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Indonesia is a land of beautiful worth seeing places and one of the best tourist destinations. A country which is densely populated and only its citizens know how strict it is in enacting the internet censorship law across the country. To the world, it is considered to be a safe heaven, but to its netizens, it is a land of internet restriction and isolation. The Indonesian government has enacted the internet censorship and copyright laws without realising the misery of the people leaving in Indonesia. Luckily, for every problem, there is a solution. As far as this issue is concerned, we have brought a very nifty solution for you which is not less than a boon for today’s generation. Yes, we are talking about a VPN. A VPN or Virtual Private Network transforms your internet connection to a highly encrypted network and a secure internet connection (know more about best encrypted VPN). Thus, by using VPN, you will be allowed to change your IP address and get the access to the censored websites in Indonesia. But, hold on, Are you sure you know which VPN you are going to opt for? If no, you do not need to worry because, in today’s article, we have shortlisted five best VPN for Indonesia to help you choosing the best one for you.

5 Best VPN for Indonesia

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Why you Need a VPN for Indonesia?

According to Global Web Index, Indonesia is the country where VPN consumption percentage is the highest out of all the other 34 countries taken as a sample for studying.  The reason behind it is the existence of over-regulation of every kind of negative stuff. The ISPs in Indonesia are told by the government to block any website right away if they see fit. This includes all the pornography, nudity, illegal content like gambling, hate speech, etc. However, many people in Indonesia have recorded their protest through various mediums, and it has been cited by the public as a serious threat to their freedom of expressions, but all this could not affect the government of Indonesia, and it continues to regulate the internet censorship laws in Indonesia strictly (read more about how to unblock geo-restricted sites?). Moreover, Indonesian internet history is full fledged with the blocked websites. In the past year’s many famous websites like YouTube, Myspace, Facebook had been blocked due to some harmful content, and one of the world’s famous video streaming website has been blocked this year. This all leaves the citizens of Indonesia with no other option than using the best VPN for Indonesia to unblock all the censored websites in Indonesia.

How an Indonesian VPN Works?

If you try to access any blocked website with your original Indonesian IP address, your access will be most likely denied. This means your IP Address indicates your location. What if you could change your IP address or disguise it with any other region IP address where these websites are not blocked? Well, you can do it by switching to the best VPN for Indonesia. A VPN masks your IP address by which you can hide your original location and get the access to your desired websites which are currently blocked in Indonesia. A VPN not only allows you to change your location virtually but gives you complete anonymity and a sense of freedom of expression. In a layman’s language, your internet traffic can be assumed as a flowing river. Anybody from the river bank can see the water flowing but if we install some tunnels there that will allow the water to flow through the tunnel. Now nobody will be able to access the water flowing in the tunnel. Likewise, the VPN works as a tunnel that encrypts all your internet data, and nobody can intercept your data once you turn on VPN.

Benefits of Using the best VPN for Indonesia

Undoubtedly, the internet censorship in Indonesia has relatively become common. This strict restriction can never be justified. And this is a significant reason why Indonesians have switched to VPN. Some more substantial reasons back the demand of VPN in Indonesia. By using a VPN, you can dodge the internet censorship and get the access to all the websites globally. It can also benefit you in protecting you against mass surveillance in Indonesia. After the implementation of Indonesian Cybersecurity Laws, the authorities have been become as watchful as a hawk eye. It is nothing but a major threat to one’s privacy. Who likes to be spied? Of Course no one. You do not need to let your privacy be invaded by the government’s watchdogs. All you need to is to get yourself a VPN. A VPN also protects you from hacking and snooping. Especially when you use a public Hotspot, your internet data becomes vulnerable, and it is more likely to be hacked by anyone using the same network (read more about most secure VPN services). But if you use VPN, it would be almost impossible to intercept your private data.

Conclusion of Best VPN for Indonesia

It seems like a hardcore challenge for the internet users to maintain their privacy because of the fear of the cyber criminals who are working round the clock to find any unprotected user so that they can intercept its data and misuse it. Moreover, internet censorship in Indonesia is a matter of concern for all the people living in Indonesia. And snooping by the Indonesian government and ISPs ( Internet Service Providers) has added fuel. This notorious behaviour of the government of Indonesia has compelled the public to use VPN (know all about VPNs in our VPN guide) and circumvent the unfair internet censorship in Indonesia.However, there is much variety in the market, so it is very much difficult for a common man to select the VPN for Indonesia. In this article, we have tried our best to provide you with the best of guidance regarding the VPNs for Indonesia, and you must have benefited from the list of five VPN services that we have compiled for our visitors. After a series of prompt researches and tests, we have brought five best VPN for Indonesia. You can choose anyone out of these to get started. Good Luck!

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