5 Best Methods to Secure Your iPhone or iPad from Cyber Attacks


5 Best Methods to Secure Your iPhone or iPad- We are living in an era of technology where everything is now one touch away. Yes, I am talking about our smartphones which have an app for all the daily routine activities. That in the past was a really tough job to be done. Like paying our utility bills, online shopping, online bank transactions, etc. However, with this ease there are many security risks are involved. That can cause grave financial loss, personal data theft, hacking, etc. 

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Threats to Your iOS Devices

Furthermore, Apple iOS (iPhone/iPad) is considered a leading smartphone brand. That is trusted and applauded for its high-end security framework by the customers. However, with the reported cyberattacks in iOS, this secure image of iPhone has been questioned. All iPhone or iPad users are now aware of the potential cyber threats that can target their device and most of the cyber attacks are caused by using unprotected internet connection. 

5 Best Methods to Secure Your iPhone or iPad from Cyber Attacks

When you use the internet on your phone (most of us do) and connect your iPhone to any random public Wi-Fi. There are severe chances of any hacker might be snooping on your online information. On that open public Wi-Fi and can get the access to your device. By the loophole in your iPhone’s security barrier. Furthermore, there are chances of any malicious or suspicious app download. That can infect your iPhone. In this article, we will let you know 5 simple and best ways to protect your iPhone or iPad from cyber attacks.

1. Keep Your iOS Updated

Moreover, Undoubtedly iOS is a more secure operating system than other smartphones OS like Android. However, nothing in the world is perfect. As per an article from ZDNet. That says that how some unknown team of researchers has hacked Apple’s iOS 9 operating system. IT is all due to a flaw found in the iOS. Furthermore, the updates are essential and must be done on regular basis as soon as your phone prompts. As these are not just some additional features or etc. Most of the time it contains new security features. Like bugs fixes, fixes for flaws etc. Which must not be ignored for the absolute protection of your iPhone or iPad security and privacy shelter.

2. Get a Secure & Reliable VPN App for your iPhone/iPad

All the mobiles users enjoy using the internet on their smartphones. To share and upload photos and videos by using public Wi-Fi. So to stay connected with friends and family on the go. However, most of them are unaware of the hazards it can bring. Not only to their smartphones, like your iPhone or iPad. Also, it can put your online information on a threat. Moreover, Unprotected and open public networks. Such as a shopping mall, hotel, restaurant or cafe Wi-Fi can be hazardous.

It is due to the potential threat of hackers sitting back and looking for their prey. By exploiting their useful information that is stored on the iPhone or iPad. Hence, a secure VPN for iPhone/ iPad will protect your online information. Additionally, it provides you anonymity and privacy while using the internet. By encrypting all your internet data through a secure tunnel. So that no hacker, spammer or another snooper can exploit your data and sensitive information.

3. Always set Strong Passwords

All of us want to keep easy passwords for our iPhone or iPad. So that we can easily remember that. However, do you know that if you keep an easily guessable password for your iPhone/ iPad then your chances of getting hacked increases drastically? That can bring grave damage to your confidential data and information. That is stored on your device including any unauthorized access to your important emails.

Which carry confidential financial information. Like your bank account details, your credit card, and PayPal accounts details etc. I am sure it would be a nightmare for you. If someone unknown and untrustable to you get the access to such crucial information. So the important step to strengthen the security parameter of your iPhone/ iPad is to keep a strong, complex and unguessable password. So much harder that even your wife can’t guess it.

4. Keep yourself Away from Unknown Apps, Emails etc.

Never be in a hurry and rush to install any app that pops in your mind or suggested by any of your friends. Always give it a little time to get some knowledge about that app. Furthermore, read its reviews, app information etc. and then if you don’t find anything suspicious then give it a go. There is a misconception that all the apps in the App store are 100% safe. And can be downloaded without any worry. In 2015 a team of researchers reported that 39 apps in the App store were infected by a malware.

That causes many more devices to be infected when people downloaded and installed those apps on their iPhones or iPads. The Same rule is for unknown email source as well. Even after Apple has fixed the flaws in its email client that were reported to be suspicious lately. Even though you must never open and link in the emails. That is sent by unknown and untrustable which can have suspicious and malicious links. That can infect your device with viruses, worm, ransomware etc.

5. Never Connect your iOS Device to Public Computers

Never connect your iPhone or iPad to any public computer. Or any unknown computer or laptop that you don’t trust at all. All iOS devices are vulnerable to be attacked and infected by malware and worms. That can travel within them when connected to any infected computer or laptop. So it is highly recommended that avoid connecting your iPhone or iPad to every other computer and only connect it with a computer you trust absolutely. That it has no virus, worm, malware, ransomware etc.


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