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It has been the year of VPN in Australia, where VPN users have increased to a remarkable number than ever before. When at the end of 2015 the Australian government entered into the mass ‘’Data Retention Laws’’ like many other developed countries, according to it all the ISPs and Telecommunication companies functioning in entire Australian region are required to archive and eaves-drop all Meta data and the online activities of all the internet users throughout Australia for two years. After the announcement and implementation of this invasive and interfering law millions of Australians were eager to explore ways to circumvent this aggravating situation which causes grave concerns for all the privacy-minded Australians, in which their individual liberty and privacy of surfing the internet freely was snatched by their own government and it seems that they can do nothing about it, but all the prudent and canny internet users opt for the smartest and safest solution for such an annoying situation, and that is to use the best VPN for Australia, The Best VPN Analysis has enlisted here a list of all the top Australia VPN here to help and facilitate your search for the best VPN for Australia, select anyone according to your needs and be secure, be private, be free and say No to Data Retention Laws plus get access to all geo-restricted content from anywhere, bypass censorship and copyrights laws hence you are in absolute advantage of using an Australian VPN service that we have recommended you here.

5 Best VPN for Australia

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Why You Need to use the Best VPN for Australia?

If you are living in Australia and really aghast after the implementation of ‘Data Retention Laws’ by the Australian government, and feel helpless in such annoying scenario when you have government agencies 24/7 to monitor all your online activities either financial transactions, personal data sharing, chat history, web surfing history hence every single activity performed by your over internet in under the spying eyes of your own government and you might surrender to these inevitable laws thinking there is no way you can evade it, but we say you are unaware then, unaware about the safest and most secure tool to completely avoid this annoying situation, and that is to use the best VPN for Australia that we have enlisted here for your guidance and help, there are many more alluring benefits of using the best VPN for Australia that we have enlisted below.

Benefits of Using the Best VPN for Australia

It is not just the recent data retention laws that are bothering Australians, but many more reason to use an Australian VPN service, which includes copyrights laws and censorship laws which has made the life of internet user in Australia more miserable. When The Australian Communication and Media Act (ACMA) came into regulation it has blocked more than 500 websites, many of them were famous and top preferred websites with millions of monthly users’ traffic famous for their huge content library for online streaming of movies, videos, TV shows, kids shows, documentary etc. from all around the world and for the millions of download and upload options on Torrenting and P2P file sharing websites. The ACMA jolted all the internet users across Australia and raised agitation among all Aussies and urge to use an Australian VPN service to back to their beloved and most-cherished websites. The dominant benefits you can avail by using the best VPN for Australia are highlighted below;

Trick Geo-blocking by using an Australia VPN Service

All the popular content from the main region of the world like US, UK, Canada is geo-blocked by Australian government, it not just if you are not eligible to access your favorite content just because you are physically relocated to that region, internet is not meant for fencing boundaries just like they did on land and made strict borders for entrance in any particular region, we simply don’t favor this discrimination and always facilitate readers and users to avoid geo-blockings from anywhere by using the best VPN for Australia, and get unlimited, fast and super safe access to your favorite content over internet from where ever and whenever you like.

Escape Censorship Laws by the Best VPN for Australia

The Australian Communication and Media Act (ACMA) was not implement alone and clear. But there were some clauses linked to the ’Internet Censorship Filtering’ which named ‘Refused Classification’ (RC) which was first initiated in 2008 but was remain only in papers, but now it has been added with the implementation of ACMA which enhances the spectrum of websites which are blocked and banned afterwards. It includes all the most famous and beloved online streaming and downloading or uploading websites, which was highly dismissed by all the Australian internet users, but the government, paid no attention towards it. Smart Aussies hence switched for a secure and safe Australian VPN to get rid of the situation by using the best VPN for Australia you can get access to all your favorite websites from Australia or from anywhere in the world.

Battle Off Cybercrimes by using the Best VPN for Australia

According to some reliable just-in reports nearly quarter of Australians about 5 million out of 22 million of them has lost over 1.06 billion dollar due to enhanced rate of cybercrimes. This shows the serious consequences of cybercrime and its expanding roots in Australian region which makes all the Australian internet users to use an Australian VPN to combat the strong monstrous threat of ever increasing cybercrimes. The best VPN for Australia allows you full security against such evil minded hackers and spammer by proving you complete anonymity and security over internet while surfing. It hides all your online information by concealing your original IP address into another IP address that way you become untraceable by any one present on your network hence you can browse whatever you like freely without any fear of cyber-attacks.

Avoid ‘Data Retention Laws’ & Enhance Privacy using an Australian VPN Service

After the introduction and implementation of Meta Data Retention Laws in Australia, privacy has been killed in many ways. As according to this law entire internet activities and phones calls of all Australians have been recorded and ISPs are asked to keep logs of users’ data in the name of National Security. Aussies are obviously worried due to this unwelcomed, harsh privacy intrusive polices in which the government has totally neglected the factor of individual privacy fencing and freedom to use internet freely and privately. The best VPN for Australia enables you to get full privacy by proving you complete anonymity by encrypting your data through a secure tunnel away from the eyes of these government surveillance agencies and your ISPs hence you can perform all your internet activities without the fear of being under the spying eyes of the government 24/7.

Unblock Netflix, Hulu, Hulu Plus, BBC iPlayer etc. with the Best VPN for Australia

Are you big admirer of Netflix, Hulu, Hulu Plus, BBC iPlayer etc.? then you must be disappointed every time you are unable to access these beloved websites while living in Australia as these are geo-blocked by your country, but don’t worry we have already enlisted the list of Bet VPN for Australia which allows you the super-fast, unlimited access to all the top online streaming channels from all around the world.

Access to Torrenting & P2P file sharing Websites with the best VPN for Australia

Censorship Laws in Australia punched down hundreds or Torrenting and P2P file sharing websites as the government put banns on them claiming them the violation of copyrights law and promoting piracy, it is somehow right, but we believe that internet is established for the users from every corner of the world to take advantage fully and be able to access whatever they need from anywhere in the world, keeping this in mind we have brought you a list of top Australian VPN services which allows you the access to the Torrenting and P2P file sharing websites absolutely anonymously and safely with enhanced downloading and uploading speed for the best Torrenting experience anonymously in Australia, use a VPN for Australia.

Selection of the Best VPN for Australia

It could be perplexed procedure for a general internet user to search for the best VPN for Australia as there are hundreds of services available in the market, but we have already taken the burden off your shoulders and selected some top Australian VPN services for your help and guidance, we have selected these best VPN for Australia on the following basis;

Protocol offered and Level of Encryption

All the Australian VPN services that we have selected here use secure protocols like PPTP, L2TP/IPsec, OpenVPN and the most secure SSTP, and offer option of choosing the protocol to users according to their need. Although OpenVPN and SSTP are highly secured VPN Protocols but are not recommended for streaming where high connection speed is required, so the more secure a protocol is the slower the connection speed is, however out top VPN for Australia has least impact on the speed even with the high-end security of OpenVPN and SSTP.

Number of Active Servers

We carefully picked the best VPN for Australia with maximum number of active servers from all around the world. The VPN for Australia in our list have active servers in all the major regions of the world like USA, UK, Canada, Europe, Middle East, China etc.

Price and Packages

The price ranges from $3 to $8 per month of the best VPN for Australia, all of them come with exciting money back guarantee offer and easy monthly payments packages to choose from, so you can select any pricing plan suits your need and get started with them.

Customer Support Staff

When you are stuck with a problem while using a VPN service, our top Australian VPN services provide you 24/7 customer support through their patient and polite customer service staff available for online chat as well so to resolve your issue within hours and sometimes within minutes.

Steps to Get Started Right Now!

You are now some clicks away from getting a VPN for Australia, follow these simple step given below and you are done;

  1. Pick an Australian VPN service from the table above and click the link to go to website and sign up for the VPN service.
  2. Install the required VPN app and sign in to the app entering details provided by the VPN service provider via email.
  3. Select your server location according to the requirement for example if you want Netflix USA, your server would be USA, and you are now ready to enjoy all the benefits of the best VPN for Australia.

Final Words

If the mass surveillance and data retention laws in Australia are hindering your internet freedom, then we say don’t waste a single minute to protect your privacy and security and get access to everything your ever wished for with the best VPN for Australia, we always try to help you choose the right VPN no matter what and we have tested and tried many VPN services and selected some top Australian VP?N services for you here so, ENJOY!


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