10 Best Torrentz Alternatives


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Talking about one of the most popular sites will bring Torrentz straight into the limelight. Millions of users made use of Torrentz to download their favourite movies, apps and tons of other things. However, as per the reports, Torrentz has been shut down and people are looking for other alternatives. Therefore, right here in this article, we have brought for you the top 7 torrentz alternatives.

Without wasting any time, let’s move ahead and discover the top 7 torrentz alternatives of 2019.

Top Torrentz Alternatives of 2019

  1. TorrentFunk

One thing which makes TorrentFunk different from other sites is its rating, review and comment features. Also, it has got a database of thousands of torrent files to suffice the needs of almost every user.

Lastly, with the help of cross recommendation feature, you can find most popular movies, download them and watch with whole ease and comfort.

  1. Monova

Monova is yet another torrentz alternative which delivers good search engine feature to its users. Also, the site provides registration which helps in uploading content anytime and anywhere.

  1. The Pirate Bay

Known as the biggest hub of torrent files, the Pirate Bay is one of the biggest torrent sites till date. Browsing through different categories, you will find movies, TV shows, games, books and many more things.

Even after many copyright notices and takedowns, The Pirate Bay is standing strong. Altogether, a good torrentz alternative which you must try to download torrent files.

  1. isoHunt

Providing torrents from different categories, isoHunt is another indexing site which delivers torrent files. Using isohunt, you can browse different sections, download torrent files and even upload torrents.

The site went down in the year 2013 but still made a comeback after a few years. This time, the site is running strong and is one of the best Torrentz alternatives.

  1. BT Scene

One thing which makes BT Scene different from the rest is a clearer interface. When opening this website, you will notice that it doesn’t contain any sorts of advertisement.

Browsing the front page, you get to see different categories such as Series, movies, games, software’s, music and much more.

Altogether, having a clean interface along with good category support makes BT Scene, a good alternative to Torrentz.

  1. iDope

The functioning of iDope collects sources from different sites and displays everything in its own platform. It even comes with an iDope Android app which is the best for Android Phones and tablet.

Here, you can browse through different categories, choose your preferred torrent file and download it without any issue.

  1. ExtraTorrent

Building fan base for many years, ExtraTorrent is yet another good alternative to Torrentz. You can browse through ExtraTorrent to find your favourite torrents along with torrent files.

However, in order to use ExtraTorrent, you might need to use VPN service as its still inaccessible in many countries.

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Final Word of Mouth: Top 7 Torrentz Alternatives of 2019

After spanning the list of torrentz alternatives, we have come to the conclusion phase. Go ahead, choose your preferred torrent site and all that is left is to download your favourite torrent files, anytime and anywhere.

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