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In today’s world when we all are dependent on the technology of internet especially on smartphones to complete many routine tasks and to kill boredom we spend a lot of time online through our Android smartphones this brings millions of people to potential cyber threats, privacy intrusion by surveillance laws by the security and intelligence agencies of many countries. To avoid these drawbacks stick using the internet we now have the technology that protects us from cyber threats and stops snoopers track our online activities, and that is why best VPN for Android is and we have compiled the list here are the top 5 Android VPN to get rid of all the cyber threats and enhance the security and privacy level of your Android devices.

5 Best VPN for Android

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Why You Need VPN for Android?

If you are not too busy with your smartphone then look up around you everyone seems busy online on their phone, trying to connect socially, online shopping, emailing, downloading music and streaming videos hence there is no limit of things people can do online while using their phone on the go. With these advantages it has dark side as well cyber threats, hacking, spamming, snooping by government and security agencies are some of the top, to kick off all these the best and safest way is to use a VPN for Android. A Virtual Private Network (VPN) for Android creates an encrypted tunnel which transfers all your data through this safe tunnel which enhances your privacy level and make you untraceable over the internet and keep snoopers and hackers at bay, it also hide your original IP address and provides you a fake IP address so that you can any country’s websites from any location which overcomes all types of geo-restrictions and give you the power to access whatever you want from wherever you are. Torrenting, video streaming and using Public Wi-Fi they all need a VPN for Android, it is a must.

5 Best VPN For Android

#1: NordVPN – Secure Android VPN App

NordVPN has a dedicated Android App which is easy to setup, simple download and run mechanism. The NordVPN Android App has a lot of user-friendly features including an in-app tech support via live chat, detailed server list, access to smartPlay technology and more. The Android app of NordVPN has the quickest server selection system, which allows you to just select the desired country and it will automatically connect you to the most suitable and strong server of that country available for you, and all these features make it a secure and suitable VPN for Android.

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#2: ExpressVPN – Specialized VPN App for Android

ExpressVPN with its performance excellence is beyond comparison in VPN industry which has gained immense customer loyalty and satisfaction with the passage of time. It offers a dedicated and specialized Android app which is the best to enhance the cyber security of your Android device with its highly secure client software compatible with windows, iOS, and your Android device as well which is so easy to use. ExpressVPN has a benefit of not under the influence of data retention laws due to the fact it is based in British Virgin Island which is an excellent feature for privacy protection. It offers 3 simultaneous connection options which mean with just one ExpressVPN account you can run VPN app of 3 devices at the same time for example on your Windows, MacBook, and Android. Unbeatable security layering with OpenVPN 256-bits of encryption makes it the best VPN for your Android device security with the power to access as many websites as you want with the options of more than 100+ servers in more than 78+ countries around the globe, which is best for anonymous Torrenting with supreme downloading and uploading speed and unlimited access to all web streaming channels like Netflix, Hulu, Hulu Plus etc. with extreme streaming speed all these alluring features on your Android device App of the ExpressVPN makes it the ultimate VPN service for Android devices. ExpressVPN flawless performance quality makes it offer you 30-Days Money Back Guarantee which is the best deal and we know you won’t regret your decision once you get ExpressVPN for your Android devices.

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#3: VyprVPN – Best Android VPN App

VyprVPN is the best choice if you are in search of the high-quality VPN service with the reasonable pricing plan for the security of your Android device. It offers PPTP and L2TP/IPsec protocols for the Android security layering which provides you the ultra-fast streaming and downloading speed on the online streaming channels and Torrenting websites with absolutely security and privacy barrier that is unbeatable and flawless. You can connect 5 different devices with just one VyprVPN account at the same time which multiplies your cyber security step five times higher than any other VPN either it is your Windows PC, your MacBook, iPhone or Android phone or Tablet you can get them all protected with the unique 5 simultaneous connection option of the VyprVPN. With the easy to use and install dedicated VPN App for Android you get the enormous selection option of 700+ sustainable and strong servers expanded in more than 50+ countries around the world offered by VyprVPN which enhances you power and freedom to connect to as many countries servers as you need to any time from anywhere in the world with absolutely flattering pricing plans and a 30-days Money back guarantee to ease your purchase decision for the best Android VPN.

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#4: Private Internet Access VPN – Super-fast Streaming Speed

If you are looking for a reliable and quality VPN service for your Android with the most affordable pricing plan then Private Internet Access (PIA) must be your first and last choice it is the dream come true for all the VPN users who want to get a VPN in the budget. PIA VPN offers specialized and dedicated VPN App for Android devices with the extremely high protection of OpenVPN to combat all the cyber threats on your Android phone or Tablet with unbelievably the largest server’s selection of more than 3750+ sustainable and active servers expanded throughout 77+ countries which is a unique feature of PIA VPN. You can secure 5 of your devices at the same time by running PIA VPN App on you 5 different devices and OS like Windows, Mac, iOS and of course Android by its 5 multi-login option with just one PIA VPN account and all these high end features only with the lowest rate of $6.95 per month which is the most reasonable among all VPN providers.

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#5: Ivacy VPN – Affordable & Secure Choice for Android

In the VPN industry for almost 10 years now, Ivacy VPN has achieved success in VPN market by its consistent excellence in performance and unique and efficient security and privacy features, it has gained immense customers’ attention and reliability with increasing service years and the credit to be the pioneer of “Split Tunneling’ technology which is launched by Ivacy in 2010, it never stopped bringing new and unique security and privacy features for the optimum and unbeatable security and privacy along with the power to access all kinds of restricted websites and content over the internet from your Android. Ivacy VPN App for Android is designed in a simple and user-friendly way to attain the highest level of cyber security and privacy with ease and purpose selection tool let you access what you want to do with just one tap on your Android phone.

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Some Knowledge About Android’s built-in VPN client

All the Android phones since version 1.6 (donut) have their own built-in VPN client and supports following VPN protocol;
PPTP: It’s setup is easy but not the secure can be ok for a quick fix but truly speaking if you are a privacy freak, then it is not the right VPN protocol for you.
L2TP/IPsec: Level of security is better than PPTP, but the setup is complex as you will need an IPsec pre-shared key, that most of the VPN providers have auto-configured to make the setup process smooth.
OpenVPN: The most secure with high speed, but the most complicated to setup as well and you need to acquire a third party software for setup completion which means a lot of battery drain. All the top level VPN providers support OpenVPN for maximum security and privacy. Below we have simplified the steps to setup a VPN on your Android device with all the above-mentioned protocols.

Setting up VPN using the local VPN Client

  1. Go to the Setting menu of your Android device and find “VPN Setting” by going to “More Network” then tap VPN (this can slightly vary, depending upon your Android version).
  2. Now choose ‘Add VPN Network’ or the ‘+’ sign depending the device and then name the connection accordingly and input the information related to the VPN.
  3. Now to run your saved VPN go to the ‘’VPN Settings” tap on it and enter your username and password and then you will see an icon in the upper left hand which means you’re connected.

Setting up VPN using OpenVPN for Android

  1. Search for the correct OpenVPN configuration file from your VPN provider’s website and download it to your phone and if it in zipped form you need to unzip it by using Winzip on your Android device.
  2. Now download, install and run OpenVPN Connect for Android and after that select Functions, then select Import and Import from SD file and now choose selected profile and then you will see a screen asking for your username and password.
  3. Enter your username and password provided by your VPN provider, after that, a certificate will appear (for the first time thankfully) accept it and then you will see the OpenVPN icon in the upper left of your Android device screen which means you are successfully connected.

VPN Provider Custom-made Android VPN Apps

To avoid all the technical setup hassle, VPN providers have developed custom-made Apps dedicated for Android devices, which also include additional benefits like auto-reconnect and port forwarding, however OpenVPN is available only for Android 4.0 and higher but PPTP and L2TP are available for all the older Android versions with many benefits of VPN for Android you can read the reviews of individual VPN providers to learn all the features in detail.

Performance Test of your Android VPN App

It is important to check your VPN App performance to analyze and evaluate if it is worth the money or not, some must do are;

  • IP Check and Speed Test- It is not bad to check whether the claims of your VPN providers are true or not, and you must know are they providing IP cloaking at the download and upload speeds it promised? For that got to testmy.net and hit “Combined” to see the downloading and uploading speed of your VPN provider’s client.
  • IP Leak Test – It’s very important while Torrenting that your IP must be secure and doesn’t leak if connection drops, so for that visit ipleak.net and test-ipv6.com so that you can be sure.

Vulnerabilities of an Android OS

It is the era of smartphones and tablets, every other person uses a smartphones or a tablet for their daily activities over internet like checking and sending e-mails, updating social networking, downloading online music, videos, movies else what not, it is convenient of course than sitting in front of a laptop or a computer, people feel more flexible to use the internet whenever wherever they want to use it. Android, therefore, became the most preferred Operating System for smartphones because of its user-friendly features and reasonable prices, its demand boomed like anything in past few years, but these advantages come at a cost, yes and this cost is high risk of your online security concern and privacy threat on your Android phone or tablet. In a recent report by a technical analyst, it is confirmed that 36% of the found vulnerabilities on Android based applications were highly critical. The reasons for the high vulnerability of Android is due to its open source nature and rapid increase in demand and usage which attracted the cyber criminals towards it,, as mostly more than 50% of smartphone OS market is captured by Android, more than a million people switch to android daily, as a result hackers and spammers keep using serious malware and viruses to put your online security and privacy in grave threats, but the solution is here the VPN services which boosts your Android’s security and helps to secure your privacy issues by providing you complete anonymity while surfing the internet from your Android devices. We have listed some top Android VPN Apps for you to select according to your requirement and safeguard your phone today. Let’s learn about some core Android vulnerabilities below.

Suspicious & Malicious Android Apps

There and thousands of suspicious and malicious Android apps and some negligent users, who are least aware of the risk of downloading such untrusted apps, never give a second thought before downloading and installing such apps which can be malicious and can increase their threat of security risk. An Android VPN; in the table above, always stops you and warns you from downloading and installing if it finds any malicious files in the app, hence safeguard your Android device and it enhances your online security and privacy as well.

Untrusted Android Apps

As development and distribution of Android applications are easy as compared to iOS, the risk of downloading and installing a suspicious and malicious application is greater than any other OS of smartphones. There are hundreds and thousands of untrusted and uncertified developers of Android applications and downloading and installing these apps could be a serious threat to your online security and privacy, use an Android VPN to protect like and get a shield of an Android VPN for ultimate security and privacy.

Flaws in Android Security

Android security was questioned deeply when some researchers from a renowned university proved the security flaws in Android Operating system, no doubt every OS has some flaws minor or major, in their security platforms, but Android is found to be on top of them and there are inevitable flaws which go in the favor of hackers, phishers, and spammer and not in the favor of users at all. These serious security flaws enable hackers, phishers, and spammers to easily bypass the security protocol layer on any Android phone and can access to the confidential and sensitive information of any Android user if any malicious app is downloaded and installed, and then misuse the user’s sensitive and confidential information and data they keep exclusively into their Android phones or tablets. The only ray of hope in such scenario is to use the Android VPN App for your device, to enhance the security feature and safeguard your privacy concern and enjoy unlimited access to the world of internet freely and fearlessly.

Streaming Restrictions for Android Users

Millions of Android users use their device to access the online streaming of exclusive movies, TV shows, videos, sports events etc. but unfortunately not every online streaming channel is accessible, they would be asked for a “gate pass’’ to access many streaming channels to access the content they want to access, this is because of unavailability of that stuff in many regions of the world, the best VPN for Android removes such barriers for the Android users and let them access freely whatever they want to access from anywhere in the world.

Geo-restrictions on Android Play store

The place from where Android users can download and install software for their Android device is called Google Play Store, where there are millions of free and premium software of different categories from all around the world, but sadly not every exclusive software is available for every Android user even If you want to buy it, this is due to the geo-restriction of many software in many regions of the world, these software are only developed for certain region of the world and that’s why the Google Play Store has different software library for every country, but by using the Android VPN you can get access to Google Play Store of any country on the world which has the most exciting and exclusive library of software for your Android device like Google Play Store-US, Google Play Store-UK, Google Play Store-Canada, Google Play Store-Europe etc.

The best solution – The best VPN for Android App

The threats of malicious apps, untrusted android developers and security flaws mentioned above are not just the only thing Android users have to worry about, but you will widen your eyes with shock when I say that there are government surveillance agencies which are now monitoring all the Android users activities and totally ruin and breach the privacy barriers of Android users in the name of National Security concerns, but never too late, you can still avoid all these extreme security and privacy threats to your Android device and feel safe rather than fearful. The best VPN Analysis has experts who brought you the list of the VPN services for Android after comprehensive tests and trials, the Android VPN app enables you to remove all the security threats by providing you the high-end security and encryption protocol for you Android device and giving you an edge over your privacy, shielding your online details from everyone on the internet by altering your IP address into a different and unreal IP address so that no one can ever see your original IP address. The best VPN for Android that we enlisted here has special features and specially designed Android app to be compatible with your Android device for the maximum security possible and without a narrow chance of any security flaw which can invite the hackers and spammers, so don’t think more it’s time for action now.

Trust only an Android VPN App

When you are looking for best VPN for Android, you must not search it in Google Play Store, because it will show you the options of some free VPNs as well that is not at all recommended for your Android device and it can hamper you online security rather than safeguard it, so always search for the VPN for Android on the Google search engine where you can find the genuine and top providers of the Android VPN, so select the right VPN today from the above table that we have selected for you and start exploring the world of Android freely, safely and fearlessly with the ultimate protection of VPN for Android.

Get Started with the VPN Service for Android

Make your choice now for not letting your Android device in any danger and threat, because we all keep our confidential and sensitive information in our Android phones or tablets, so why not start with an Android VPN App today? Make your choice from the above table and safeguard your Android devices today, enjoy the unlimited benefits of using best VPN for Android.

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