Best VPN for Ireland


Best VPN for Ireland: The people living or working in Ireland will tell you that despite its high ranking as a nation that does not actively regulate Internet use among its people, Ireland still imposes restrictions on the kind of websites and content that can be accessed by its people.

This implies anyone going there for vacation or a business trip will likely find it difficult to access his or her favourite sites from back home, due to the geo-restrictions applied by the Irish government. Such examples that are familiar to tourists travelling to Ireland include the BBC iPlayer & the RTE Player. (also read, How to Unblock BBC iPlayer in UAE?)

Bypassing these government-imposed restrictions means looking for a solution that’ll help cover up your tracks whenever online; a solution such as a VPN.

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Best VPN for Ireland

Why Do You Need the Best VPN for Ireland?

With a Virtual Private Network, foreigners in Ireland can access globally favourite sites that are for some reason banned in Ireland. This is possible because once you’re connected to the service, your IP address gets changed from your actual one into a virtual one that now reflects that you’re based within the country whose content you want to access. For example, if you’d like to obtain a service that’s blocked in your country such as the BBC iPlayer, all you’d have to do is subscribe to a provider, connect to a server based in Britain, and start streaming BBC content.

Ireland is also known to have been one of Microsoft’s safe havens as the American firm has, at one point, hosted its servers over there. This didn’t really end up so well since the US government was still able to gain access to them through its intelligence agencies as well as acts such as the Patriots Act & the Foreign Surveillance Act. Since Microsoft was a signatory of such actions, they were ultimately forced to give up all the emails and customer data that was stored there.

This gives all the right reason to take matters into your hands, and ensure that your connection remains safe from any form of outside interference. One of the best ways you could do this is through a VPN.

Benefits of Using the Best VPN for Ireland

Using a VPN allows the user to enjoy a lot of advantages:

  1. Encryption: A VPN service secures your online connection making it difficult for anyone to hack your device; or steal your information.
  2. Hidden identity: Using a VPN allows you to surf the Internet in complete anonymity since your personal data doesn’t get revealed.
  3. Bypass Geo-blocks: A VPN service allows a user to work around most of the geo-restrictions; that get set up by local websites.
  4. IP Address change: A VPN service allows users to change their IP addresses; and in doing so, choose exactly where they want to be seen to be from.
  5. Enhance performance: A VPN service with fast servers means you get to enjoy an efficient browsing experience; having been assured of your protection.
  6. File Sharing: Some VPN services can be trusted to share files within a group.

Best VPN for Ireland

We recommend you not to rely on those free, unreliable services. It’d be better to subscribe to quality providers; that assure you of your online security. We have many suggestions that you ought to take a look at below:

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Conclusion -Best VPN for Ireland

Deciding on a right VPN can take a toll on you especially if you have no prior experience. The services we’ve mentioned above are sure to render quality service, and their customer care teams are reliable enough to take you through every step of the way.(also read, NordVPN Vs VyprVPN)


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