Best Bitcoin Alternatives


What are the best Bitcoin alternatives? Which crypto-currency is best to buy in 2018? There is no doubting that cryptocurrencies have come a long way since the debut of Bitcoin. With innovative technologies being produced every day and giving more robust security features; there is no lack of investment opportunities to choose from. However, with such a vast array of alternatives, it can be a little confusing to explain where to put your money. Here’s a list of the best Bitcoin alternatives based on their demand and market performance. (Also read, How to Buy Bitcoins).

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Best Bitcoin Alternatives

Although Bitcoin undoubtedly is the most successful kind of cryptocurrency, it is not the only one. There are lots of other digital currencies that people purchase in. Here are the best of them.


If there is any cryptocurrency that comes near to equaling the prevalence of Bitcoin in today’s business, it would be Ethereum. This currency has gradually and steadily earned popularity in the recent past. But while it’s the next most loved cryptocurrency after the Bitcoin, both these crypto coins serve various purposes. In opposition to Bitcoin’s blockchain-based simple transactions doctrine, Ethereum operates as a decentralized platform for the evolution of applications. Some would say this is simply a superior alternative to Bitcoin, but a lot of people disagree.


Dash is one of those crypto-currencies that prioritizes anonymous transactions over everything else. The currency has made so much of headway in the market since its debut and is now deemed one of the safer investment alternatives.

It also allows a much faster transaction speed than Bitcoin. Another great point about Dash is that it grants two levels of security to investors and their transactions. Primarily, it pays volunteers to sign-off on purchases, and whereby becomes a self-sustaining system.(Also see, How To Buy Bitcoin: A Guide For Beginners)


If Bitcoin is the Gold of the crypto business, then Litecoin is the silver. This crypto coin has long been estimated close to Bitcoin and proposes a much-improved business and trading system. Litecoin was one of the three crypto coins ratified by Coinbase around mid-2017, and since then, the coin has experienced a fair amount of popularity amongst crypto investors.

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Monero is a new cryptocurrency on the block (chain), and it professes to be one of the best for anonymous online speculation. Unlike Bitcoin, whose blockchain is more or less permeable and anyone can access it to see related transaction logs, Monero does not highlight this facility at all.

It bars people from apprehending the transactions made by other people and thus gives greater security to users. Whether this is a healthy thing or not is still up for discussion. But the fact of the matter is that investing in Monero might solve a lot of the privacy issues people consider when investing in other cryptocurrencies. If anonymity is the style of your game, Monero might be the perfect cryptocurrency investment option for you.


Ripple is the perfect cryptocurrency for international transactions. It gives investors the facility of swift sales across borders at minimal transaction values. Given the sheer potential of the global cryptocurrency market, an endowment in Ripple might drive to big payout if the market persists relatively stable.

Conclusion -Best Bitcoin Alternatives

These are the best bitcoin alternatives in the market at present. However, as new crypto coins are introduced into the market, there is always a possibility of a new cryptocurrency emerging as the next trendsetter. If you are a serious crypto investor, keep up with the latest developments and invest according to the prevalent trends, benefits, and shortfalls of the various cryptocurrencies in the market today.


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