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Best Non-Us Based VPN Providers for USA- The need for VPN cannot be denied. In this era of gross internet privacy and security threats. Not even the government does anything. To protect your right to maintaining online privacy. Rather the US government is busy snooping your data and killing your online privacy. This article is packed with the information. About why the US citizen should not use US-based VPN. For it can raise questions about their internet security and online privacy. Moreover, you will be guided with the best Non-US Based VPN. That we have listed after many trials and research.

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If you do not want to get confused with an extensive list of VPN suggestions. Or cannot make a good choice of a right VPN. Here we have brought two VPNs for you. These are best out of all. These VPNs are ExpressVPN and NordVPN. These VPNs are affordable and serve you best of quality and speed.

By and large, most of the leading VPN companies either belong to the US. It is because the US is highly advanced in the field of technology. And has the best tech infrastructure. Many of the big names of tech titans. Like Facebook, Google, Microsoft, etc. are the proud Americans. (also see 5 Best VPN for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube).

Why You Need the Best Non-Us Based VPN Providers for USA?

So, this is the land of highly advanced and innovative technology. Where millions of people come from across the world. To learn or to be employed in the Silicon Valley. But at the same time, this country is also known for ‘No Online Privacy.’ The country where a netizen can only dream to have a life. Without the government’s snooping and data retention practice. In such a miserable situation. Only the best non-US based VPN can be of any help.

Ever since the 2001 terrorist attack in the US. The government has been monitoring the sensitive data. Of even the ordinary citizen of the United States. Even the VPNs based in the US are bound to abide by the strict laws of government. And due to agencies like NSA forces these VPN services to help them with the data mining of the users. Apart, Facebook and Google have also made millions of dollars in data mining and selling.

So, in short, no service in the US can guarantee you the absolute internet privacy. Without being in good relations with the agencies like NSA. But, many of the netizens have now accepted this bitter truth. And they do not care much if their whether or not their data is being shared or sold out.

On the other hand, there are still some privacy geeks. Who do not want to compromise on their online privacy and internet data at any cost. If this describes you, then you are in the right place. Follow us to be acquainted with the best non-US based VPNs. (also read 5 Best VPN for USA 2017)
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What Is A VPN?

VPN or Virtual Private Network is one of the best cybersecurity suites. That work by implementing a military grade encryption. That is applied to the tunnel through which the internet data circulates. It also hides your original IP that stops the ISPs and agencies. To snoop through this encrypted tunnel and gets the access to your data.

What Is A Non-US Based VPN:

A non-US based VPN or an offshore VPN is that VPN which is headquartered outside the US. Also, such VPNs are free from the privacy-killing laws of the US land. Though these VPNs are not very famous as compared to that of US-based VPN. But these best non-US based VPNs are not bound to follow the human right violating American legislation. Hence, your online privacy is less likely to be compromised with the best non-US based VPN.

Why Should You Avoid US Based VPN?

You should avoid the US-based VPN due to the following reasons:

  • Strict Mass Surveillance:

The concept of mass surveillance was introduced to the public when Edward Snowden. A CIA former officer revealed a document based on the facts. About the government’s mass surveillance practice. This leaked news was nothing less than an opener for the security advocates and the everyday citizens. The netizen then started coming more towards the security suites like VPNs. But what If I tell you that the VPN if it is based in the US. Can kill the purpose of having online privacy. This is because of the VPN services in the US. Are bound to follow the rule of the land. And provide the data to the government for mass surveillance.

  • Data Retention Laws:

Nothing is more frustrating than knowing your data has been retained. And you can not do anything about it. The United States believes in strict data retention laws of US in a bid to combat the rising crime. And the VPNs that are compelled to bound the laws of the US worsen the situation.

  • The Repeal In Consumers Online Privacy Right:

If you feel disgusted after the repeal in Consumers Online Privacy Right and you are considering to opt for a US-based VPN; then let me stop you here. In all fairs, every US-based VPNs have to follow the strict rules implemented by the higher authorities. So even with US-based VPNs, your data is not secured. Without VPN your ISP is selling your data, and when you start using a US-based VPN, your VPN provider will not mind selling your data.

  • Anti-Torrent State:

Besides, the United States is an extremely anti-torrent state where the copyright infringement laws are strictly implemented. Accessing torrent websites using a US-based VPN, can bring some serious troubles to you. (also see 5 Best VPN for Torrenting & P2P File Sharing 2017)

The Best Non-US Based VPN For USA:

In this situation of hopelessness, only the best non-US based VPN can help you protect your online privacy and data not to be sold out. In a bid to take you out of this misery we have compiled some best Non-US based VPNs so that you can still enjoy a safe and private experience of using the internet.

Conclusion- Best Non-Us Based VPN Providers for USA

To wrap up this, I only want to add that how insecure our data is even with the VPNs that are headquartered in American and are bound to follow the rule of the land. Thankfully, we have other offshore VPNs, and out of all those, we have brought the best non-US based VPN for you.

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  1. if i purchase a vpn will I be able to switch back and forth from the vpn to my isp
    if I can please tell me how to do it?
    Maybe use a different browser so that vpn will just be for one browser?

    • Yes of course. So, VPN is an external application over which you have full control. So, anytime you can just turn off the VPN and you will be back to your ISP and when you wanna use it just turn on VPN and your become anonymous. I hope it helps you.

  2. I have two desk top pc’s in two different states both get the intenet from the local cable companies and I have a kindle fire tablet that i use in hotels that have free wireless , starbrucks etc. Can i use your vpn in all three or will i have to purchase three? Will it work on a kindle fire in a wireless environment?
    Finally are they hard to install? will I get help installing?

    • yes you can have six Simultaneous connections when you choose NordVPN you can get more details here. Its not difficult to install you can install it quite easily by following installation steps. If you need installation steps kindly read our nordvpn review.

  3. I noticed express vpn offers something they call split tunneling which allows us to route some of our device traffic through the vpn while letting the rest directly access the internet
    do you know if nordvpn has something similar?

    • Unfortunately NordVPN does not have split tunneling feature in that case ExpressVPN should be your good to go option.


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