11 Hidden Netflix Hacks You Need to Know


11 Hidden Netflix Hacks You Need to Know- Netflix! Who doesn’t know about it? In fact, people from all over the world are the crazy fan of it. On Netflix, you can find any of your favourite videos. And can watch it with the best of quality. Furthermore, the people outside the US find it hard to get the same content. As the people in the US get to see. Although Netflix has launched its version for the viewers outside the US. It is not as good as it is in the US.

Additionally, The content you get to see on the Netflix. When you are in the United States is far more different than the videos you get to see outside America. This annoys the viewers a big time. As it stops them to watch the content they used to watch back in the US. This makes me think to look for the Netflix hacks. Those are widely used to get the better version of Netflix. Here I’m to share some Netflix hacks with you. So that you can also make use of these hidden Netflix hacks. (see also the best VPN for Netflix to unblock US Netflix outside the USA).

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How to Watch Exclusive American Stuff on Netflix?

Furthermore, The good news is that now there are some techniques. By which you can watch the exclusive content of the Us on Netflix outside the US. There is a network service which is the Media Hint. It can help you circumvent the regional restriction. So you can get to see the exclusive American stuff on Netflix if you reside in the UK. It will cost you around £2.50 a month. It works only on the computer. There is one more option which caters you in the same way as Media Hint does.

It is the Hola Unblocker browser plugin which is compatible with Chrome, Firefox, and the Android OS. But let me beware you here! There is news about this browser plugin that it reveals the user’s bandwidth to the hackers. However, accessing Netflix by any means is equal to violating your user’s agreement so that responsibility will be yours.

If you want to watch US content of Netflix via your Xbox, Apple TV, iPad or Play Station then you need to understand that it’s not an easy thing to do. You will have to amend your DNS settings manually to make your system think that you are from the US. There are some paid services like Unblock US which is used for the same purpose. You can also try its free trial and then decide whether you should continue or not. These few Netflix hacks can help you get the exclusive US version of Netflix anywhere in the world.

Change the Netflix Video Quality

Have you ever thought about the quality of video on Netflix? Most of the people do not even know whether they are watching HD video or not. To get HD video, you need first to know which quality standard you are currently watching. For HD video settings, you need to go to your account settings page. Here, you will need to select Playback settings which are under Data Usage and then select option High and do not forget to save the configuration. There is a shortcut to get this set on your desktop, all you need to press is  Shift+Alt+Left Click. This Netflix hack will let you see the Netflix videos in HD.

Stop the Buffering via Secret Netflix Menu

Do you feel irritated when the videos continue to buffer a lot? Of course, nobody likes that. Netflix calibrates automatically according to your network connection. But there is a setting for as well which is not known by many people. All you need to do is to adjust the bandwidth (learn more about the fastest VPN services for the speedy connection). How you can do it is by going under ‘ Stream Manager,’ here you can find the setting change the bandwidth and get rid of unnecessary buffering. You can also use the shortcut; you just need to press Shift+Alt (Shift+Option+Click on a Mac) while watching any video on Netflix. One more option exists by which you can manage the synchronization of audio and video, in case if the video loses the sync of dialogues and action.

How to Activate Netflix Subtitles?

Netflix allows you to add English subtitle in any video. If you want to watch a video in any other language that is not familiar to you or if you have some hearing issues then subtitle option is made for the people like you. How you can access English subtitle is selecting the video you want to watch, go to Audio & Subtitles and then click Back when you are done. This allows your video to play with English Subtitles. You can also change the text attribute of the subtitle, and for that, you need to go to your account page and select Subtitles Appearance. Here you can modify the setting of font size and colour and preview also.

Select the Right Time for Streaming

As Netflix is highly in demand so people across the world access this website simultaneously especially during the peak hours (get the best VPN for Streaming services). This certainly affects the quality of video because, during the peak hours, so many users from the globe clog the Netflix website and result in the buffering and kind of poor quality of the video. For instance, the HD resolution of a video at 9 o’clock in the evening is merely impossible because at this time a bulk of users jam the traffic of this website. So you better not choose the peak hours of streaming video for you will have to compromise on the quality of a video.

Enhance Streaming Experience by Using a VPN

As Netflix tends to calibrate depending on your network connection, a VPN connection will let you get the improved streaming experience on Netflix. It is also used to bypass the geo-restriction and unblock those videos which are not for non-Americans (learn how to unblock geo-restricted sites). VPN circumnavigate the gateways that your ISP may have imposed, and that could be the reason of low bandwidth, resulting in compromised video quality. Using a VPN enhances your quality of videos on Netflix and gives you a better streaming experience. This Netflix hack is useful in both ways. First it is used to bypass geoblocking, and secondly, it enhances the video quality.

Ignore the Spoilers and other Irritating things

None of us likes those spoiler images, text snippets, and other annoying Netflix features. But the good news is, you can now get rid of these annoying features by using Felix plus. This is a Google Chrome extension backed by Lifehacker website. These amazing Netflix hacks can help you get rid of the spoilers and other irritating things on Netflix.

How to Delete Your Netflix Viewing History?

You need to delete your Netflix viewing history when your account is used by multiple users, and you do not want them to see which kind of views you search for. There is one of Netflix hacks exist which can delete your Netflix viewing history. You can do so by going to your account page, clicking Viewing activity, here you can get to see your search history and can delete it too.

  • Know the Keyboard Shortcuts

Using keyboard shortcuts is far easier than dragging and struggling with the mouse cursor. Like, it is simpler to hit Spacebar or Enter key then moving the cursor onto it and clicking it. Here we have brought some keyboard shortcuts that you can use while watching Netflix videos. PageDown and PageUp also work for pause and play. F key allows you to watch in Fullscreen and Esc undo the Full Screen. You can rewind and forward by holding the shift key and pressing left and right respectively. M is used for mute and Up and down keys adjust volume.

Access The Netflix Internal Category

Netflix has an advanced search bar that can understand your viewing and searching habit and suggests you accordingly. But sometimes we want to explore something which is not relevant to the history. Instead of getting into the hassle of time taking the search for your unusual video you can use the category ID that Netflix has secretly made. These enable quick access to broad groups like Cult TV Shows (74652) or esoteric listings like Visually-striking Martial Arts Movies (3196). You can find the IDs here.

You can Watch Netflix with Friends from Anywhere

If you and your friend both have a Netflix account, then you both can enjoy the same video together by sharing it with the services like Google Hangouts, search engines like Youtube Hulu, etc. This will let you and your friend have a good time together watching your favourite movie and discussing it.

Conclusion- 11 Hidden Netflix Hacks You Need to Know

These 11 Netflix hacks can be a great help for all the Netflix users especially those who are not aware of the hidden Netflix hacks. You can make your streaming experience even better with the aid of these Netflix hacks.

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