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In this post-Snowden era, who doesn’t know what our governments were doing with us in term of internet privacy, and still, they are on the same track. After the revelations made by the former intelligence officer of America, Snowden the world was shocked and people of the US were in grave concern about their privacy over the internet as the government and security agencies have been lying to the since ages. Snooping and monitoring the internet activities of users is the worst thing and a nightmare for any internet user across the globe. It is considered all around the world that US citizens enjoys the most internet freedom, without any censorship laws implemented and with no privacy intrusion by the government mass surveillance programs and everything in the USA is accessible over the internet, but just recently when Snowden spoke about the government surveillance program by National Security Agency (NSA) that has been activated for years now and under which every single American internet user’s online activities is monitored so restrain any threat of illegal activity and in the name of National security, in additional to this mind-disturbing issue the copyrights laws imposed restrictions on some of the top beloved American websites like Torrenting and P2P file sharing websites, which raised a massive panic and urge to use a VPN service. The Best VPN Analysis as ever brings you a list of the best VPN for USA which will help you to avoid these restrictions and use the internet as freely and fearlessly as you have never heard of with complete security and anonymity better than ever before, so select here the best VPN for USA and get started now.

5 Best VPN for USA

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VPN Scenario in the USA

Why You Need a USA VPN when living in the USA?

After several serious terrorist acts in USA the government has implemented mass surveillance program in the USA according to which every online activity of every single internet user in America is monitored and recorded, this has been in practice for years but people of America were unaware and lied about it, just when Mr. Snowden revealed the facts about the madness of government surveillance to prevent National security from any threat and to apprehend any criminal plans against state via internet information, but this brought a whole new threat to all privacy-minded Americans, in fact no one appreciated this unwelcomed 24/7 spying eyes on every single US citizens online activities, imagine your bank transactions, your credit card details, your bank account details, your online shopping details, your browsing data, your chat history your personal data which includes private images, videos etc. everything is under the spying eyes of National Security Agency (NSA) and other government bodies. After this, another threat for US citizens is in the form of strict copyrights laws according to which all the beloved websites by Americans are blocked and banned in the name of copyrights violation and piracy. These left Americans with no choice but to find a smart and secure way to avoid such vexatious situation and that is to use a VPN for USA.

VPN for iPhones in the US

As you all the battle between Apple and FBI which started after the San Bernardino shooting in which FBI found the shooter’s iPhone which FBI wanted to be unlocked by Apple so as to get the data unencrypted, this incident raised an alarming situation for all iPhone user all around the US. The government can go to any extent to get the monitoring of your device when you the internet on your iPhone and with more than 5000 million iOS users across US, all of them trust and believe it is more secure than any other smartphones as it has a reputation for the most fool-proof security due to high-end encryption mechanism which encrypts all your data that you send or receive on the internet, but when living in the US, you need extra security steps to stop NSA looking into your internet activities all the time and that is with a VPN service for America which spoof your IP address and provides you anonymity to some extent.

Violation of Copyright laws and VPN in US

One of the reasons for using a US VPN is copyright law as well, piracy and violating copyrights law is a serious crime and its violation can lead to a penalty, and the user can end in prison. With the revolution in P2P file sharing and torrenting to get the copyrighted content the copyright freaks made it illegal and put a strict punishment for its violation. Due to this law, all the ISPs around the states are forced and compelled by law to keep their users’ activities laws and send DCMA notices if found torrenting or P2P file sharing, for this purpose millions of internet users all around the USA, use an American VPN service.

Benefits of using a USA VPN while living in USA

Even if you are a US citizen, you have now many reasons to use a US VPN service. After the privacy invasion act by the government which shocked all Americans, no one is ready to sacrifice their internet privacy in the name of national security, all Americans are agreed upon the alternatives government can do to safeguard national security and also protect the internet users’ right use internet within their privacy protocol, but in current scenario it seems impossible and it mandatory to use the above mentioned VPN for America even when you are living in USA for several main reasons further elaborated below;

To get Complete Privacy from Mass Surveillance Program

All Americans are seriously bothered by the Mass surveillance program by the government which is a great hurdle in their privacy barrier. Government claims it as a security act any national threat, but internet users are really panicked thinking about how fragile their privacy is, whatever you are doing over the internet is all the time monitored by the spying eyes of the government agencies as if you are a suspect in any criminal case record, it is an uncomfortable situation for all the US citizen to be digitally captivated by their government in the name of National security, it left them with no hope other than using the best VPN for US, And US VPN works as a shield to protect your online activities from any spying eyes on everything you do over the internet by encrypting all your data through a secure and safe tunnel transferring mechanism by which it is impossible practically for anyone to track down your online activity and hides all your online information which gives you enhanced security.

Say no to Censorship Laws by using the best VPN for USA

Although in USA internet censorship laws are implemented to all the websites and content that are illegal like, child pornography, promotion of terrorism etc. but many journalist and researchers consider it as limitation to perform and complete their research and reports which are the main part of their jobs and some researchers exclaimed their stress on the privacy issue as for them keeping their confidentiality is mandatory and demand of their profession that is threatened by the laws implemented on the internet in USA. The best VPN for USA is a supreme choice for all such people who are compelled to use the freedom of the internet, it provides them access to everything they desire with full security and privacy.

Dodge the strict Copyrights Laws

Many mega Media groups have come together against all the websites which allow users to download and upload many files freely over the internet, but due the copyrights laws implemented by the government of the USA all such Torrenting and P2P file sharing websites have been blocked, which was a great setback for these websites and disappointment for the users all around US. Many smart users switched to the USA VPN and got back their freedom to access these blocked websites freely and with the security of VPN for USA.

Access to the Streaming Channels with the best VPN for USA

If you are in USA you can easily get access to all the most beloved and favorite online streaming channels like Netflix, Hulu, Hulu Plus, Amazon, etc. but with the recent blocks on VPN users by some major US streaming channels like Netflix and Hulu, you can face blockings due to using a VPN, but you don’t have to worry if you are using our selected and recommended VPN above you will not face any blockings on your beloved and favorite streaming channels and can enjoy online streaming with full security and fast speed.

Security from Cyber Criminals by using a USA VPN

Other than the major threats of Privacy intrusion, copyright, and censorship laws, one of the most rapidly increasing threats is the cyber crime. Americans lose millions of dollars yearly due to this increasing threat of cyber crimes by which the evil-minded hackers, spammers, and other cyber criminals are always hunting their prey by attacking them online and stealing expensive software or sometimes sending malicious spyware and ransomware to threaten and receive money by these filthy tricks and tactics. VPN for USA secures you from such hackers and spammers and safeguards your online security by enhanced security parameters implemented by an American VPN service.

How a US VPN Works?

The Internet is a place where you can get the access to content from all over the world, for instance, if you want to access the content from any other country a VPN hides your real IP address and changes it, provide you a fake IP address of your desired country whose content you want to access. Once your IP is changed, you can unblock and access content from anywhere in the world.

Advantages of using the best VPN for USA outside the USA

If you are not in the USA even though the benefits of using a VPN for America are enormous and you cannot deny the fact that USA is the most preferred server to connect to by all the VPN users all around the globe. Many US based online streaming channel are loved and admired by millions of users outside USA as well like ABC Family, Netflix, Hulu, HBO Go, FOX, CBS, Hulu Plus, etc. but unluckily these channels are geo-restricted outside the USA, but by using an American VPN you can get the unlimited access to these online streaming channels from anywhere in the world.

Access to all the US Streaming Channels & Content by using a USA VPN

Whenever you are accessing any of your favorite US based online streaming channel like Netflix, Hulu, Hulu Plus, HBO Go, FOX, CBS, ABC Family, etc. from outside US without using a US VPN, you will be facing a sorry message saying ‘’This channel is currently not available in your country’’ this is because all such US based channels are geo-blocked and are only accessible by using the best VPN for USA which will give you complete access to all these online streaming channels from anywhere in the world with fast streaming speed, no connection delays, and complete security.

How to Unblock US websites?

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is designed to provide ultimate security to the users. When you are connected with an American VPN and then trying to access your favorite online streaming channel, what the best VPN for USA will do is that it alters your original IP address that is not from the USA obviously, and from any other country from where you are trying to access the US-based streaming channels, into a US IP address and the streaming websites get fooled and read your IP as a US IP and allows you the access to the website. It allows you secure, fast and safest access to all the US websites and content from the outside USA and from anywhere in the world.

Get a US VPN and be American Anywhere

After learning such alluring reasons to use VPN for America, you are now aware of the importance of using the best VPN for USA. So don’t waste much time and make your choice now by selecting a VPN service from the table above and get started with it. To get your own, follow these simple steps;

  • Choose any one VPN service from the table above and click on it to go its website.
  • Sign up and install their required app.
  • Sign in the app, choose the VPN server, in this case, the server will be US, now you are ready to avail all the benefits of the best VPN for USA.

Final Words

Either you are living in the USA or the outside USA, an American VPN is preferred by all the users all around the globe to avoid all threats rapidly growing by time such as government surveillance programs, which are the major threat for the privacy minded people, censorship and copyrights laws, which limit the users’ freedom to explore internet and threat of cyber crimes which increases fears of using internet, but by using the best VPN for USA all these major problems are solved, and now all the smart users can enjoy the freedom of using the internet without any fear or privacy invasion and cyber crime. So don’t think much get yourself a US VPN today and start enjoying your internet experience fearlessly and securely.

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