12 Best Torrent Sites for Music Lovers

Music can be ascertained everywhere in our world. It heals people and helps them find themselves and supports them through hard times that we all encounter in our lives. Music proffers us a way to express ourselves and show how we feel inside ourselves that we don’t usually let people see. For those of you that have been living under a rock, torrenting involves the activity of uploading and downloading torrent files to your system. These torrent files usually download quickly to your device because you download it from several sources, not just one. Torrent files include metadata about what you are going to download. To this end, we compiled 12 best torrent sites for music lovers.(also check, Best Torrent Sites For Comics 2018)
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12 Best Torrent Sites for Music

If music is food for your soul too; that means you have landed in the right place. It is because you can access your favourite music torrenting websites to fulfil your music passions instantly. Here is the list of some of the best torrent sites for music; that you can use to get to your desired music be it classical, rock, jazz and so on.

3 Best Torrent Sites for All Music Genres

Fortunately, nobody can bereave you of the virtue of listening to your favourite music melodies through torrents. Through the help of these three best torrent sites for all music genres list; you will unleash your listening wants to the next level. Here are the three best torrent sites for music lovers.

The Pirate Bay


Pirate Bay is one of the most significant torrent sites that has an exceptional eminence among music enthusiasts and torrent users. The followers popular torrent website provides an enormous collection of media, where users can search torrents of favorite rock, jazz, opera, pop, classical and much music.



Needing no formal introduction, ExtraTorrent prides itself as a successful standalone torrent website. With owning over a million of active torrenters; ExtraTorrent allows a distinct range of media library. The site has fantastic fans following with tons of videos, songs, movies, TV series waiting to be downloaded with just a single click.




Rutracker is another favorite torrent website with over 13.6 million active torrenters and 1.5 million of the total population of 2,595 petabytes. However, the only drawback is that Rutracker is based in Russia, thus needs a translator like Chrome auto-translator and Firefox translator addon.

3 Best Torrent Sites for Classical Music

When it comes to listening to your beloved classical music songs, nothing surpasses the value of best torrent sites for music. It’s because you can easily download and begin listening to your coveted songs directly. The list of three best torrent sites for classical music comprises:

Sky Torrents



When you wish to search the classical music torrent without any hassle, no other site can beat the significance of Sky Torrents. Furthermore, you can also explore music that covers various genres like rock, jazz, opera, pop and much more.




TorrentDownloads is one more classical music torrenting site that enables the music fanatics to search and listen to their beloved songs. Surprisingly, you can use the website if you want to search songs that relate to other classes of music like pop, opera, and others.




When it comes to searching high-quality classical music, you should use Toorgle. The micro torrent website enables you to explore your required torrents with the help of 450+ torrent sites that cover the music niche in particular.

2 Best Torrent Sites for Jazz Music

The list of two best torrent sites for jazz music consists of:




If you have never heard of Isohunt, you are at a mistake. The website offers an engaging interface that lets you find your coveted jazz music torrents spontaneously.




What makes RARBG distinctive from the other torrent websites is the availability of verified content. Also, you can quickly download your preferred music torrents because the website gives specific media library that caters jazz music niche.


2 Best Torrent Sites for Rock Music

If you crave for listening to your favorite rock music, you should consider getting torrents from the below-mentioned list.

BT Scene


Another impressive torrent website that comes up with the feature of rock music availability is BT Scene. Moreover, the fresh and user-friendly interface of the website helps the rock music fanatic to find their coveted music torrents immediately.




iDope is an alternative to Kickass Torrent that you may consider as another torrent website for rock music. If you want a music torrent that explicitly covers the niche such as rock music; iDope becomes an appealing choice.

2 Best Torrent Sites for Pop Music

From the list of the top two best torrent sites given below, you can begin listening to your preferred pop music songs straightaway.



One of the best torrent websites that you will ever find in the music category is Torrents.me. Furthermore, the site provides you to figure out your required content with the help of two different languages.



Monova purveys the demands of pop music lovers by giving related torrents on its websites. The site grants a dedicated search engine that helps you to find your required pop music torrent straightaway.

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Conclusion -12 Best Torrent Sites for Music

We recommend users to download the torrents of preferred music through particularized sites only and stay 100% safe against copyright trolls, viruses, malware, hackers & spy agencies. In this condition, the use of 5 Best VPN for Torrenting-Download Torrents Anonymously, comes in convenient since it protects you from the hot waters of legal problem.

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Ketty Mitchels

Ketty Mitchels is a freelance news reporter, blogger, and tech-enthusiast who is always searching for latest trends and news about technology and writing about it to aware the readers of the facts and figures of the technological updates. Her writing is a consequence of in-depth research and concrete facts, so pure information no word games.

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