AirVPN Review 2019


Highlights of AirVPN

  • AirVPN is an Italian based network which means it is away from the US and UK jurisdiction service provider that gives more importance to user’s privacy.
  • The features such as VPN over SSL and VPN through TOR are also mainly focussed on privacy and security.
  • It takes every possible measure to ensure speed and security as well. It currently has servers in only 17 countries.
  • It offers a paid trial for three days by just paying $1.14. We can also request
  • AirVPN shares information such as the load of its servers and carries its operations more transparently.
  • It does not impose any limitations on speed and it guarantees a bandwidth of 4 Mbit/s for both upload and download.
  • It also provides unlimited server switches and three concurrent device connections.
  • All the AirVPN servers allow P2P file sharing.
  • Perfect Forward Secrecy – Through Diffie-Hellman key exchange DHE. After the initial key negotiation, re-keying is performed every 60 minutes (this value can be lowered unilaterally by the client)
  • With a more user-friendly website and with an excellent customer support, our AirVPN review team recommends it to those who need these features along with a higher grade of security.


  • Servers in 17 countries currently
  • Accepts Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies
  • Offers connections through OpenVPN over SSH, SSL and through TOR to ensure true anonymity.
  • Implements PFS along with OpenVPN
  • Strong Encryption standards with 4096-bit Diffie-Hellman keys and re-keyed every 60 minutes.
  • No log policy
  • Protection against “Logjam” and “Port Fail” attacks.
  • No IPV6 or DNS Leaks
  • OpenVPN on ports 80 TCP / UDP, 443 TCP / UDP and 53 TCP / UDP
  • OpenVPN over SSH, SSL or Tor
  • All servers support P2P download
  • 5 Simultaneous connection option


    • It supports only the OpenVPN protocol
    • AirVPN cannot be run on Blackberry and Windows mobiles
    • Server Location is a bit on the downside
    • Based in Italy
  • Understanding the interface and instructions require professional support, sometimes

7 Days Money Back Guarantee

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AirVPN Review: Take a Look At an In-Depth Review of AirVPN

Without any doubt, in a world full of cyber attacks and an open network system, the use of VPN is becoming a necessity. Every now and then, the systems are being hacked and people are left all in vain. Hence, to get you to know about the VPN, here I am to give you an in-depth AirVPN review.

Yes, of course, this review of AirVPN will clear all your doubts after which, you can take your decision, with ease.

Hence, without wasting any further time, let us move ahead and discover an all-new yet exciting AirVPN review.

AirVPN review: Everything You Need to Know

Before we go on to unveil the review of AirVPN, let us take a look at the AirVPN highlights:

    • Gives a 3-Day Free Trial (On Request)
    • Unlimited Streaming and Downloading
    • Servers in 15 Countries
    • Supports Forum and Ticket
  • Can Connect 3 Devices Simultaneously

Features of AirVPN

In case if you don’t know, the AirVPN is Italy Based and offers their servers in 15 countries. Out of which, most of the servers are spread in Europe except some of the US, Canada, and Hong Kong Areas.

Further, to let you know more about the features in this AirVPN review, the following is the same as presented to you.

DNS Routing

With different streaming devices starting to block every other VPN Service, users need to find constant alternatives.

Hence, with the intention to bypass the geographical censorship, AirVPN’s DNS routing system can help in this case.

Further, the AirVPN is a great VPN for iPlayer and even for other streaming services such as Hulu.

AirVPN review: What Does that Mean?

It means that in case if you are connected with the VPN Servers located outside the US or UK, the AirVPN still works with Hulu & BBC iPlayer.

In addition, you don’t really need to connect to a VPN Server in the same country which has some set of restriction.

Personally, I find this feature of AirVPN a lot more useful. So what you need to do? Simply connect to a server in the desired country and it will work for you, without any issue.

VPN Usage through TOR

Yes, this AirVPN review has also brought the useful TOR functionality straight into the limelight. With the use of AirVPN, you can connect your VPN Service to a TOR network. Hence, with this, you can get added security and a higher level of anonymity.

Further, AirVPN provides detailed instructions with which, you can effortlessly use your TOR browser. In reality, such a connection is much more secure than the “transparent bridge” which is yet another good thing.

Availability of Alternative Ports

With the availability of SSL, SSH tunnelling ports, your chances to get blocked reduces to a massive extent.

If we talk about China, the censorship issue is truly on the higher note. Here, the CCP does all its efforts to block any VPN Service which runs inside China.

But, after this review of AirVPN,  you can truly turn the tables around with the use of this VPN. In reality, the AirVPN counters such measures and runs the OpenVPN traffic over port 443 of TCP.

This is the same port which is used by the SSL traffic which makes the websites secure and more confidential.

Hence, with this, the OpenVPN Traffic looks a lot the same as the SSL Traffic which hides the data. And, makes it difficult to get blocked in any case.

How does the AirVPN Benefit in China?

AirVPN uses the SSH and the SSL which is a boon for the modern day internet users. Hence, such a combination of security makes this VPN, a good choice for the use of VPN in China.

But, you must note that such things require massive processing power by adding an additional layer of security.

In either case after this AirVPN review, you can even use the remote port for users who require 20 ports for the incoming connections. Such a thing is useful for the gamers and people who are involved in self-hosted websites.

Server Locations

Contrary to the most popular belief that the consumers look for VPN which has got more number of servers, the reality is far away from this.

In existence regardless of the VPN Servers all over the world, every customer wants a stable and speedy internet-connected server, that’s it.

Hence, coming down in this AirVPN review, the company truly provides similar types of things.

How many servers does the AirVPN have?

At present, AirVPN has got 220 Servers across 20 countries which is a great achievement for a company like AirVPN.

Different Locations where the AirVPN Servers are present are as follows:

    • Austria
    • Belgium
    • Canada
    • Czech
    • Bulgaria
    • Germany
    • Japan
    • Hong Kong
    • Latvia
    • Lithuania
    • Norway
    • Netherland
    • Singapore
    • Romania
    • Sweden
    • Spain
    • Switzerland
    • UK
    • United States
  • Ukraine

Now, since the AirVPN provides it VPN services in only 20 countries, it has got an amazing speed as well as consistency, for sure.

Review of AirVPN Transparent Server Evaluation:

Over the past years, I have reviewed plenty of the VPN Services. And, I can say that very few VPN’s are free to give their server load detailing and bandwidth management information.

Thus, in this AirVPN review, the company has truly made itself, the “Best from the Rest”. Yes, it is the only VPN Service in the VPN Industry which shares their server details and even gives information about the load on different servers.

Hence, such a thing is named “Transparent Operations” which is an amazing thing done by AirVPN.

What Additional things does AirVPN Provide?

Apart from giving details about their servers, there is a heck of things which, this VPN company provides.

First of all, it doesn’t put a speed limit on the servers and promotes unlimited speed without any issue.  In addition, AirVPN guarantees of providing a bandwidth speed of 4Mbits/upload and 4Mbits/download to every single user.

Hence, in case if you are looking for a healthy server connection, the AirVPN is a complete saviour for you in this case.

A Different Selling Proposition

In this AirVPN review, the company has got a unique OpenVPN Protocol feature for every user. Hence with such feature, you can protect your online data with the help of a 256-bit military grade encryption without any issue.

More to that, the OpenVPN protocol uses the highest level of encryption by default.

Encryption and Protocols

Since their advent, the AirVPN has worked much harder on their encryption and privacy systems.

With AirVPN, you can get a combination of 256-bit AES-CBC encryption having the 4096-bit RSA key encryption at your rescue.

So, what you need to do? Draw a map, combine the encryption codes, use OpenVPN as your default tunnel and see what happens…

What type of benefit does such type of security provides?

First of all, not only the above type of security provides users, a sense of relief. But, it makes the system extremely secure from the NSA as well as the divergent data retention agencies.

Well, the amazing security features don’t really stop here as this review of AirVPN has got tons for you.

In addition, the AirVPN helps users to connect with different servers on the basis of the Tor anonymity network. With this, even AirVPN will not know your original IP Address which is a magnificent thing.

In addition to this, you can even use the Bitcoin Payment System to pay for your desired AirVPN Plan.

Use of the 4096 DH Keys

Adding more to the security of AirVPN, the list seems to be never-ending. Here, the company uses the 4086 DH Keys for PFS Implementation.

In case if you don’t know, the DH ( also known as the Defie-Helman Algorithm) helps in securely exchanging the security keys on public channels.

Hence, the AirVPN implements the same mechanism which is 4096 bit in size and gives an additional layer of security.

With this, the company provides a unique set of DH Keys for every other server. Thus, with such tight security, the connection becomes almost impossible to trace, even with the hardest brute attacks.

Multiple Login Functionality

Well, the features of AirVPN in this AirVPN review seems to constantly evolve with time. Hence, taking you to another set of feature, the company even provides the Multiple Login Functionality for its users.

It provides five multiple logins for the users and lots of other value-added features, for sure. All you need to do is to pay the subscription fees and leave rest of things on AirVPN.

In addition, you can use the same credentials on three different devices which is another cool thing by AirVPN. Apart from this, this VPN Service provider even protects the system from DDoS attacks while gaming online or performing the mobile transaction.

Supports IPV6

Apart from every other security feature, the support of the IPV6 protocol is a blessing in this case. Yes, unlike the older IPV4 protocol, IPV6 has a much larger address space and comes with 128 bits. Such a feature comes handy in case of online gaming to great extents.

Further, the company has also added the tls-encrypt feature to its VPN Service. With this, your entire control channel can be efficiently encrypted along with its certificates.

Reason? Such a thing makes it harder to block the service with DPI. In addition, with the combination of OpenVPN TLS technology, you can use AirVPN in countries such as China, Egypt, Iran, and UAE.

Extremely Useful Load Balancing System

Moving ahead in this AirVPN review, the company scales its multi-core processors by distributing the connections across Open VPN daemons. Here, the same is done with the help of the latest load balancing system.

Talking about the previous service, AirVPN was able to maintain 1.7Gbit right on a single server with 300+ client load.

But, with the all-new load balancing system, AirVPN aims to have a 3.4 Gbits/s on a single server.

Hence, with this, you can get a massive 100% boost against your very own previous record.

Customer Support and Website Section

Till now in this review of AirVPN, I am highly impressed with its useful features. But, since this is an in-depth AirVPN review, I even checked the website of AirVPN.

After reviewing every detailing, I found, how simple it was to use the AirVPN. To be honest, the website design was neat, clean and every core feature was clearly listed. But, for the professionals, it can get messy at times.

In addition, since the website is a bit on the professional side, newbies will need some time to get used to the website interface and navigation.

Being said that, you can check every detailing option which is displayed on top of the homepage addressing.

All in all, even if you are a newbie, after some time, you will learn every essential navigation functionality, for sure.

What About the Customer Support of AirVPN?

When it comes towards the customer support, AirVPN lacks a bit in this case. Still, the company works hard to provide a rigorous support to all of its customers at a greater scale. Here, you can get different chat options such as email forms and ticket systems.

In addition, you can even check the forum section as well as the email forms with whole ease and comfort.

Still, as far as I reviewed the AirVPN, the support is slight on the lower side. However, when it comes to resolving the technical issues, AirVPN does quite a decent job.

Further, the company prohibits the involvement of the third parties which is yet another good thing.

What does the above thing mean?

It means that every issue of yours will be answered by individuals who are appointed at desks for the same. Hence, you can get the one-to-one solutions and can resolve your issues to the quickest possible rate.

AirVPN Review: Other Useful AirVPN Things You Must Know

Device Compatibility

Whenever any user goes ahead to choose the best VPN Service provider, device compatibility is the first thing of consideration.

Here, you must make sure that your chosen VPN service is supported across every device platform. And, no sort of connectivity issue arises in any case. Hence, in the case of AirVPN, there is almost no device compatibility issue.

Also, it is one of those VPN Service Providers which offers services for Linux, Windows, Android, MAC, iOS, DD-WRT and even for Tomato routers.

Similarly, moving in this AirVPN review, you can get a whole new experience of the AirVPN Android Feature. With this, you can make sure of your data confidentiality with whole ease and comfort.

Furthermore, in the iOS Section, this review of AirVPN will again be a boon for the VPN Users. With iOS AirVPN service, you can remain protected from snoopers and iSP attacks. Hence, there is no need to compromise on your security metrics either on Android as well as iOS Smartphones.

In addition, using AirVPN on Linux, MAC and tones of other devices is flawless, easy and productive.

Money Back Guarantee/ Refund Policy

On the basis of the AirVPN money back guarantee, you can avail a three days money back guarantee. Thus, in case if you are not satisfied with the servicing, you can claim for the refund, without any issue.

However, you must make sure to contact the customer support service within three days of subscribing.

By this way, you are eligible for the refund process much sooner. In either case, if you have sent the refund request after 3 days, no refund will be given to you in any case.

Logging and Privacy Policy of AirVPN

According to my AirVPN review, the company doesn’t hold users data in any case. In return, it works hard to provide the maximum online protection to its users.

Therefore, there is absolutely no harm in using the AirVPN Service where security is one of the prime things. In addition, you can even mask your own IP Address with AirVPN’s server on an immediate basis.

Fortunately, you don’t need to enter your personal data while you log in to AirVPN. Here, you can make use of your own email address where you can even get constant responses.

Free Trial Available

Luckily, apart from the range of exotic features in this review of AirVPN, you can use this VPN without spending even a penny.

Yes, the company provides a free trial period where you can check every detailing of AirVPN, use it and then go for the subscription fees and charges.

AirVPN Review: Pricing and Different Plans

Image result for airvpn pricing

Since AirVPN has its workability at a low scale, it doesn’t provide tons of different options to choose from. Still, there are different monthly plans which you can go through and choose the best possible one for your system.

Now, starting with the very first plan, you can get it for $1.14 which will last for only three days. After which, you can decide whether to go for the subscription plan or stop the services here itself.

After which, AirVPN provides 5 regular Pricing Plans which ranges in the following categories:

    • Three Days
    • Monthly
    • Quarterly
    • Half Yearly
  • Yearly

Breakdown of Different Plans

    • Monthly Plan: $7
    • Quarterly Plan: $15 (Three Months)
    • Half Yearly Plan: $29 (Six Months)
  • Yearly Plan: $49 (Twelve Months)
  • Two Years Plan:  $79
  • Three Years Plan: $99

AirVPN review: Payment Methods

Well, in terms of the payment options, AirVPN has done quite a decent job. Here is the complete list of payment options of AirVPN:

    • PayPal
    • BitCoin
    • VISA
    • Credit Card
  • JCB & Others

Further, unlike any other VPN, AirVPN has the ability to directly accept BitCoin without an involvement of third parties.

Hence, with this, you can get a more secure level of anonymity while doing your transactions. Last but not the least, AirVPN even accepts 20 other cryptocurrencies other than Bitcoin.

Speed and Performance

Coming down to our speed tests, we performed it on a 50Mbps/3Mbps UK Connection.

As you can see the results, the speed test outcome is pretty good. Although, there is a slight deviation which is again, pretty much manageable. For me, it was quick to connect to a Netherlands Server than the UK One.

However, if we talk about the performance from the UK to the US, it is rock solid and will give you full-on throttle speeds.

All in all, I saw really minute VPN Dropouts when I was using the AirVPN which is again, a good thing.

Final Wrap Up: AirVPN review

I Liked:

      • No Log policy
      • Stronger Encryption Channel where Perfect Forward Secrecy is present
      • Open Source Client boasting of DNS Leak Protection
      • KillSwitch
      • WebRTC
      • NetFlix Compatible
      • Torrenting Allowed
      • SSH and SSL Tunneling
      • Port Forwarding
      • Accepts Bitcoin Payment
      • 3-Day Free trial
      • Fast and Stable
      • Allows up to 3 simultaneous connections
      • DNS Routing Available
    • P2P: OK

Hence, here we are in the concluding phase of the review of AirVPN. In terms of the privacy policy, pricing and payment methods, I can say that AirVPN is the best in class.

I mean, it comes at a much affordable and even gives a 3-Day Trial for better understanding before subscription.

But on the other side, AirVPN fails to engage the big shot users due to its low existence of servers. And with an average customer support, AirVPN needs to work on such things.

Still, as far as we think about this AirVPN review, it is useful for people who want an affordable VPN Service and a solid privacy mechanism.

Hence, if you found this AirVPN review helpful, do leave a comment below so as to which AirVPN feature you liked the most.

And, I will be quick enough to respond the same, with grace and comfort.