Australia Senate Rejects the Concerns & Approves The New Anti-Piracy Law


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As of now, the Senate’s environment and the communication legislation committee have given their approval to levy the new anti-piracy law.

In their latest report, the committee acknowledges the various concerns of Hollywood companies. But at the same time says that it can cause havoc on the Internet Industry.

Now, as per the Australian copyright law, it allows the rights holders to apply for injunctions. With which, the ISP will force their subscribers to prevent an access to pirate sites.

Hence, to let you know more about this story, of the anti-piracy law, let’s move ahead and discover some more insights on the same.

Australia Senate’s approval on the new Anti-Piracy Law

First of all, as per the section 115a of the Aussies Copyright law, it will allow the copyright holders to apply for injunctions. Here, as we said, the ISP’s will block access to pirate sites for their subscribers.

Still, copyright holders feel that the law has to be tightened for preventing copyright leakage.

Hence, those arising concerns demanded the making of Copyright Amendment (Online Infringement) Bill 2018. This bill has got some of the strongest points which could block the loopholes, far too sooner.

Moving ahead, one of the key points is to restrict the access to mirror and proxy sites after the stat of the injunction. Now, this is the thing which is making activists as well as the academics nervous in any case.

Another point is to expand the injunction grounds whereas the online locations outside Australia are targets of blocking.

Further, the amendments will further see that the sites which are hosting streaming videos must come under blockage.

A Take on the Bill

“The committee is of the view that the amendments proposed by the bill are likely to improve the operation of the injunctive scheme in section 115A of the Copyright Act, and represent a measured and proportionate response to concerns identified by stakeholders in relation to the operation of that scheme,” the report reads. In this respect, the committee also notes that the majority of submissions received by the committee supported the bill and recommended that it be passed unamended.” the report reads.

Yesterday, the Senate’s environment and communications legislation committee published a result for inquiry. Hence, people who were hoping that the current law will be dismissed, their hope can go in all vain.

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Final Word of Mouth: Australia Senate’s approval on the new Anti-Piracy Law Story

Summing everything up, the committee offers the suggestion that the latest amendment must be kept under review for at least two years.

Here, the two year period will be more than enough to access the components and make the new anti-piracy law worth working.

Finally, as Australia is moving towards an anti-piracy world, things will not be easier for them. They will have to fight back with every single pirate companies. And if they can attain victory, it will definitely be a huge achievement for such a massive continent.

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