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Windows is considered as the least secured Operating System for PC when compared to other Operating Systems, it is due to its circumscriptive security protocols and loopholes that cause some serious threats to the users in recent day after the release of the latest windows, many users faced serious security issues as the windows itself has some security flaws fixed by Microsoft later on, but still we highly recommend all windows users to get the unquestionable security and protection of a VPN for Windows, we have enlisted here for you. The best VPN Analysis has selected the best VPN for windows, to provide you comprehensive security and protection while using internet on your windows PC and it not only secures you from the threat of hackers, spammers, malware, etc. but also provides you ultimate shield from the privacy invaders government surveillance agencies like NSA and GCHQ, which are always poking their nose in your privacy in the name of national security. So make your choice from the table below and get your windows PC secure and protected today.

5 Best VPN for Windows

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Why You Need the best VPN for Windows?

With the passing years, Microsoft has launched many versions of Windows, claiming much secure and risk-free, but no version of Windows launched by far is flawless, Windows users all over the globe still faces serious threats we are exploring below for your awareness, which are the reasons you need a VPN.

Windows Cyber Attacks

It doesn’t matter how secure your Operating System is if you are tricked by someone who convinced you to give them access to your computer, bank account or home network, your security is at major risk. There are hundreds and thousands of scams out there just to target Windows, which includes fraudsters fake the calls and claim they are from Microsoft and can trick you to give them the remote access to your computer and the result would be unknowingly transferring your money to their accounts. That’s call cyber theft via fake communication trap. Only the best VPN can and similarly, whenever a new version of windows is launched the spammers and hackers get vigilant and send bulk emails to users saying quick windows updates, and attach a ransomware to the file, and when unaware users download these files, their data becomes encrypted and they have to pay serious money to these hackers to decrypt their data. This all can be avoided if you are running the best VPNs for windows, it is advanced in technology made for windows threats, and provide a comprehensive feature to tackle almost every threats related to even the latest version of the windows. The best VPN for Windows detect even those malware, ransomware, spyware etc. which could be undetectable by the windows Anti-virus, hence maximizes your security level to its optimum.

Windows Browser’s Risks

Windows latest version they have introduced a new browser ‘ Edge’ and claimed it is more secure than the internet explorer, but some tech geeks and researchers from all around the world have claimed it has a major loophole as it has built in plug-ins of Flash and PDF reader that is questionable because these both technologies are claimed insecure in past and proven to be threat, as they can open doors for the hackers and attackers to get easy access to the windows through these plug-ins, so use a Windows VPN windows to safeguard to windows from such potential and hazardous threats. The best VPNs for windows immediately blocks any accesses that is made from any outsider, so use best VPN for windows and use the internet with no fear of such hackers and spammer.

Windows and Malicious Websites

It is not an alien thing when you are browsing the internet on your windows PC and some websites install a malware on your computer without you doing anything for it, these bad websites are in millions and only purpose is to hit their targets, use a Windows VPN which keep such website at an arm’s length distance from your computer by detecting and blocking them and keep a record of such blocked websites forever in its database, so keeping your windows safe and secure.

Other Security Faults in Windows

Just after the release of latest windows, researchers were keen to analyze and find it flaws so they can help and ask Microsoft to fix it for the users on the other hand, hackers and spammers were actively in search of any loophole to make their move, one researcher told about the security fault in the scroll bars that allowed him to attack the system by changing just one bit code, it is now fixed by Microsoft, but no one can completely deny many of such kinds of security loopholes, that might be uncovered lately, but the way to secure and protect your windows PC from such vulnerabilities is to use the best VPN for Windows, and keep your mind free from any possible risks of hacking and spamming, malware and virus etc. just enjoy your internet experience fully and fearlessly.

How to Choose a VPN for Windows?

Choosing a right VPN for your Windows is an important and first step towards Windows security, a little research is mandatory before opting for any provider and this you must keep in mind before buying any VPN services for your Windows;

Number of Servers

The biggest advantage when you use a premium VPN service is that you get many servers around the world which is important for the maximum connectivity option. Servers are they major factor while selecting a VPN, servers in some most required countries like the US, UK, Canada, Australia, Europe etc. is very important. If you opt for a free VPN service, then you may have few server options to connect to and the can be slow at time due to heavy load.

VPN Protocols Offered

VPN protocols are very important and a VPN service must offer all the major protocols which enhance your flexibility to choose them as per your need. Some major protocols which you must look for when selecting VPN are PPTP, L2TP/IPSec, SSTP, OpenVPN, Ikev, etc. The most secure protocol is OpenVPN and SSTP which ensures maximum protection, but you can experience a little speed reduction when using these two and for streaming is it recommended to use PPTP or L2TP/IPsec for the fastest streaming speed.

Level of Encryption

Encryption is the backbone of any VPN service, the tunnel which it creates must be encrypted with high-level encryption like AES or Blowfish encryption protocol, which are considered the most secure these days. So look for the AES 128-bit or 256-bit encryption which is high-end and the most secure encryption level.


You need a VPN that must be compatible not just with the Windows but also with the other devices you own, like your Android phone, iOS devices, Mac etc. so you can use it for securing them as well with the multi-connection option.

Simultaneous Connection option

Simultaneous connection option or multi-connection option is a feature provided by VPN services by which you can connect over one device with single VPN account. Most of the major VPN providers offer 3 to 5 simultaneous connection option which is great as you can secure up to 5 devices at the same time by just paying for one VPN account.

Customer Support Response

If you find any issue or problem running the VPN service, the first thing you may look for is a customer support staff. It is very important that a VPN must offer 24/7 customer support staff through Live chat, which is the fastest way to connect to the representative as they are available 24/7 at your service on the website you can chat them online and get your issue resolved as soon as possible. Other options can be email ticketing system, or by reading FAQs, etc.

How a Windows VPN Works?

There are more reason other than above mentioned threats which make windows a vulnerable OS as compared to other OS, Microsoft Windows has captured 90% market shares of the Operating System because of its user-friendly options of usage and installation and reasonable price, most of the people prefers windows for their PCs, this attracted hackers and spammers as well to target the big chunk of the windows users with weak security barriers easy accessing and attacking channels, which makes windows even more vulnerable to threat. Users are in certain doubt and fears of using the internet on their windows PC, but the smarter ones know how to fix it, although windows come up with their anti-virus software but those aren’t enough for all the potential threats and risk factors we have discussed above, your windows need some additional comprehensive high-tech security that is only possible by using a Windows VPN. A VPN works as an anonymity tool for your Windows when installed in the machine it creates a separate private and encrypted tunnel between your computer and internet servers and transfers your internet data through this tunnel which protects the data from any snooping and cyber attacks. It also alters your original IP address and changes it to any country’s IP address you want by which you can get the access of all the blocked and censored websites from anywhere in the world.

Benefits of the Best VPN for Windows

A VPN for windows can be beneficial in many ways, some of the core benefits are discussed below.

Increased Security

When you are using a VPN service for Windows to connect to the internet, you data is highly secure and all the data you send and receive is encrypted using most secure encryption protocol by the best VPN for windows, which means all the data and your online activities is invisible from the evil eyes of hackers, spammers, and other cyber attackers.

Remote Access

The VPN service for Windows can be the greatest assets for your company as it allows you access to the information remotely from anywhere, either from home or any other place, it enhances the productivity of the company.

Secure File Sharing

Either for business or for your personal work a VPN for Windows can be the best choice as it provides you the opportunity to connect to your peers and colleagues sitting far away and you can share large files for a longer time.

Low Cost

Once you buy the best VPN for windows, network setup and maintenance is not that much expensive and low cost.

Anonymity while browsing

The Best VPNs for Windows provides you complete anonymity on the internet by hiding your original IP address so that no one on the internet can see your online details.

Access to Geo-blocked & Censored Content

Not only security but a Windows VPN also allows you to access the exclusive and valuable content from all around the world by bypassing the geo-blocked websites.

Quality Performance

By using the best VPN for Windows the bandwidth is divided wisely by the VPN and it enhances the performance quality of your system and connection as well by providing you an expedient connection speed, please note that a VPN can not be used as speed enhancer in any case, however, a good and reliable VPN can maintain the existing connection speed. It is recommended to use a good internet connection for a better performance when using a VPN as poor connection can cause slower speed with VPN.

Many Stable IP Addresses

The best VPNs for Windows allows you to change your IP address of any country you are required to access any website, out top VPN services provide you the facility to change your IP address to as many countries like USA, UK, Australia, Canada, China, Germany, Spain, Italy, Middle East, Hong Kong, etc.

Windows VPN Setup Guide

Setting up A VPN for Windows is not a difficult thing to do. Follow this step-by-step guide to get this done;

  1. Choose a Windows VPN as mentioned in above table, then visit to the website by clicking the button.
  2. Here, you need to select your package and sign up for the service, once you do this your VPN provider sends your credentials via email which includes your username, password, VPN server name, the protocols (PPTP, L2TP/IPSec, SSTP, OpenVPN etc.).
  3. Go to the website again and download the Windows client of the VPN, when you are done you will find the icon of that VPN on your desktop open it and sign in by entering the credentials, select you server and click connect.
  4. Congrats! You are now safe and can run the internet safely or unblock whatever you want to.

Setup VPN Connection for Windows 10

The above procedure is for the optimized and dedicated Windows client provided by all the above mentioned Windows VPN providers, which make it easier for the user to just sign, download and get started. You need no set up hassle and just start it after some clicks. However, those who wish to manually setup a VPN connection on their Windows can follow the steps below;

  1. Go to the Start button and then from the start menu go to the Settings, and click on the Network and Internet as shown in the picture below.
  2. Now from the left panel of this page select VPN and you will see the system’s settings.
  3. Here, you will see a ‘’+’’ sign, click on it to add a VPN connection shown in the above picture.
  4. Now new window will appear to add the details of VPN connection; In the VPN Provider box select Windows Default.
  5. In the onnection Name box, you need to add a VPN connection name, if your provide requires a specific name to connect to their server, if you don’t have, don’t worry ask the server name from the provider.
  6. In the Server Name or Address box, you need to add the URL or IP address of your VPN server, so you must have all the information in had before setting it up.
  7. In the VPN type section you can select PPTP as your default protocol, but if it doesn’t work after the setup you can change it with ‘’Automatic’’ so the Windows 10 will detect and configure protocol best for you automatically.
  8. If you want Windows to remember your username and password, so you don’t to add it every time you login in, you can add at this time and save and check on “Remember my sign-in information.”
  9. Now click save to retain the set up and if you did everything right, you will see a VPN connection under the “Add a VPN connection.” You can further click on the new connection to connect or remove the connection. Congrats! You are ready to use your VPN on Windows 10.

Final Words

After all the guidelines we have provided you to help you choose the best VPN for Windows, the ball is in your court now you must act promptly to secure your Windows from the increasing threats, and use internet on your windows freely and with no doubts or fears, ENJOY!

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