5 Best Offshore VPN in 2018


Best Offshore VPN: If you want to experience secure web browsing, connecting to a VPN with strong encryption can be quite handy. This is even more relevant when you are using a public network like the Wi-FI hotspot in any cafe, shopping mall or hotel. By encrypting your online data traffic by a VPN, you can easily stop people from snooping on your online data.(also see, Best Non-Us Based VPN Providers for USA)

VPNs are also pretty handy in circumventing all geographical restrictions. With a good VPN, you can quickly browse geo-blocked sites and access geo-blocked content and videos.

At BestVPNAnalysis, we personally prefer VPN providers that are established offshore – not only because of the extra privacy but also as a sign that the company conceives about privacy laws and may be similarly sophisticated and updated itself in other aspects that are not as visible.

What’s An Offshore VPN

An offshore VPN refers to those VPN companies that are based in a country other than a member of the Five Eyes alliance. The members of this alliance include the US, Canada, the UK, Australia, and New Zealand. The online privacy and data protection laws in many countries outside of Five Eyes are more favorable to users.

Best Offshore VPN

This is the primary reason why you should opt for an offshore VPN to protect your privacy to the maximum level. For your convenience, we have compiled a list of top 5 offshore VPN providers that deliver an excellent quality of service while respecting your online privacy.

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Advantages of Best Offshore VPN

The advantages of using an offshore VPN are certain when it comes to keeping your privacy shielded from government espionage. The online privacy of users is growing increasingly threatened with the implementation of data retention laws in the Western countries.

As such, users have legit concerns over the control they have over their own privacy. The need for online privacy tools is thus increasing. Using an offshore VPN, you can evade the jurisdiction of most Western authorities and accomplish complete control over your privacy.

Thus, the advantages of an offshore VPN provider are incredibly significant for privacy-conscious users.

Offshore VPN with No Logs

Offshore VPN service providers usually have the advantage of a clear no-logging policy. According to our test, NordVPN is the most secure offshore VPN choice that keeps no user logs. This is because the company is based in Panama, which has the most user-friendly data and privacy protection laws.

To be sure, all of the VPN recommended in this article are excellent regarding offering maximum privacy. Thus, you cannot go wrong if you opt for any of the VPN service providers highlighted here.

Conclusion –5 Best Offshore VPNs in 2018

Offshore VPN providers are pretty good if you need to protect your privacy. But don’t forget, any VPN can still be a subject to the government or even non-government interference at the data center level. If you want decent privacy while using the internet, offshore VPNs are essential, but they are just one level of a multi-level defense for your privacy.(also see, Best VPN for Amazon Fire TV Cube)


  1. Nice article! I did not know it might cause problems for you based on where your provider is located. Bought Nordvpn based on good reviews and apparently, there are good reasons why they are rated so well


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