BitTorrent Blocklists Are Not Effective Than Pirate Site Blocking

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For many years, some Pirates are putting all their faith into the peer blocking apps for preventing anti-piracy agencies. They are even stopping their clients to connect and monitor the day to day activities.  Still, even after lots of efforts, the BitTorrent Blocklists is not as effective as pirate site blocking.

Unfortunately, BitTorrent has never worked on such things and it will be far more difficult to prevent file sharing.

So! What’s the actual matter and are the policies companies trying to implement? Let’s move ahead and discover everything right from this useful article.

BitTorrent Blocklists are not as Effective as the Pirate Site Blocking Story

From the past 18 years, since the P2P clients have paved their way into the big game, users are finding ways to avoid lawsuits.

In the beginning, no efficient solutions were available so it was difficult for anyone to come up with a clear and concise answer. While the majority of the people didn’t felt to take unnecessary chances and ruin the entire working system.

Therefore, between such things, the peer blocking applications made up their way into the pirate industry. These software’s performs the roles of firewalls and aim to prevent the hostile IP Address to connect with a torrent client. This indirectly prevents any sorts of lawsuits which can occur at any point in time.

More than a decade ago, such applications must have gone but for some random reasons, they are still being used today.

Despite its failure, some people are appreciating the majestic uses of this software while some others are cursing it. Well, these are just a part of the blame game which will take the pirate industry nowhere.

What is the actual problem with Peer Blocking Applications?

The real problem is in the working methodology of such things. The Peer-blocking applications use different IP Addresses which are said to have a connection with anti-piracy and copyright trolls. This is done to stop piracy, block pirate sites and reduce copyright infringement to a massive extent.

However, even today, block-list tools are quite incomplete, out of date and needs reinvention much sooner.

Whenever the ISP blocks pirate sites, users cant access the domain names, DNS or even the IP Addresses. Even when the customers try to access it by any means, a firewall helps in preventing access to such sites.

For experienced people, no explanation is needed as they clearly know how things work in the pirated industry.

Now, as the anti-piracy group is powerful, they can deploy more applications which can block pirate sites. The use of tracking machines can even shift the IP addresses in no time.

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Final Word of Mouth: BitTorrent Blocklists are not as Effective as the Pirate Site Blocking

Out of all the confusion of BitTorrent Blocklists and peer-blocking application, we have got a solution for you. With an intention to prevent connection with the bad players, you can easily make use of a VPN. Of course, not sharing copyright content must be your first priority.

At any point in time, Blocklists is not the answer and will clearly not work in the future too. Anyways, with an ongoing war between Anti-piracy companies and pirate domains, users are the ones suffering the most.


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