Is Alexa Spying On You?


Hey, Alexa, Are You Spying On Me? Oh, Alexa! How we adore having you around! The pure joy of having your voice-activated assistants at home and potentially; wherever you go is beyond impressive. That is why these digital assistants have become so prevalent, and are consistently one of the most bought devices on the market today. However, as their demand has risen; so have concerns about whether they can be employed to spy on consumers and compromise their privacy. Let’s dig deep and find out, Is Alexa Spying On You? (Also read, How to Prevent Your Antivirus From Spying On You)

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Is Alexa Spying On You?

What’s the Matter?

It is a widely-known fact that big companies like Amazon and Google; use their customers’ data to render targeted ads and apparently improve the user experience. It also a well-known fact that anybody who is concerned about their online privacy; will read through the EULA thoroughly before accepting it. But as it stands, most of us don’t really hassle going through all the legal stuff to know just how much of a privacy give-and-take we should expect.

Now, with Alexa and other similar assistance in our homes, the matter is growing even further. It has grown to the point where people are questioning if they can be used as listening devices and record vital erudition. What would occur if you spoke to your spouse and told them the PIN for your ATM or your credit card number? If Alexa strips it up (which it very well might, unless you turn off the forever listening mode) then isn’t it a plausible possibility that there will be a significant compromise of your financial security.

This is only one of the various things you need to watch out for when using Alexa or any other personal voice-activated assistant. Keeping this in mind, let’s look at some of the significant concerns that have recently been inflated regarding Alexa and how you should tackle them.

Is Alexa Spying On You? What Are The Probabilities?

Plausibility #1

Did you know that your Alexa can now be set into a pretty nifty spying device? That’s correct! In a recent blog post by a regarded cybersecurity company, they described how a simple physical tap into the device could make it the ideal device for hearkening in on your most secret conversations.

We can’t even start to grasp the implications of this and how helpful this might be to any cyber crook trying to endanger the security of an individual. The sole thing that makes this violation a slightly less likely probability is the point that the hacker will need to have physical access to the unit to set it into a spying device. Once that is done, there is nothing to prevent Alexa from recording all your personal conversations, storing them, and transmitting them to a third-party that installed the bug.

Plausibility #2

If you have kids in your home, be sure they don’t speak to the assistant in your absence. It’s likely for them to assign an order for something and the item to get dispatched to you in a couple of days. Though you might not have to pay for the thing, it is still a nuisance that you should avoid.

When you are not actively using the Amazon Echo, you should just switch it off. Also, it’s a great idea to tell your kids not to mess around with the device. If they do not listen too well to you and are somewhat likely to sneak in a conversation with Alexa behind your back, just toggle off the voice shopping option altogether. You can go to your Amazon account and find the ‘Manage my Device’ option, where you will most likely be able to find turn off the desired feature.(Also check, Best VPN for uTorrent)

Plausibility #3

Assume you synced up your IoT gadgets to Alexa for the sake of smooth operation. While that may look like a great way to control all your devices from one single interface, it is a total undermining of your security and privacy. For example, any security violation in your IoT devices can furnish potential hacker access to vital data stored in Alexa. This implies that your data could be in jeopardy of being stolen or used against you.

The best method to avoid this problem altogether is to directly not link up your devices, and keep them separate from each other. If you are a privacy conscious person; you should get a reliable VPN service provider; if you haven’t got one yet. This will make sure that all the connections on your home network are encrypted, and cannot be broken into by hackers.

Conclusion -Is Alexa Spying On You?

Undeniably, Alexa and Echo are a tremendous help in various ways. However, understanding their shortfalls and assuring; that you stay screened no matter your level of use of these devices is substantially essential.


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