Blocking Pirate Sites Will Not Help, Russia Must Shut Them Down


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Over the course of time, blocking pirate sites has been an all-time trend where different anti-piracy measures have been used time after time.

Hence, this time, it is Russia who is after pirate sites and is using every possible measure to block them, with pace and time.

Well, till now, thousands of pirated sites have been blocked & even the unauthorized VPN’s and proxies have been outlawed by the same.

Thus, let you know more about the blocking pirate sites story, let us dig a little more deep in and unwrap each thing, one by one.

Blocking Pirate Sites Will Not Help & Russia Will need to Shut Them Down

First of all, whenever we talk about Russia, the implementation of some really stringent anti-piracy policies come into the limelight.

Right after it became the member of the World Trade Organizations (WTO) in the year 2012. Russia has made some good promises to protect “creator’s right”.

And, will take action against anyone who tries to disrupts any copyright laws to some detrimental effect.

Now, in recent years, different processes for website takedown policies was taken down. In addition, Russia’s biggest telecom company Roscomnadzor issues different ISP’s to block every other pirate site.

Now, to ensure that every single pirate site is made inaccessible the Russian Government has also made a law.

Hence, this law outlaws every VPNs and anonymizer which bypasses site-blocking measures.

And, as for the companies who try to violate policies, they will have to pay a fine of $12,000.

What else is Russia Doing in Blocking Pirate Sites?

Now, in an attempt to go towards the next level to block Pirate Sites, the government has done one thing. Here, Russia has made search engines to not link to any blocked pirated sites.

In addition, linking to any anonymizers and unauthorized VPNs is also illegal.

Especially, when we compare Russia with the United States, the government of Russia is making use of tough measures.

Still, after such strict blockage on pirate sites, the RIAA and MPAA don’t seem to be on the happier side. Get Best VPN for Russia to unblock all the restricted sites in Russia.

A Word of Mouth by IIPA

“In short, more enforcement is needed, targeting these and the myriad of other infringing websites. Proper enforcement actions would include steps to keep infringing sites down. And taking criminal enforcement actions against the owners and operators of these sites that are causing significant economic harm to rights holders,” IIPA wrote

Hence, there is no denying that there are a number of pirate sites still operational in Russia. However, as we see Russia’s recent progress, it will not be a surprise if Putin drives its finger back on the US.

Wrapping Things Up: Blocking Pirate Sites Will Not Help & Russia Will need to Shut Them Down

Well, even the Pirate Bay Site is fully operational in Russia straight from the US Domain. Hence, as for Russia to keep blocking pirate sites, they will have to find newer ways to do the same.

And, as the scenario goes for pirate sites, they will do their best to remain undetected from the Russian government. And, as and when Russia will start blocking pirate sites, those sites will need to find an escape, at any cost, for sure.


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