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THE ABSOLUTE BEST MOVIES ON NETFLIX- This article is written to help you get to know the absolute best movies on Netflix. That will woo you with a thunder of entertainment. That you could not avoid once you begin following these insightful. Hilarious yet fascinating Netflix movies. But even if you get acquainted with all these thought-provoking movies. If you are not US based in, then you are more likely to miss on these exemplary set of movies. It is due to the geo-blocking on the Netflix US-content. That is not accessible by the viewers outside the US.

Still, you can get your eyes on these fantastic movies by using a right VPN. Yes, really the right one.

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There is an indeterminate number of movies that Netflix. The giant of on-demand video streaming has in its library to offer you. Moreover, its landmark service has also added charms. To the already shining and booming online video streaming service. This landmark service which means a deal crunched. Between a cable service provider Comcast and Netflix. To air the Netflix shows on to the TV of the consumers. Who are in subscription with Comcast.

This service shows some of the Netflix hits to woo the viewers out there. But it gets a quite difficult job to select the best movie for making your weekend perfect, as there are a heck of movies out there that is currently on the Netflix. So, in an attempt to bypass this difficulty for you, we have gone through a pretty much crazy amount of Netflix movies that are being streamlined currently to list down top ten best movies on Netflix to make your Sunday not less than a Funday! Here we go: (also read  Best VPN for Netflix)


New Arrival:

  • Kubo And the Two Stings

Animation Studio Laika is again successful in keeping the pace with the one after another hit that the company is famous for. Kubo And the Two Strings has also become the blockbuster Netflix movie that is surely a must watch stuff. It mixes stop-motion animation and the Japanese folklore for an ever thrilling adventure like never before. This movie not only has the thrill to offer you but fights and charms too. The story surrounds a young boy Kubo who is one-eyed and possesses the magical powers; his plucking of string on his shamisen brings origami sculpture to life.

He is the grandson of god Raiden who is after him for his one eye, and the missing one was also stolen by Raiden. With a mission to fight back with his wicked grandfather and aunt, Kubo set off for the journey in a bid to explore his father’s sword and armour. This trip is full of adventure and vivid coloured characters that look so eye-catchy for the viewer that him hard to resist on.

Kubo And the Two Stings

  • Small Crimes

As the name suggests, the story is about a former police cop, Joe Denton who has been released from the prison that he had to bear because he was convicted of a murder. Now when he is free to go and makes his mind to start his life all over again. Moreover, he has lost the trust of his family, his wife had left him, and the parents think he is a murderer. Also, his colleagues want him to murder the one who was responsible for his life in prison. The story revolves around the violent path on which Joe was going.

It shows the aspects of a criminal’s life than how he becomes darker and darker after every other crime and it all begins with a small crime. (also see fastest VPN Services in 2017)


  • The Prestige

The movie which does not need any review, as it is the one that has the magic which is still found in the cinema. This one of the best movies on Netflix is directed by Director Christopher Nolan. The theme of the story is magic! The story is on two revengeful rivalry magicians,  Robert Angier and Alfred Borden and the hateful relationship get worse after the death of   Angier’s wife. The story continues with the magical power game plays that were ended with fatal aftermaths.

The Prestige

  • Chocolat

This one actually goes for all the young women who are crazily in love with this American actor John Christopher. This movie Chocolat has many of the glimpses of this new sensation and a heartthrob for all the youngins out there. Also, Juliette Binoche is playing the role of a young mother who owns his small chocolate shop in a French village. The movie is more towards a typical fable with the phenomenal acting support of the two leading stars!



  • Miss Sharon Jones!

This documentary is also one of the best movies on Netflix, and it is about the life-long struggles of the late but great  Sharon Jones. The movie pictured the never-ending battle of her life with a message not to give up. The way she strived for her life that was about to be gone when she got to diagnose pancreatic cancer that took her life three years before. The documentary also has real-life personalities interviews which were associated with the great  Sharon Jones. (Read best cheap VPN services)


  • Jiro Dreams of Sushi

Another best movie on Netflix is the Jiro Dreams of Sushi. This documentary will make you not to look at the California roll again in your life. This movie is documented on the life of the world’s best-known Sushi Chef. The fascinating story of his career growth will inspire you the most.

Jiro Dreams of Sushi


Sadly, if you are living outside the US, these best movies on Netflix cannot be accessible by you until you use a VPN. A VPN comes in handy to help you circumvent the geo-blocking and let you stream all the best movies on Netflix whether or not you are in the US.

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