6 Essential VPN Features Every Service Should Have


Choosing on the right VPN service does not always come easy. However, the websites of every VPN service providers guide on the high points of their VPN service; but if you dig deep, you will get to know some of their downsides that become unavoidable. To guide all the new VPN service buyers, we present you with this article that will help you learn 6 essential VPN features. Here we go:

6 Essential VPN Features Every Service Should Have

The following are the six essential VPN features that we have compiled that you should consider while deciding on purchasing a VPN service.

VPN Kill Switch

This VPN feature comes as most important, and now every big name in the VPN industry offers this feature to its users. We often observe a VPN connection dropping all of a sudden. Even the top leading names in the VPN industry suffers from this. This affects the user’s privacy; when a VPN connection drops, the user loses encryption provided by the VPN, and hence the IP address gets exposed. VPN kill switch detects when VPN disrupts and immediately stops the internet connection too. This means whenever your VPN connection drops, your internet connection will also be disrupted if the VPN you are using has a VPN Kill Switch feature. So, always choose the VPN with a VPN kill switch feature to stay protected round the clock. (Also read, What’s A VPN Kill Switch?)

Smartphone Support

Undoubtedly, these days we use smartphones more than the Windows desktop devices. However, not all the VPN providers offer smartphone compatibility along with PC. There are a handful of VPN providers that not only have a security suite program for Windows PC but also offer smartphone support. Also, our smartphones get more prone to viruses and hacking as we use them often and save our sensitive data in it. So, it is high time; we start caring about the data security and privacy of our smartphone. Always opt for that VPN which has both PC and smartphone support. (Also see, 5 Best VPN for Android)

No Log Policy

This comes as one of the essential VPN features that every good VPN service provider offers. No log policy means the provider is not retaining any of your browsing data. This has to be ensured before you decide on getting a VPN service. Make sure you read the privacy policy of your VPN provider thoroughly and check whether they are offering No Log Policy; if not, then do not opt for such service provider because it will kill the purpose of having a VPN service.

Router Support

It’s always wise to install a VPN directly on your internet router; instead of having it only on your PC. This way, you can use VPN protection not only on your computer but on all the devices connected to your internet router. So, always go with that VPN service that offers you router support.

Reasonable Price

Cutting costs and saving money is what we all aspire for. This comes as one of the essential VPN features that we should look for when purchasing any VPN service subscription. But, this requires a bit of research and hard work to compare every deal that the VPN companies are offering. But, you can check out, 5 Best Cheap VPN Services.

Maximum Server Location

VPN services are also extensively used to circumvent geo-blocking. Under this, you can take on the IP address of the webserver you are on and pretend to be in a distinct geographical location than the one you are actually in. People often use this to navigate to streaming services or specific websites that are not available in their countries.

To achieve this, make sure that your VPN service covers a wide range of countries for you to be able to access material from all over the world. Open the window for a VPN server that is spread in many locations.

Conclusion – 6 Essential VPN Features Every Service Should Have

Despite why you need to use VPN, be sure that whatever VPN service provider you end up deciding offers all of the essential VPN features we have mentioned above.


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