to handle divergent traffic. Hence, here, you will need to make sure that you are effectively connecting to the right P2P Servers.


Does Not Come with a Dedicated iOS Client

Most of the VPN companies are delivering iOS clients to their customers. But, when it comes to BolehVPN, the scenario seems to be a little bit different.

However, there is still a great hack which you can use to access the dedicated iOS client with BolehVPN. Here, you can install the third party app, OpenVPN Connect and can connect with the help of it. Further, you will have to download the inline keys and config things right on your computer.

It looks like a hassle, right hence, you can opt for a good technical person who can fix such issues with perfection.

TOR Compatible

You must have seen different VPNs but not all of them have been TOR compatible, right? Hence, in this BolehVPN review, the company boasts of a good TOR functionality without any hustle.

What is TOR?

With the help of TOR, you can make your identity more private and away from the reach of hackers and government bodies. Here, it makes the use of different relay points which are spread all around the globe. With this, it helps in masking your real location making it private and confidential.

Hence, apart from all the good sides of TOR, still there have to be some drawbacks. Thus, in TOR, you will not get a very high level of protection. Still, connecting to it will give you a security boost without many drawbacks.

Now, coming down to BolehVPN in this review of BolehVPN, it is easily compatible with TOR. In addition, it does good work in letting you connect with the servers fast which is an amazing thing.

The Process of Signing up: BolehVPN Review

Signing Up

Starting with the basics, the process of signing up in BolehVPN is a relatively easy process. Here, you don’t really need to give your payment information and can do the payment related work after sign up.

But, you will need a working e-mail address and your name in the sign-up process. In addition, you can also avail the referral incentives without much hassle.

Now, after you are done with the registration process, BolehVPN will send you an e-mail consisting your account number and username. Both of these are important for you to sign-in and avail the one-day free trial.

Once, you are done with setting your account, you can download their desired platform app and expand your functionality.

Windows Client

So, you have made your account, Right? Now, you can easily download the BolehVPN client for your desired platform. Further, the file size for windows client is just 6.8MB which is pretty less and can even load on the slowest of connections.

In addition, the windows client is much more towards the standard form when we compare it to other VPNs. it is much easier to configure depending on your needs and you will find no difficulty in using it.

Now, coming down to the dashboard in this BolehVPN review is easily configured to let you manage your connections. Hence, you can view your daily, monthly bandwidth statistics and can view your different connection detailing.

What are some more extraordinary features of Windows Client?

Apart from some of the big useful features of the BolehVPN client app, still there are some useful ones as follows:

  • DNS Leak Protection
  • VPN Kill Switch
  • Auto-Reconnect
  • View Detailed Connection Log
  • Manage Proxy Settings

BolehVPN Review: Pricing Method and other Plans

As I said earlier, the BolehVPN offers one day free trial for people who would like to get a hands-on this VPN.

Otherwise, if you have made up your mind to go for this VPN, I have given a detailing list of pricing to help you choose the best plans.

Talking about their annual option, it is their best plan which you can avail at $79.99. Further, this breaks down to only $0.21 per day which becomes around $6.57 per month.

Still, want to understand the complete breakdown? The same is as follows:

  • 7 Days – $3.70 ($0.52 per day)
  • 30 Days – $9.99 ($0.33 per day)
  • 60 Days – $16.99 ($0.28 per day)
  • 180 Days – $44.99 ($0.24 per day)
  • 365 Days – $79.99 ($0.21 per day)

What about the Refund Policy?

In case, if you don’t like the BolehVPN, still the company has a 14 days refund policy for you. However, the refunds are not applicable on plan renewals which you must take into consideration.

What are the Payment Options?

For payment, you can go for the major options:

  • Debit Cards
  • Credit Cards
  • PayPal
  • Cryptocurrencies

Wrapping Things Up: BolehVPN review

I Liked

  • Bitcoin Payment Accepted
  • Comes with a 1-day free trial
  • VPN Compatible with TOR
  • Has BolehGEO Servers

I hated

  • Probably Less Number of Servers
  • Claiming Free Trial is little bit time consuming

Finally, after spanning throughout the BolehVPN review, here we are in the concluding phase. Hence, I hope till now, you have made up your mind whether to go for this VPN or not.

Here, in case if your priority is speed, Torrent/Netflix, and TOR compatibility, I would truly recommend the BolehVPN for you.

Either way, you can make up your mind after this BolehVPN review and decide whether to go for it or not. Or else still there are some pretty good VPN reviews which you can check on our site, for sure.