Around 4.6 Million Italians Are Consuming Pirated Sports Content


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At this stage when it’s the end of 2018, around 4.6 million Italians are consuming pirated sports content on a massive scale. Over the age of 15 years, people are consuming illegal pirated content according to a survey.

As per the study, a market research by the company lpsos revealed that around 21 million illegal viewings occurred in the year 2017. Here, around 35% of the pirated streaming made use of unauthorized services from the IPTV.

Further, to let you know more about the Pirated sports content consumption, let’s dig a little deeper and find some more information.

4.6 Million Italians Are Consuming Pirated Sports Content Story

For many years, the pirating of ‘live’ sports was possible only when people got the contents via torrent sites.

However, with the arrival of faster internet connection and advanced streaming, everything changed quite rapidly.

As of now, hundreds of sports content can be accessed in almost real-time via IPTV services. With this, an unusual change has happened in the sports industry whereas people are watching content in the comfort of their home.

Further, none of the countries can be out of such situation and unlicensed consumption has grown at a rapid scale.

According to a new research from FAPAV and the market research company, Ipsos is figuring out the potential issues.

Here, around 4.6 million Italians over the age of 15 years are seeing sports from illegal channels.

While the piracy sites are coming out, all the premium IPTV services are ready to stay in action.

According to lipsos, around 35% of the Italian people consume live sports whereas 10 to 15 euros are paid for privilege per month.

A Word of Mouth by Federico Bagnoli Rossi

“Copyright is being challenged internationally. There is a decisive confrontation on copyright and to defend it we need to make a system. The copyright directive under discussion in Europe and the new emerging issues must be tackled by working together, creating synergies. This is an issue of enormous importance and a new phenomenon in the field of audiovisual piracy,” as per Bagnoli Rossi, who is the FAPAV Secretary-General, Federico

While different pirated streaming sites are providing much of the contents, the premium IPTV is taking huge action in the same case.

During a very recent presentation, the anti-piracy group FAPAV said that the IPTV is already serious about the broadcaster’s issue.

While looking for new strategies and tools, the problem must be dealt with different blocking measures. Here, the companies can restrict sales, advertising and can follow a more stringent approach to stop such things.

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Final Word of Mouth: 4.6 Million Italians Are Consuming Pirated Sports Content Story

Summing everything up, it seems that the pirated sports content is being spread at a more faster pace. To be precise, 4.6 million people is a massive number. And it can hurt the sports companies to a massive extent.

Thus, for the sports companies, they will have to take some steps to ban IPTV boxes, finish piracy. And make legalized sports content available, as soon as possible.

content credit- Torrent Freak


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