Are VPNs Truly Untraceable?


Needless to say, VPNs or Virtual Private Networks are the effective tools for protecting online privacy. Regardless of where you are using it, be it your home, office network or anywhere; it protects you from all kind of snooping and hacking; especially, you should use it when connecting to a public Wifi. It’s because your online data and identity become vulnerable to the hackers when using public Wifi; so using VPN gives you an encrypted pathway; through which your data transmits. But, are you sure you can not be traced even after using the VPN? Are VPNs truly untraceable? Let’s find it out below.(Also see, Does VPN Use More Data than Normal Usage?).

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Are VPNs Truly Untraceable?

Perils Of Public WiFi

One of the most important cyber hygiene tips is to avoid opening financial accounts like PayPal or online bank account while using public Wifi. Even, you should avoid using your personal social media accounts to prevent identity theft, account hacking, and other similar cyber crimes. However, you can also prevent yourself from such cyber crimes by using a VPN connection while making any transaction or using any personal or financial account. This becomes very important for keeping the online activities of confidential and personal nature, and this is done by the high-level encryption that the VPN provides. But, are you sure you are untraceable while using a VPN? Are VPNs truly untraceable?

VPNs Are Traceable

There’s no denying the fact that VPN is a great security tool that keeps you anonymous over the web. But, it also comes as the fact that all those VPN providers, claiming the complete security and anonymity are not often as secure as you think. Even though they may flaunt a host of security whistles and bells, they actually don’t.
The idea of complete anonymity over the web actually happens to be a myth. However, you may give the annual charges with trust and satisfaction that your web anonymity is guaranteed now; actually, it’s not! You can never tell how safe your VPN provider’s Logless claim is.

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Secondly, it’s worth noting that privacy and anonymity are two different things. Some VPNs use tools to improve your privacy. Even though such tools can access your private data, they surely don’t erase all data used for your identification. This also applies to VPN-Tor unions with encrypted messaging, which again don’t ensure complete anonymity. It’s because these tools are subvertable to trace you down to acquire the status of a “Person of Interest” to a particular government.

Then there’s Skype which has its disadvantages as well. Your hardware gets encrypted, and you may go beyond mass surveillance. However, you remain open to targeted or specific monitoring.

Free VPNs are even more dangerous. In some instances, these free VPN services market their users’ bandwidth. In other examples, some VPNs have even traded their user’s private data to third-party advertisers.

Log less VPN Is A Myth

Almost every other VPN provider promise of log less privacy policy. This is the major selling point which unfortunately remains a myth. None of the servers can run without logs; since, without logs, no VPN provider can stop abuse, DNS requests or take care of troubleshooting connections. Also, on various events, many VPN companies have handed over the data to the law enforcement agencies; is itself a proof of keeping the logs no matter what.

Logging Is Necessary For Third-party Servers

The VPNs work in two ways, either they have their own servers or rely solely on cloud servers. However, most VPNs opt for third-party servers, and it becomes nearly impossible for them to run without keeping logs. Though VPNs may not create logs themselves, the hired third-party servers do, via hosting providers.

Conclusion – Are VPNs Truly Untraceable?

This comes as a good question, and we all should ask this from the VPN providers. Simply stated, No! This is because your VPN provider can’t do without logging and may be constrained to hand over your data under pressure of the law. So, there are no actual no-log VPNs, and somewhere along the line, there also exists a shadow of your personal IP address, web traffic, downloads or browsing, which makes total anonymity an impossibility.

Hence, do not get taken in by the marketing gimmicks your VPN providers blatantly flaunts. Study the fine print, think hard and take a call on the final VPN selection procedure. Otherwise, the results could be severe.(Also check, ExpressVPN vs CyberGhost VPN-Which VPN Service is the Fastest?)


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