Best Online Privacy Tools in 2018 to Protect your Data Online


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Best Online Privacy Tools- Online privacy in the era where agencies and government do not feel bad in slaughtering your internet anonymity and privacy, is really a hard nut to crack. But by using some best online privacy tools, you can attain online privacy to some extent without relying on the government’s mercy. In the same vein, here at The Best VPN Analysis, we have brought some of the best online privacy tools to use in 2018. This guide will have all the nitty-gritty information about the best online privacy tools.

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Whenever online privacy is discussed, it is impossible to finish the discussion without talking about one of the best online privacy tool of all time, VPN. However, its importance is indeed undeniable but choosing on the right VPN may feel a hell of a job especially for any layperson. But never worry as long as we are here to give you some quick recommendations of popular and reliable VPNs. ExpressVPN and NordVPN are two of the most credible and best VPNs to rely on with your online privacy. These two VPNs are not only rendering best service but also come at an affordable price.

“You know something is wrong when the government declares opening someone else’s mail is a felony but your internet activity is fair game for data collecting.” ― E.A. Bucchianeri

Online privacy has become a burning issue especially these days when governments have started introducing privacy-killing laws. These laws requisite the ISPs and other agencies to retain user’s data without their consent. And in worst cases like in the US, ISPs can even sell the online data of any consumer to the third parties for targeted ads. These all practices by the authorities have driven ordinary people to rely more on privacy tools in order to preserve their online privacy. Consequently, there have been many privacy tools that have cluttered the market but only a few are reliable to provide you complete online privacy. Here we have compiled some of the best online privacy tools that you can use in 2018. (also read The Ultimate Privacy Guide)

Why Do You Need To Protect Your Data Online?

Protecting one’s online privacy has never been this much important as it is in today’s world of internet. The rationale of this is the rising privacy attacks both by hackers and the governments of various countries. The cyber criminals generally attack any netizen’s online privacy to line their pockets. Whereas the government fearlessly retain the browsing history of the consumers in the name of eliminating cyber crime. And what has made the matter worst is the repeal of Consumer Online Privacy law by Trump regime. According to which, all the ISPs in the US, can preserve and sell consumer’s online data, ruining their online privacy for their own concerns. These grave threats are enough to take your online privacy in your hands and start using the best online privacy tools to protect your privacy over the web.

How the Best Online Privacy Tools Protect Your Data Online?

This is the time where your internet privacy is highly at risk. And the tools that can give you protection against all kind of privacy breaches are very essential. This is why there are many software in the market that claim to preserve your online privacy. But before trusting any unreliable free online tool, you should think twice because few such tools in the market claim to protect your privacy but in real sell your data from the back doors. On the other hand, some best online privacy tools are reliable and have never scandalized for having any link with agencies like NSA. These tools often work by hiding your IP address, so that nobody on the web can track you, not even the ISP.

Best Online Privacy Tools In 2018:

Following are the best online privacy tools to use in 2018.


VPN or Virtual Private Network is the most reliable and by far the best cyber security tool that guarantees you to provide complete protection to your online privacy. It works to give you complete online privacy by concealing your actual IP address and assigning you a fake virtual IP according to the server location you choose. This feature can provide you both privacy and ability to unlock any region-restricted website. All you need to do is to select the location where that website is available. The VPN will automatically assign you a fake IP address of that location, hiding your original identity and IP. This prevents all the snoopers and hackers from breaching your online privacy.( also see HOW TO DECIDE WHETHER YOU NEED A VPN?)


TOR or The Onion Routing is the online browser that lets you search anonymously over the web. This open source browser works on the technology of onion routing that hides the original IP address of the user and encrypts the internet traffics through multiple layers of encryption. This makes it almost to track any user browsing through TOR. Hence, your online privacy will be free from the risk of breaching. But, this isn’t preferable if you want to stream a video or play games because it makes the connection speed sluggish. (TOR VS. VPN – WHICH IS THE BEST FOR PRIVACY?)

Privacy Search Engines:

Privacy search engines like DuckDuckGo are also considered a good option to maintain the online privacy. This best online privacy tool lets you search anonymously by not disclosing your original IP. It provides you to type whatever you want to search in its search bar. And it sends your request to the leading web search engine like Google. Then it shows the result of Google search in its webpage. This way all Google can get is the server of that privacy search engine. This way it hides your identity and preserving your online privacy.


Privoxy is a set of proxies that also allows the users to search for their domain and then they pass on the request to the corresponding websites and launch the content on their own web page. This way it keeps you anonymous and preserve your online privacy. But, there is a manual setting that you need to tweak for attaining the outcome of this privacy software.


No matter what, privacy matters to everyone. Be it online privacy or real life privacy, we all are concerned about it. So, you shouldn’t worry as we have provided you the best online privacy tools to protect your internet privacy.


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