10 Best Torrentz Alternatives


The ongoing crackdown on Torrent websites and clients have resulted in the closure of many leading torrenting sites. However, this operation has left the torrenters with less hope, and in the name of eliminating piracy and strengthening copyright infringement laws, the concerned authorities are taking stern action against torrent websites. But as one website close […]

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How to Unblock Channel 9


The trend of region based websites have become very common these days, the websites of traditional TV channels or on-demand video streaming services have limited their content for the outside world of their region. Like Netflix US content is not available outside the US. These popular websites hide behind the locked doors of geo-restrictions. Likewise, […]

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8 Reasons to Be Cautious When Using Your Mobile Device, Avoid threats of using Mobile device


The cyber crime has raised exponentially over the period. Plenty of numbers of reports has been registered from across the world about the victimization of cyber criminals such as hackers, scammers or phishers. With an increase in technology growth, the risk of insecurity, harassment, identity theft and many other cyber crimes have been boosted in […]

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