Anti-Piracy Group BREIN Has Stopped 75 Pirate IPTV Sellers In 2018

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The Dutch Anti-Piracy group BREIN has convinced 75 vendors around 75 vendors of copyright infringement IPTV & VOD services for halting their services this year. Here, every single vendor has agreed to their terms and will pay settlements for the same.

The costs will be roughly around 300,000 euros whereas Brian’s efforts are solely targeted towards online sellers. In addition, the group even said to provide training to local police and detect infringing devices and other mortar stores.

Further, to let you know more about the Anti-Piracy Group BRIEN efforts, read ahead to get some more information.

 Anti-Piracy Group BREIN Has Stopped 75 Pirate IPTV Sellers In 2018 Story

In recent years, plenty of pirate websites have moved from downloading to streaming services. With which, the Anti-Piracy group has amended such strategies to block the same.

Here, BREIN is backed by some of the biggest film studios which are the reason they are being absolutely fearless.

Now, as far as the organization is taken into consideration, they achieved a good victory against Filmspeler the very last year.

Hence, with both the decisions being in favor of BREIN, they have taken a steep leap. They are demanding different vendors to stop selling pirate items at the earliest.

This very year, around 75 sellers of IPTV & VOD subscriptions settled their claims which resulted in penalties and other costs of a whopping 300,000 Euros.

A Take on BREIN’s Director Tim Kuik

Recently, BREIN’s director Tim Kuik met TorrentFreak and said that there are plenty of pending cases. Here, the vendors are yet to sign the cease and will then pay for the settlement.

Now, if all the above efforts fail, they will have to take the matter in court, without having any other option.

For vendors who think that this legal threat is just a bluff, they will have to rethink in this case. BREIN has already won civil verdicts against two of the top vendors namely Leaper and Moviestreamer.

After which, both of them were asked to shut down and their business went all in vain.

Generally, the anti-piracy group will approach different vendors and will ask them to stop selling pirated contents.

The very last month, police in Hague founded plenty of IPTV boxes which were sold along with the IPTV subscription.

Hence, the police took their desired action and here, BREIN wasn’t a part of such case. However, they are working with police to give training and collect copyright infringement evidence.

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Final Word of Mouth: Anti-Piracy Group BREIN Has Stopped 75 Pirate IPTV Sellers In 2018 Story

As of now, if we see the GS Media & Filmspeler verdicts, BREIN has worked really hard and has tracked down 275 vendors of illegal stream boxes.

On top of that, around 50 of such vendors have stopped their activities before this stringent group could reach out to them.

Finally, with the Anti-Piracy Group BREIN looking in full force, we don’t really think any vendor be safe and secure.

content credit- Torrent Freak


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