How to Download Torrents on iPad


This is the era of internet and its innovative technology that has made our lives a lot easier than ever before. Be it video chatting, online gaming, or torrenting every other web innovative technology has bestowed the humanity the best of entertainment and facilities. One of which is the peer to peer protocol of BitTorrent […]

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How to Protect From Metadata Retention


The dark clouds of metadata retention law and its strict implementation has overshadowed the maximum region of the world, and the netizens under these clouds are looking for some sunshine that can provide them ways to protect from metadata retention. This ubiquitous metadata retention practice has profoundly affected the netizens leaving them with zero freedom […]

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Metadata Retention Law in Germany


This fast-paced digital world where digitalization of every institution is on the verge and even the most sensitive and secret data of the state is digitalized now, in such condition the physical boundaries of the countries become penetrable. The governments of various countries started believing that the practice of data retention could save their political […]

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