The Best Apps for Anonymous Browsing on Android


The Best Apps for Anonymous Browsing on Android– This has become an open secret that the internet is the too much-unsecured network. With much-rising threats of hacking and scamming; it is no wonder that we all concern the most about internet privacy. Furthermore, the worrying fact that government keeps on spying us round the clock makes the situation even worse and wants us to go for anonymity tools. To this end, we present you some of the best apps for anonymous browsing on Android.(Also see, Best VPN for Android TV 2018)

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The Best Apps for Anonymous Browsing on Android

While there are numerous software tools available for anonymous browsing on the computer, some are also worth considering for Android. Following are some of the best apps for anonymous browsing on Android.

ExpressVPN App

What else can provide you best anonymity other than a VPN. And ExpressVPN app is the best among all the other VPNs. Their Android app is exceptionally reliable and user-friendly. Just launch the app, sign in, and connect to a VPN server. Once you are done, all of your Internet data traffic, both on WiFi or data package, will be encrypted. Apps you use and the website you visit on your Android device can no longer be tracked or spied.

Orfox: The Android Tor

Anyone who is familiar with online anonymity must have heard of Tor. However, this comparatively lesser known browser called Orfox; it is dedicated to the Android platform. Based on the Firefox for Android code and running on the same basis as Tor, the app presents the perfect harmony between security and anonymity.


 Ghostery is considered as one of the most customizable anonymous apps for browsing on Android platform in the market currently. The reason why it is famous for the more techno-savvy masses is the point that it enables the users to keep tabs easily on the trackers of any website they’re visiting.

By going through the right pathways in the user interface, you can approve or block specific trackers on any website. This suggests that YOU are in control of what information about you is going out and not the admins of the site you’re visiting.

Icecat Mobile

You might have heard of IceCat before. Only it was first known as IceWeasel. This mobile browser is like an improved version of Firefox. The main contrast between the two is that while Firefox seldom recommends you paid apps and add-ons, IceCat solely uses free apps and add-ons.

Naturally, there are upsides and downsides to this fact. The upside is that you no longer have to deal will annoying paid endorsement and can comfortably enjoy surfing on your mobile without being bothered. On the downside, you miss out on the truly secure apps and add-ons that may make it possible for you to remain hidden from everyone. After all, there is only so much that free apps can accomplish.(Also read, How to Buy A VPN Anonymously?)

Cm Browser

The Cm browser is a minimalist’s dream. It gives one of the most simple browser interfaces amongst any of them out there. But this does not imply that it settles on functionality. In fact, it has a significant number of inbuilt security features including do-not-track automation; scam detectors, and browsing booster to improve surfing.

Conclusion – The Best Apps for Anonymous Browsing on Android

Whether you pick a primary browser with minimal security features or an anonymity heavyweight, there is no working around the fact that without the precise knowledge of how things work, you are in jeopardy.

Make sure you measure the pros and cons of an app before installing it. There can be some apps that look great but can pose huge risks to your privacy.

The browsers we have listed here can help you stay secure, but the best safety measure is your own diligence.


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