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Japan is the land of diversity and known for increasingly progressing technologies. The internet laws and government spoofing is not a major issue in this Techland of Japan. The government of Japan does not seem to be disloyal regarding online privacy (know more about online privacy in our ultimate privacy guide). However, this hi-tech land welcomes huge foreign masses both for business and tourism purpose. Thus, the tourists and expats need to use those websites which are regionally blocked in Japan. Besides this, the Japanese know how to protect themselves from hackers and scammers, this calls for a VPN in Japan. Here we are to guide in the best way possible about the best VPN for Japan.

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Why You Need the Best VPN for Japan?

Perhaps, the use of VPN has accelerated over the period, as the international presence and tourism is booming in this tech land of Japan. If you travel to Japan, you may need the Japanese VPN to watch your favorite TV show on Netflix US (get the best VPN for Netflix to access US Netflix anywhere). Besides this, you will likely to need a VPN in Japan to access all the international websites that are region-blocked in Japan and can’t be accessed by the people of Japan.

Furthermore, you may need a VPN to address your privacy concerns about the government spoofing. And the best VPN for Japan can also be used for being anonymous over the internet as it conceals your original IP address. Following are the key reasons that will make you want a VPN in Japan.

Get Rid Of Mass-Surveillance:

Back in 2012, the Japanese legislation passed Computer Network Monitoring Law that was primarily focused on the removal of the negative report against Fukushima radiation levels. But many privacy advocates doubt that this law could empower the scammers to strengthen their nefarious intentions. Then, the legislation allows the authorities to snoop the online activity with no restriction at all. And apart from this Japan is closely aligned with the US, where NSA nurtures, so there are high chances of advanced government mass-surveillance plus Chinese authorities are also speculated to monitor the internet traffic of Japanese citizen. Hence, this is the high time for Japanese citizens to take their privacy in hand and consider using the best VPN for Japan.

To Bypass Geo-Restriction:

With Japanese VPN, you can not only view foreign content that is regionally blocked in Japan, but you can also view Japanese websites if you are a local Japanese who is on the go and wishes to access the local websites to get acquainted with the happenings of back in the homeland. As over 3.6 millions of Japanese reside outside their homeland, there is a good scope of Japanese VPN amongst overseas Japanese.

Make Your Connection Secure:

Apart from Geo-Restriction, Japanese are very conscious about their security of internet connection, and for that, you may need the best VPN for Japan to combat all the hackers and scammers (get the most secure VPN services). You should always use the public internet with Japanese VPN encryption because public hotspots can leave your data vulnerable to the hackers and scammers. So you are highly recommended to use the best VPN for Japan when using the Wifi of hotel, airport or coffee shop.

How the Best VPN Works In Japan?

The best VPN enables the Japanese citizens to circumvent the Firewall of Japan and access all the geo-restricted content in Japan. The best VPN for Japan works by altering your actual IP address with the virtual IP address of your chosen server location. This way it gives you the access to those websites that are blocked by the ISPs of Japan. Moreover, it provides the foolproof security to your internet connection by sending all the internet data traffic through an encrypted tunnel connected to a remote server. This military level of encryption ensures the complete security of your internet connection and protects it from scammers and hackers to intercept your connection.

How To Choose the Best VPN for Japan?

To choose a VPN for Japan, you should consider the following factors that are required before making the selection.

VPN Protocols

When you are going to select a VPN in Japan, you need to make sure that the VPN service you are considering whether or not it offers a pretty much good range of VPN Protocols. The best VPN for Japan offers the users to choose between OpenVPN, L2TP/IPSec, and PPTP. All of these VPN protocols have their own pros and cons, but it depends on your server location. Though, you should make sure these VPN Protocols are being offered by your VPN service provider or not. However, out of all these VPN protocols, the best one is OpenVPN which works well with almost every server location, and an AES 256-bit data encryption will be a cherry on top.

Speed Throttling and Lags

Speed throttling and constant lags can be a nightmare in the country where internet usage can rise to 2GB a day (see the fastest VPN services). This fast pace country can not tolerate the speed issues and consecutive throttling in the network. You should never compromise on the bandwidth when choosing the best VPN for Japan for it can upset your gaming and online video streaming experience a big time.

Number of Servers

The more the number of server locations is, the more option you would have for server switching. You should always opt for that VPN service which offers the maximum number of server locations, and it should be widely spread across the globe. The best VPN for Japan always comes with the highest number of server locations in a bid to provide the users with numerous options of swapping the locations and experiencing the speed and quality of all the server locations connection.

Privacy Policy

The privacy policy is another matter of grave concerns especially in the land of hi-tech hackers and scammers. Before you decide any VPN service to run in Japan, you should make sure about its privacy policy. You must spend ample time reading the privacy policy of the VPN service you are thinking to use. Remember the best Japanese VPN never keeps the logs of its users and immediately clears the caches and cookies once it is used. The best VPN for Japan never compromises on it users privacy and does not have any links with NSA or CSIS surveillance. Besides this, it also uses widgets like Kill Switch and IPv6 Leak Protection to avoid any technical flaw that can result in data leak.

Simultaneous Connection

If your current VPN service is not offering you the simultaneous device connections, then you need to opt for the best VPN for Japan. It is because a dedicated VPN for Japan allows you to connect more than one device with your VPN and enjoy the encrypted connection in multiple devices like laptop, tablets, and smartphones. This way, you do not have to make the separate account and subscribe individually for each of your devices. This can save your time as well as your money.


After all, price matters. Who does not like to get that service which is affordable and have the best quality of service? The best VPN for Japan is not likely to be very expensive. In fact, it comes at a reasonable price that offers all the great services. ( See the best cheap VPN services).

Payment Method

You are also advised to check the payment methods offered by your VPN service. The best VPN for Japan offers all the leading payment services and also supports Bitcoin payment.


In an effort to choose the best VPN for Japan, you should consider the above-discussed factors. In a flurry of time, the use of VPN is increasing in Japan with the growing tourism in this land. The people from outside Japan, come and need a Japanese VPN to access those websites which they use back in their homeland.

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