Best VPN for Singapore 2017 to Unblock Geo-Restricted Networks


Singapore is a place where, unfortunately, the internet situation is not that easy. Like many other countries, Singapore is also the country where the netizens are under the strict mass surveillance, and the government’s watchdogs are actively working to monitor the online activity of the people of Singapore, and the internet censorship has worsened the situation even more. But you do not need to worry; then you will need a privacy solution for your internet. This privacy solution is none other than a VPN. Yes, a VPN can solve all your internet privacy related issues but before you choose which VPN service to opt for, go through this article to help yourself choosing the best VPN for Singapore to unblock Geo-restricted networks.

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Reasons You Need a VPN in Singapore

As discussed above, the Internet freedom is at risk in Singapore, and the people are getting a hard time from the government to access some of the favorite websites (learn how to unblock geo-restricted sites). Following are some reason behind the need of VPN in Singapore.

  • Censorship

Internet censorship and restriction on the traditional media websites and social media websites in Singapore is something to worry for. Despite the fact that a significant number of population in Singapore use internet for personal and professional purposes, the strict censorship and geo-restriction on many leading websites put a question on the freedom of speech and human rights of the people living in Singapore. This makes the travels think twice before moving to a land where the censorship and internet restriction is at its peak. However, the government of Singapore justifies this internet censorship and geo-blocking in the name of some moral and political views but restricting the access of netizens can never be justified.

  • Copyright Infringement

Like many other countries, the copyright laws in Singapore is not less than any other state where the internet censorship laws are something to worry for the netizens. In Singapore, downloading free media and pirating any movie is a crime and the people found doing so can be sent behind bars for six months and can be charged fine of the heavy amount. This is the reason why almost every Torrenting website is blocked in Singapore. This fueled up even more after the conspiracy of the Hollywood Oscar winning movie, The Dallas Buyers Club. This resulted in the legal action against some people in Singapore who attempted to pirate this award winning film. These strict copyright laws have stopped people of Singapore from downloading their favorite movies, and hence they are at the mercy of their cable operators or cinema houses.

  • CyberCrime

The wave of increasing cyber crime across the globe has also affected Singapore. During the past years, there were uncountable reports against cyber crimes including hacking, identity theft, phishing and much more. This happens because of using unsecured internet connection where your IP can be tracked and your personal and financial information can also be intercepted. This has become a primary reason for using a VPN protected internet that can provide the user a secure internet connection along with many other alluring features. Learn 7 ways to avoid being hacked.

  • Malware Attacks

Malware and spyware are something to be careful from. Malware attacks may seem something attractive that is deliberately designed to grab your attention. Once you are caught in the trap, you are more likely to lose access to your own account and become the victim of hacking and identity theft.

Benefits of Using the Best VPN for Singapore

A VPN or Virtual Private Network is a security software that is designed to shield your internet connection and protects you from all the threat of hacking, phishing or other kinds of cyber attacks (learn about the most secure VPN services). Moreover, it helps you to unblock any geo-restricted network in your country and lets you bypass the internet censorship imposed by the government. In the case of the best VPN in Singapore, it is packed with many unique benefits. Some of the advantages of the best VPN for Singapore are given below.

  • Protection from Cyber Crimes and Malware Attacks

The best VPN for Singapore is made to provide you a reliable protection against cyber crimes and malware attacks. The best VPN for Singapore makes your internet connection secure by sending all your internet traffic through an encrypted tunnel linked with a remote server (learn how VPN encryption works in our VPN Guide). This high level of encryption guards your internet data in the best way possible so that any hacker or cyber criminal can not see your online activity and hence it is impossible to intercept your personal and financial information.

  • Bypass the Censorship and Access Blocked Websites in Singapore

The best VPN for Singapore allows you to circumvent the internet censorship and geo-restrictions. It offers you some servers by which you can alter your original IP and get the access of blocked content.

  • For Online Gaming

The best VPN for Singapore is all you need for having a smooth online gaming experience. The best VPN for Singapore comes with high level of bandwidth, making your online gaming experience much better. See also best gaming VPN.

  • Use Singapore VPN for Torrenting

Getting the access to Torrent websites have now become a dream for people living in Singapore. Fortunately, this dream can be the reality by using the best VPN for Singapore. All you have to do is to get yourself the best VPN for Singapore and get started with Torrenting in Singapore. (also see our best VPN for Torrenting)

How to Select the Best VPN for Singapore?

Before you choose the best VPN for Singapore, there are some factors that you should consider. Firstly you should go for that one which offers you a high level of encryption and bandwidth. Make sure to go for the best VPN protocol. (know which is the best VPN protocol). You are suggested to read the privacy policy of your VPN provider and check if they keep logs of your internet activity. Never select that VPN which does so. And lastly, your VPN should not be over pricey. ( you can check best cheap VPN services)

Conclusion – Best VPN for Singapore to Unblock Geo-Restricted Networks

To wrap it up, undoubtedly the netizens in Singapore need the best VPN the most. But before making any decision, you should check the list of VPNs for Singapore and make yourself aware of the factors that should be considered when choosing the best VPN for Singapore.

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