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Iran has become the land of internet isolation. The people of Iran are deprived and can not access any western site. The government of Iran makes all the possible efforts to stop its population from listening western music, movie or get to know their culture. The strict internet censorship laws have resulted in the misery of the netizens in the country. Even many social websites are blocked either entirely or partly. This is nothing but a clear violation of freedom of speech. The government of Iran wants to have control over all the online activities of its people that cause the people feel isolated, and they see their privacy at risk. But this problem of Iran netizens can be resolved by using a VPN. In this article, we will guide you all about the Irani VPN and how you can choose the best VPN for Iran.

5 Best VPN for Iran

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Internet Scenario in Iran

Iran is one of those countries of the world where internet scenario has become worst. The government of Iran wants to control the minds of their people and can not even tolerate a single criticism against them. This is the reason why the government of Iran imposed the restriction on bloggers, and online journalism is almost at its end in Iran. In 2016, the government has passed a new reform according to which the government will spend $36 million to tighten internet censorship and mass surveillance across the country. This will block all the gateways except an Irani VPN. This cause the people of Iran suffer from the strict internet censorship and mass surveillance. The government snoops every user’s online activity around the clock. If you try to access the famous social networking websites in Iran, then your access will be more likely denied. This is because of the unfair geo-restrictions imposed by the government of Iran (learn how to unblock geo-restricted sites).

Why You Need a VPN in Iran?

As the government of Iran only cares about its political interest and not about its people’s online freedom. It is the state of internet isolation where the netizens feel deprived for not being able to connect to the rest of the world. This all happens because of the strict and unfair internet censorship laws and geo-restrictions imposed by the selfish government of Iran.

However, despite the all possible efforts made by the government of Iran, they are failed to block the powerful gateway of the VPN of Iran. A VPN or Virtual Private Network is a magical tool which is made to bypass the unfair geo-blocking and unblock all the blocked websites anywhere in the world (read in detail about a VPN in our VPN guide). This tool is what we need in Iran. Yes, if you live or planning to move to Iran, then you should seriously look for the best VPN for Iran that will allow you to access all your favourite websites in Iran. Not only the banned websites but the government Iran has also blocked the messaging apps like Whatsapp and Tango because of the same reason that we have discussed above. These apps can also be accessed by using the best VPN for Iran.

Benefits of Using a VPN in Iran

The best VPN for Iran not only allows you to access your favourite website but it is full of so many other alluring benefits. Following are some of the benefits of using a VPN in Iran that will leave you wanting it more.

  • Access Social Websites

Everybody knows how SmartFilter and Deep Data snoops the online activity of the netizens in Iran. This results in the ban of social websites, keeping the netizen disconnected from rest of the world. Here comes the VPN for Iran which gives you a shield of Irani VPN server and it is encrypted with a high-level Alpha Numeric Binary Codes. Thus, when you connect to this VPN server, your connection becomes resistant to such security tools like SmartFilter and Deep Data. So if you want to access any social website, all you need to do is to connect to a VPN for Iran.

  • Get Rid of Speed Throttling

Pinging and speed throttling is very common in Iran because it is another way of Irani government to restrict its netizens. But VPN for Iran can combat this speed throttling for it gives you a high-speed internet connection with almost no connection hiccups (get the fastest VPN services).

  • Best For Anonymous Blogging

The best VPN for Iran allows you to be anonymous over the internet and the government will not be able to track you through your blogs because of the advanced VPN encryption protocols.

  • Compatible With Online Gaming

Online gaming in Iran needs a lot of patience because of the lagging. If you want to experience the form of online gaming in Iran, then you need to switch to a server in your VPN that is close to the gaming server. This will let you enjoy the online gaming without any distortion.

  • Works As A Shield

An awful feeling is when you feel insecure over the internet. Nobody likes to live in fear of being hacked or spoofed by the government. Using a VPN for Iran will give you the most secure connection that is less likely to be hacked (read more about the most secure VPN services).

How to Select the Best VPN for Iran

Following are some factors that you should keep in your mind when choosing a VPN for Iran.

  • You must check the privacy policy of the VPN you are considering. There should not be any log policy because there some VPNs in Iran that are agreed to log policy with government and share their information with government agencies for spying. So the best VPN for Iran must have no logging policy.
  • You must choose that VPN connection which can provide simultaneous connections and can combat the speed throttling which is common in Iran.
  • You are suggested to go for that VPN that provides you with a broad range of servers across the world because the government of Iran is working day and night to enhance their surveillance and firewall.


Thus, the people of Iran are in need to opt for a VPN service in Iran that will allow them to bypass geo-restrictions and be safe over the internet. All they need to do is to keep all the factors mentioned above in their mind before choosing the right VPN for Iran. To learn more read the VPN buying guide to select the right VPN services as per your need.

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