Best Security Apps For Android


Best Security Apps For Android: Internet security and privacy is a matter of great concern across the world. Be it the edge providers selling users internet data or the peril of phones stealing and landing in wrong hands; the issue remains myriad. But, fortunately, there are a handful of best security apps for Android users out there. Let’s take a look at each of them. (Also see, A Comprehensive Guide to IP Leaks).

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Best Security Apps for Android

Following are the best security apps for Android that are designed to help the Android users keep their devices safe. Here we go:


We can not overlook the importance of VPN when talking about Android security. And the best of all VPN services is ExpressVPN; that not only provides you the quality service but it’s also pocket-friendly. It works by encrypting your data traffic so that no third-party can intercept it and access your data. However, it does not offer you a free trial but has 30-days money back guarantee to offer. Also, it provides you the maximum number of server locations, no log policy, VPN kill switch, router and mobile support.(Also see, 6 Essential VPN Features Every Service Should Have)

Avast Antivirus

When adopting cyber-hygiene practices; installing and using an antivirus software comes as the essential step. An antivirus helps you protect your mobile phone’s security from different malicious viruses and malware. If you ask me the best antivirus for Android mobile, I would suggest you none other than Avast antivirus. It protects your device against phishing scams, phone call hijacking attempts, malicious websites and even suspicious SMS.

Google Find My Device

First named as Android Device Manager, the app’s goal is still the equivalent even though the title has evolved. When this app is installed and activated on your Android device; it tracks the area of the phone and this way, it helps you recover it in case of a theft or loss.(Also see, 5 Facebook Privacy Settings you need to Know)


A useful app for all Android devices, Applock’s chief job is to secure the apps on the phone or tablet by locking them and shield them from unauthorized access. Once Applock is activated, you ought to enter a PIN code to unlock the apps and use them.

FireFox Focus

If you are in search of a private browser with maximum anonymity; Firefox Focus is worth your attention. Firefox Focus is a privacy browser which claims not to keep logs of your online browsing history. It can also detect and removes ads and trackers to serve you with more anonymity.


LastPass is one of the best security apps for Android which is actually a top-notch password managing app. It enables you to save the passwords, Pin-codes and similar sensitive data for quick recall so that if you forget it; you will make use of this app to recall all the forgotten passwords.


It is a private messaging app which has recently gained a lot of popularity. Now, more and more are opting for this private messaging app to get rid of prying eyes. The Signal app is user-friendly and has end-to-end encryption that keeps your conversation private.

Conclusion -Best Security Apps For Android

Security is a worrying issue for anyone who has an electronic device like a smartphone or tablet. Even though these are the most favourite apps; there are other apps too that render various kinds of security to your Android device. Install apps according to your need and preference to have a secure online experience on Android.


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