5 Best VPN for Linux 2018


Linux is the computer Operating System built on open-source software development and distribution model, it was created in 1991 and since then has developed various layered distribution some major example are Ubuntu, Arch Linux, Debian, Fedora, and Mint Linux, it is the highest preferred OS and considered as the most secure than other Operating Systems by the privacy-lover programmers and tech-geeks used prominently on Servers, Super Computers, and Mainframes. Linux was not the mainstream Operating System so far, as it was not famous among the general users but in some specific tech-expert zones because of its some non-user-friendly operational mechanism, so it was least affected by the growing cybercriminal threat, but now as some tech-lovers are using it broadly to enhance their privacy while enjoying the technical mechanism Linux offers it has been highlighted in the eyes of the internet evils as well, and they are not sparing you even if you are trying to access some BitTorrent websites using Linux the threat of getting attacked by any of these evil hackers or spammers is still there. So if you are a Linux admirer and looking for the ways to make it the safest Operating System, you have come to the right place and here are the top best VPN for Linux that we have selected for you here, by using a Linux VPN you will be able to enhance your OS security while using the internet and eliminate the chance of any possible threat of hacking or spamming attempt, so select any Linux VPN from the list below and enjoy the feeling of fully secured and protected while using internet on the safest OS Linux.

5 Best VPN for Linux

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How to Choose the Best VPN for Linux?

When it comes to select a VPN service for your Linux you must look for some core features that are important to look for these are;

Availability of VPN Client for Linux

Many of the VPN service providers are more inclined towards the mega-selling OS like Macintosh and Windows hence many of them don’t offer the VPN client for Linux which causes difficulty in installing and running Linux after the purchase, but The Best VPN Analysis always test and tries every VPN we recommend you here, so all the best VPN for Linux that we have recommended you here provide VPN client for Linux which is compatible and make the process of install and run easier on your Linux by sending you the manual setting details of setting up the VPN service on Linux.

Security and Encryption Protocol Used

Security Protocols are most important as these are going to setup your security barrier, the best VPN for Linux offers you many all the majorly used VPN protocols that can be chosen by you as per you requirement, for example if you are likely to run an online streaming channel and need faster connection speed then you can use PPTP or L2TP/IPsec Protocol, for enhanced security with fast speed OpenVPN and SSTP are also available on the list of best VPN for Linux here.

Speed of the VPN service

The speed factor of a Linux VPN depends on the protocol it is offering you the high the security protocol, the less the speed, however, our selected VPN for Linux has a balance mechanism between speed and security and provide you the better speed even with the highly secure protocol that is SSTP.

Number of Servers available

The best VPN for Linux must have many active servers available for you to connect to any website from anywhere and anytime in the world, the larger the number of server the more chances to get easily connected, our VPN for Linux has the greatest number of active servers in all major region of the world like USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Europe, China, Middle East, etc.

Privacy Shield

All the VPN for Linux we have here had no log keeping policies and provide you complete anonymity over the internet by hiding your original IP and altering it to the IP of the country you chose as your server this way no one on internet can see your online activities and make you untraceable as there are no logs of your online activities.

Customer Help & Support System

Customer Support department of any VPN service must be very responsive and vigilant in case of any problem and help needed by the user, so if you are stuck in installation process of at any moment while using a VPN for Linux and looking for help our best VPN for Linux that we enlisted here has the most active and responsive customer support staff who will guide you and help you to resolve the problem very patiently and politely and they have online chat option with a customer support officer option as well which ensure quick and on spot solution for any problem regarding using the best VPN for Linux.


All the best things in the world are not free, but if you have already wasted a lot of money on some low-quality VPN services which have cost you high, and now you are reluctant to spend too much money on that, then don’t worry our selected best VPN for Linux services come with different monthly packages ranging from $3 to $8 and yes don’t forget to look for the special offers frequently prompts on our page only.

Final Words

Linux is the most preferred and the best option for the servers, super computers and mainframes because of its most secure mechanism but it is a tough OS when it comes to user-friendly options and has confined it as a non-commercial OS, but the most important factor here to mention is security level of the servers, mainframes, and super computers require much more advancements and upgrade than any general user’s PC. So the best and most advanced tool to enhance and achieve optimum security level on your Linux is the best VPN for Linux, we have discussed some top VPN for Linux above for your help and guidance, now it’s your turn to make your choice and be fear free while using the internet on your Linux.

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