Best VPN for Google Fibre


Best VPN for Google Fibre: Regardless of the fact that Google Fibre was announced in 2010; it is only lately that users in the US started to get a feel of the search giant’s broadband service. As of now, only US-based users can apply for a connection. This is only if they reside in one of the 19 states that the broadband infrastructure has been laid out. Granted, Google might be taking a bit longer than most of us had anticipated. The promise is, however, that the service offers isn’t really matched by any other. Google promises speeds of up to 930mbps with zero data caps, super powerful WiFi and high-speed downloads and speeds.

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Best VPN for Google Fibre

Is Google Fibre Safe to Use?

With various occurrences where ISPs are throttling user connections, we can only speculate as to whether or not Google Fibre will really offer that kind of speed to its users. The few people who’ve had a chance to use the service don’t really have much to complain about. The few issues that have come up include geolocation errors and the slow pace at which the service is getting laid out. If you happen to reside outside the 19 states that the service is currently available, then you might have to wait a little longer to enjoy gigabit Internet speeds.

For the users who have already been connected, there’s the risk that Google has just come one step closer to knowing precisely what you do on the Internet. If you think about it, Google probably knows your location, helps you manage your emails, and maybe keeping track of what you search for whenever you’re online. If you’re using an Android-based device and you’re signed in through your Gmail account, there’s probably a record of your activity on your device.

These are just a few examples from the full range of Google services that you probably use on a day to day basis. This might feel like a massive invasion of privacy; especially if you tend to do a lot of sensitive work online.

How to Restore Your Online Privacy?

For subscribers of Google Fiber service, using a VPN should help restore a sense of privacy. If you’re not familiar with the technology, a Virtual Private Network is basically a network of servers that are distributed in various locations around the world. Routing your Internet connection through these servers allows you to encrypt your Internet connection; making it difficult for any outside parties to find out what you’re up to online.

Employing a VPN also helps you to protect your connection from getting hacked by outside parties. It even makes it more convenient to connect to public networks when you can’t access your Google Fibre connection. Subscribing to a VPN also allows you to hide and change your connection. This, in turn, makes it possible to access geo-restricted sites and channels. That means you can access foreign channels directly from home since a VPN helps you get around their geo-blocks.

Getting the right VPN service to subscribe to can sometimes be a hurdle; especially if you’ve never really heard about VPNs before.

Best VPN for Google Fibre

In order to help you work around this issue, we’ve put together a short list of providers that offer the best kind of service.

Here’s our list of the best VPN for Google Fibre.

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Conclusion -Best VPN for Google Fibre

All these VPNs mentioned above are all set to deliver the best kind of experience for any user looking for the best in online protection. They all have guarantees that you can use to test out their service before subscribing. In case you have any questions about our recommendations; you’re welcome to put down your questions or comments in the section below. We’ll be glad to respond.


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