Best VPN for Overwatch


Best VPN for Overwatch: If you are a die-hard fan of First Person Shooter Games and you still haven’t checked out Overwatch; then you’re actually missing out on something great. Released and published by Blizzard in 2016, it is still flying high in popularity two years after it was launched; and this is probably because of the never-ending updates that keep on being added onto the game. The constant inclusion of new features; characters, and story-lines means you’ll likely never get to cover all your bases within the game; and you’ll always be in for a surprise once you move on to the next latest level.

Best VPN for Overwatch

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Overwatch Explained

The online game begins by getting you joined with a group of other players and making the team; and you all are then pocked against a bunch of other teams in various play scenes. The most favorite ones include when one team attempts to move some cargo to some point in the map; and the other side attempts to prevent them; or when a team tries to occupy a designated area that the other is defending. One other interesting fact about the game is that you choose your character based on the kind of characters; that your teammates have already decided. This instigates a level of codependency & teamwork that few other games can integrate.

Moreover, playing Overwatch online requires a robust uninterruptible connection, something that you really ought to take time to put together if you need to have a worthwhile experience. To get correctly set up for this game, you need to think about your online security, and no better safeguard is signing up with a credible VPN service.

Why Should You Use VPN With Overwatch?

Your internet security forms a big part of your online game experience. Here is why:

DDoS Attacks:

DDoS attacks occur when a hacker gets control over your IP and chooses to make it challenging for you to access the game. They do this by manipulating a DDoS and having it spam your IP. A VPN stops this by sneaking out your actual location and assigning you a virtual IP which is immune to any DDoS attack.


You are going to be depending on VoIP services to chat online with your teammates. If you’re based somewhere in the Middle East, you’re going to experience some problems since VoIP there is blocked. One of the best ways to prevent this is through using a VPN service.

User Blocks:

If you’re suspected of cheating or using irregular hacks as you play overwatch, you might get yourself banned. If you’re using a VPN however, you’ll be able to connect to a server in another location, or even change your IP.

Speed throttling:

Some ISPs are notorious to monitor and restrict certain types of traffic to enhance the quality/standard of their internet connection for all of their users. If your ISP is one of the snoopy ones, you might find your speed abruptly reduced. Using a VPN encrypts your connection thereby making it difficult for your ISP to know what you’re up to. Your traffic will flow at an unrestricted speed, and use the net with complete privacy.

Conclusion -Best VPN for Overwatch

Having to play Overwatch on a VPN connection lets you assure that your connection has the least chances of any interruption. All the three VPN providers stated above are some of the best VPN services in the market; and they should keep you safe from some dangerous attacks online. (also see, 5 Best Offshore VPN in 2018)


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