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France was once considered as a country that promotes free speech but with the Hadoppi Law, LOPPSI 2 and LCEN for content regulation it is no longer allowing user privacy. In order to escape such threats and use the internet to the core, we need the best VPN for France.

5 Best VPN Services for France

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Why you Need a VPN in France?

There is a general complaint that the recent regulatory laws are aimed at shrinking the privacy of internet users though the country had a history of promoting online freedom. It makes them difficult to access the contents of other countries when they live in France. The censorship is toughened, and it is even more difficult for the other country users to view the websites of France. It means we cannot access the streaming services, online games, etc of France when we are outside the country and the services of other countries when we are inside the France. Only a VPN service for France can save us from this hassle and can provide us the complete online freedom.

The Three Laws–Hadoppi, LOPPSI 2, LCEN

Though the Hadoppi law has collected €750 as fine and disconnected just a single person from its dawn, it has created shocking vibrations in the arena. LOPPSI 2 was adopted in the year 2011 and it was a real threat to the freedom of expressions for the websites. LCEN deals on the basis of data retention in France for one year but it is far lesser than the term retained by the EU DRD, which holds for two years. These three laws create the necessity for a France VPN. But France itself is not suited for a VPN provider to place its server because of so many internet regulations. The proximity of France with Netherlands, Switzerland and Sweden is an added advantage for a France VPN to extend its services from a nearby country.

Government Surveillance

In June 2013, one of the French newspapers revealed shocking news that the country has been collecting metadata from the online users. This activity is under the control of DGSE of France and it is line with NSA in its operations. The worse fact is that the collected metadata is stored in central Paris and seven other government agencies act accesses it with no legal basis. This is an absolute crossing of their limit and intruding into one’s personal information. We cannot extend our belief on the government but we can always trust a VPN service for France as a solution for this problem.

How to Select Best VPN For France

The following qualities of a VPN determine whether it is the best VPN service for France.

  • Server Locations
  • Speed
  • Data Log policy
  • Strong encryption and protocols
  • Customer Support
  • Pricing and Plans

We have picked the right VPN service you can use in France, based on the above parameters and they presented as below.

ExpressVPN – Best VPN for France

It has servers near France and it drastically improves the speed of connections. Also, we need not worry about the data retentions as it follows a zero log policy and can offer us service with servers outside the France. It means that ExpressVPN does not obey regulations of France when it operates from outside the country. It uses 256-bit encryption and supports even the OpenVPN protocol apart from the standard protocol support. We can avail 24×7 customer support and it also provides a 30-day back guarantee. So, try it for just $12.95 per month which is worth its services.

PureVPN – Effective VPN for France

It is considered as an effective VPN service for France with its exclusive features for a great online experience. It has the latest virtual router facility for Windows to connect to 10 devices, which is an awesome support from the team. Servers in 141 countries enable faster connection to the France and we can even think it is a France VPN with its effectiveness in networks inside the country. It has a Live Customer support and a 256-bit encryption. It charges $10 per month with a limited time period for money back guarantee and is just 7 days.

NordVPN – Secure VPN for France

It is a Panama-based VPN and is free of EU or NSA Internet regulatory laws. It has servers in Romania, Switzerland, Netherland and Sweden which are very near to France. Therefore, there is no space for data logs and provides a faster connection. The security features are awesome with 256-bit AES encryption, P2P connections, supporting TOR over VPN and double encryption. NordVPN is regarded as a highly secure VPN service for France even though it is slightly costlier and costs around $11.95 per month.

Private Internet Access (PIA) – Affordable VPN for France

PIA is considered as a good VPN service for France as it is affordable and anonymous. It has servers in Sweden, Netherland, Switzerland and in France. As it has servers outside the France, we need not worry about data logs. It ensures uninterrupted connections with higher speeds. With the 256-bit AES OpenVPN encryption, the security features are maintained throughout its network. Though it charges $6.95 per month, there is no free trial or the refund policy is restricted to just 7 days from purchase. The customer support is in the form of FAQs end e-mails. So this France VPN combines cost effectiveness along with quality features.

Ivacy – Sustainable & Cheap VPN for France

Ivacy has optimized file sharing servers at places which make it an ideal VPN service for France. It promises no data logs and server uptime of 99%. It also uses a 256-bit encryption and protocols such as OpenVPN, L2TP/IPSec, and PPTP, along with a 24×7 customer support. Ivacy costs around $11.95 per month which is actually cheaper for its sustainable features such as Internet Kill Switch, device support, file-sharing support and a 7-day money back guarantee. But it has no free trials and the guarantee time period could have been more. Although, Ivacy offers faster connections just like a France VPN with its great streaming service and by unblocking geo-restrictions.


As France government is nowadays more focussed on internet regulations, the usage of a VPN for the country is essential. It not only ensures our privacy, security, and anonymity of data access but also protects us from many legal issues and penalties. A VPN service for France can provide you the access to restricted websites, and it is a better idea to choose a VPN from the above-mentioned list, as they are tested, criticized and ranked for what their services are.

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