5 Best VPN for India – Access All Blocked Websites Including Torrenting Sites in India


Best VPN for India: Privacy and free internet are increasingly hard to come by in the present world. Countries across the globe have started censoring sites and marketing user data, making the mere act of checking e-mail or streaming a movie online a dangerous habit. Even the Indian government has begun placing bans on sites in an attempt to regulate its citizen’s internet activities.

The Indian administration restricts access to a lot of sites on ethical and religious grounds. Dating websites, escort service websites, and pornography stuff are all blocked by the Indian ISPs. Politically sensitive stuff and video streaming websites (like Pirate Bay or Putlocker) are also blocked. And It is also likely to be penalized for Torrenting copyrighted content.(also read, How to Unblock Torrent Sites in India with VPN)

5 Best VPN for India

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Why you need a VPN for India?

As explained earlier, India suffers various limitations over the internet. Indian internet users are not permitted to access some websites that are banned on religious and ethical grounds. This may be significant, but not as significant as accessing foreign sites that are geographically restricted.

Websites that are regionally restricted means that these can be accessed only in their country of origin and are restricted to outside users. This is where a VPN comes in where the service alters the IP address from an Indian IP to US IP. Consequently, giving you access to the website.

Other than unblocking sites, VPN of India also guarantees that your online activity over the internet remains hidden. Technically, a VPN masks your original IP address and assign you a new IP address of another country. Thus, keep your online identity protected and safe.

Evaluating the Best VPN For India

Getting the right VPN to fit your needs can take some research. There are a lot of factors that you should take into consideration, including encryption, privacy workouts, server allocation, length of subscription, and so on. To be sure you get the best value for your money, we adopted the following criteria to assess our featured VPNs. Each delivers fantastic performance for consumers in India and around the globe.

Logging policy

A VPN is only as good as its privacy policy. All of your data crosses through a VPN’s servers and can be there for an indefinite period. If a regulatory agency demands the VPN turn over data, they normally have to comply, which discredits your security. However, if your provider keeps no log, there’s no data to give. All of the VPN services below hold a strict zero-logging policy that keeps your information secure.

Kill switches and DNS leak protection

When your VPN software is connecting to the network, you’re vulnerable to IP address leaks. It only takes a second for your home connection to sneak through, revealing your identity without your consciousness. To resist this, VPN providers develop their software with smart lockdown peculiarities that prevent any leak from happening.

File and traffic restrictions

Some VPNs forbid things like P2P traffic or torrent downloads and cap bandwidth after a particular threshold. There’s nothing more annoying than seeking to download something only to find your VPN prevents it. All of the VPN providers featured below are restriction-free, enabling you to download anything you want without any exception.


VPN connections are notoriously slow. The encryption overhead supplements a lot of data to each packet and the extra distance that must be covered to reach remote servers scores to the latency. To keep your internet as speedy as possible, we’ve made sure the VPN services below keep speed as the highest priority.(also see, How to Watch US Netflix in India)

Server distribution

Having a huge network is a massive advantage for a VPN. The more servers there are the more choices you have to build a virtual location, and the better your possibilities of finding a fast connection.
Price – VPNs live in a competitive market, which serves drive prices down for customers. Some VPN services charge more than others, however, which can be something of a shock. We’ve kept an eye on the price-tags of the VPN below to be sure you’re getting the best deals possible for private, open access to the internet.

Best VPN for India

The top VPN India mentioned in the list below not just unblocks websites, but is also used for faster streaming.

Conclusion -5 Best VPN for India

Attain internet freedom with the best VPN for India and access all foreign sites that are censored by the government in this region. Have no concern about your security of your online data or your internet privacy, because best VPN for India will prevent all that from occurring. It will encrypt your data with a robust VPN encryption, thus limiting your device from weak security.


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