5 Best Cheap VPN Services for 2017


When searching for a VPN service for any of your required purpose, the second most important thing after security and privacy level is the price of the VPN service. There are many cheap VPN services available in the market, but it is important to know the reliability of the cheap VPN as well. My point in this article is that the cheapest VPN must not be your criteria for a VPN search, but to evaluate the features and performance a VPN service provides you with a particular price. Simply speaking, a VPN that you choose must be worth paying a single penny of yours. It must provide more than it costs and keeping that in mind we have here compiled a list of best cheap VPN services which are cheap VPN services yet reliable and you don’t have to compromise on the quality and features of a VPN while paying less for it.

Get the Best Cheap VPN Deals:

Take a quick glimpse of these two top-selling best cheap VPN deals here;

  1. NordVPN- Get NordVPN only for $3.29 Per Month on Two Years Plans

Some Top Things you can do with NordVPN:

  1. Get high-end online security and privacy with the unbeatable security and privacy features of NordVPN;
  • Double VPN Technology
  • Strictly No Log VPN
  • Tor over VPN Server
  • Automatic Internet Kill Switch
  • DNS Leak Protection
  • VPN Encryption and Protocols
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Shared IP Feature
  • Self-Managed DNS Servers

2.  Enjoy many streaming and P2P servers with an expanded network of 1114 Servers in 61 Countries throughout the world.

3. Use it on up to 6 devices with one NordVPN account with six multi-login option and dedicated VPN app for all the OS.

4. Easy to use and install VPN App for all the OS with all the VPN protocols like IKEv2/IPsec, OpenVPN, PPTP, L2TP, IPSec and unlimited bandwidth.

2. CyberGhost VPN- Get CyberGhost VPN for $2.90 Per Month

Some best things you will find in CyberGhost VPN;

  1. Top-notch security with AES 256 Encryption and 2048 Key & MD5 Authentication, best for online privacy and security.
  2. You can use it hassle free with an easy to use VPN l

How to Select a Cheap VPN Service?

The criteria for the selection of a cheap VPN service must not only be the price as I already mentioned above, but there must also be an overall comparison between the price and the services and features offered at the given price of some cheap VPN providers. This is the reason we brought you a list of features (including cost) you must look for in a cheap VPN, before buying.

Number of VPN Protocols offered

A VPN service must provide all the major VPN protocols that can be used for various purposes depending on the level of its security. Among all the protocols like  PPTP, L2TP/IPSec, SSTP, OpenVPN, Ikev2, etc. OpenVPN and SSTP are the most secure but remember with high security the speed can be affected. So for streaming, where fast speed is a must L2TP/IPSec is recommended for security and speed and high-end security while torrenting or to attain security in general OpenVPN and SSTP are the best choices.  Always keep that in mind, more secure the protocol is lesser the speed. These protocols are must look for when you buy a cheap VPN service so that you can choose a protocol as per your requirement.

Number of VPN Servers

One of the major factors of a VPN performance is the network of its servers expanded globally. When selecting a cheap VPN service, never compromise on the server location. It must have servers is the most favourable locations in the world like USA, UK, Australia, Canada, Europe, etc.

Encryption Level

A VPN security is known by the level of its encryption offered. The most secure and reliable VPN encryption is AES 256-bit encryption, even when you are looking for a cheap VPN service, look for AES 256-bit encryption along with OpenVPN protocol, which is the best secure combination.


What is the point of spending your money on a VPN service that is too sick to handle? Even though you are in search of a cheap VPN service, you must not compromise on the speed of the VPN service. (note that VPN speed depends upon various factors including your internet connection speed and quality of device you use).

Pricing and Plans offered by a VPN

Undoubtedly the most alluring thing while you search for a VPN service is less price, but a smart user knows that price must not be the only criteria to select a cheap VPN service. The satisfactory comparison of price with the services and features offered is imperative. Some VPN providers offer free trials and money-back guarantee which can certainly help in making a decision.

Customer Support Staff

Any VPN service must provide an active customer support staff available 24/7 via live chat to solve your queries there and then within minutes; it is, however, the best option. Some VPN providers offer other customer support mechanism like email ticketing, FAQs, Knowledge-based articles, etc.

Security and Privacy Features offered

When you buy a VPN and know less about it, it is always a good idea to research a little before you buy and start using it. So you are aware of all the pros and cons of using it, what security and privacy feature you want in a VPN, etc. puzzled? Don’t worry keep in mind all these factors we have designed a comprehensive VPN guide for the VPN newbies. The internet kill switch, protection against IP leaks and DNS leaks, DDoS attacks protection, NAT Firewall, Self-managed network, etc. these are some security and privacy features you must look in a VPN before using it.

Is P2P allowed or not?

Not all the VPN providers allow P2P file sharing on their servers. If you are looking for a VPN to do anonymous torrenting, then you must look if it allows P2P file sharing on any of its servers or not. The best way to find out is to read detailed and comprehensive VPN reviews.

Why must FREE VPN not be a choice?

Many people get attracted by the alluring ads of Free VPN services, but it is not recommended to use a free VPN if you care about your privacy and internet security. All the free VPN services keep user’s activity log and share it with the third-party companies to get cash so as to run the so-called Free service for you. Remember there is nothing like a free lunch and when you don’t buy a product you use then the product uses you. Even after all of this information you are convinced somehow to trade your privacy with free VPN then you can read our review of best free VPN services.

How Much a VPN Costs You?

If we talk about an average estimated price of almost all the VPN services available in the market, it is around $10 per month (note that it is not the price of only cheap VPN services but the average price of all the top VPN services per month). Which is according to our analysis is a reasonable amount. In which you get the high-end an unbeatable privacy and security for your internet data, anonymity, unlimited access to the internet, unlimited bandwidth, hundreds of servers globally, access to all the geo-restricted websites like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, etc. and much more.

Use a Cheap VPN Service for Anything

The main purpose of this article is to facilitate the users who don’t want to or can’t spend much money on the VPN services but still want to use a VPN. So we sketched a mid-way for this purpose where such people can enjoy most of the features of a premium and reliable VPN services at an affordable price per month or per year. You can use a cheap VPN service that we have recommended here for anything including the privacy and security shelter, yes you read it right.

Download Torrent Anonymous by Using a Cheap VPN Service

All the torrent lovers exactly know the importance of anonymous torrenting. It is important for a user to be anonymous while downloading a torrent to prevent your IP address from being visible to everyone in the swarm including your ISP. Read complete torrent guide we have designed for all the torrent users and newbies.

Get the Access to Netflix US by using an Affordable VPN Service

Access the most famous and largest content library of Netflix US outside the US from anywhere in the world. After the Netflix VPN ban not all the VPN services are working on Netflix network, but in this article with one of our cheap VPN in the list above ‘’NordVPN’’ is still working, which let you access your favourite shows on Netflix US available for online streaming.

Cheap VPN Services with Yearly Plan

#1 NordVPN- $3.29 per Month

Cost & Plans

NordVPN offers three types of pricing plans for its customers; monthly, six monthly and annual plan. The monthly plan is a very simple plan that the user has to pay $11.75 every month and you save nothing in this plan.  The six monthly plan is a standard plan in which the user needs to pay $71.7 for a period of six months ($11.95/month), but if you get the discount coupon of NordVPN you will save 41% additional and pay only $42 for six months. And Finally the Annual plan of NordVPN, it is considered as one of the best plans with a saving of 52% and instead of $143.40 you will only pay $69 yearly ($5.75/month). This plan gives you a maximum saving.

Pros & Cons of NordVPN

NordVPN offered a broad range of 500+ servers expanded in 49+ countries. It is compatible with a variety of platforms including all major devices and operating systems (Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Linux, etc.). With its Six simultaneous connections option, you can connect up to six devices you own with just one NordVPN account. .NordVPN provides double encryption for added security including other security features like the Automatic kill switch, AES 256 bit for encryption, etc. It also provides excellent customer support and also offers 30-days money back guarantee with a 3-Day free trial option. NordVPN currently doesn’t offer refunds for Bitcoin facility and its website could be even better because we could not search a particular feature or facility. We need to either read FAQ or contact the help desk for every question. Read in detail about NordVPN in our NordVPN review.

Get NordVPN

#2 CyberGhost VPN-$2.90 Per Month

Cost & plans

CyberGhost VPN has three plans; Monthly Subscription: It costs $10.99 and it comes with all the features of the CyberGhost VPN second is Yearly Subscription: It comes with a 55% savings and costs $4.99 per month. So instead of $131.88, you need to pay just $59.88 for a year. But here you are going the entire amount at a one-shot. The cheapest and most recommended is the Two Years Subscription: Apart from these two popular plans, we can occasionally get promotional plans for up to 24 months in which you can save $91 with 79% discount offer.

Pros & Cons of CyberGhost VPN

CyberGhost VPN has 800+ servers in 29 countries. It uses AES 256 Encryption and 2048 Key & MD5 Authentication. It supports OpenVPN, L2TP/IPsec, and PPTP. It has a no logging policy which is best for Anonymous Surfing. You can unblock Geo-specific contents using it and access all the blocked sites anywhere. It provides automatic Wi-Fi security. CyberGhost VPN supports Anonymous Torrent download on many of its servers with DNS & IP Leak Protection. Read our CyberGhost VPN review for more information.

Get Cyberghost VPN

#3 Ivacy- $4.08 per Month

Cost & plans

Ivacy costs $9.95 per month and for a year subscription, it comes around $4.08 per month, but if you get the discount coupon of Ivacy VPN you will save 100% on its yearly plan and get one month free. It has also a six months plan of $7.49 per month.

Pros & Cons of Ivacy

Although Ivacy is a newcomer to the field, the feature it offers pushes it higher in the ladder. For a 2-year subscription, it is the cheapest VPN provider yet with security and reliability. It gives you a free subscription for a year, just for blogging about them. The only negative is that it does not allow a free trial. To know about more features, read the detailed Ivacy VPN review

Get Ivacy VPN

#4 PureVPN- $3.25 per Month

Cost & plans

If you choose to pay yearly for PureVPN you will get the discount coupon of PureVPN and save 70% additional and only pay $39 instead of $131.4, this is really a cheaper option when you need VPN for a due course of time. However, the monthly plan costs you $10.95 billed every month with no savings.

Pros & Cons of PureVPN

PureVPN with exclusive offers for its customers is always rendering a better quality connection at a lower price. Protecting user anonymity with several servers and LiveChat for the customer queries are the added benefits here. As far as the PureVPN is concerned, there are no specific negatives and the money you pay is more worth their services.

Read our PureVPN review for more information.

Get PureVPN

Cheap VPN Services by Monthly Plan

#1 Private Internet Access- $6.95

Cost & plans

It costs $6.95 per month if you opt for a monthly plan. With the discount coupon of Private Internet Access you will save 14% (on six monthly plan) and 52% on yearly plan. The most recommended and cheapest plan is the yearly plan of PIA VPN which only costs you $3.33 per month and billed annually.

Pros & Cons of Private Internet Access

It supports a wide variety of devices and a maximum of five at a time. Also, it is highly secured with strong encryption, protocols, and Kill Switch enable option. Risk-free trial and bitcoin payments are magnificent with PIA. The only negative here is the missing of a Live chat to support its customers but the cost, and the kind of service overcome that as well. Read more about PIA VPN in our Private Internet Access review.

Get Private Internet Access

#2 OneVPN- $7.15

Cost & Plans

OneVPN offers three pricing plans. One is per month plan which costs $7.95 and billed monthly, but if you get the discount coupon of OneVPN you will save 10% additional and only pay $7.15 monthly. The second one is six months plan which costs $47.7 for and billed six monthly, but if you get the discount coupon of OneVPN, you will save 43% additional and only pay $26.96 six monthly. The third and most recommended plan where you normally have to pay $381.6 for four years, but if you get the discount coupon you will save 88% additional and only pay $43.20 for four years.

Pros & Cons of OneVPN

OneVPN is a comprehensive VPN service with affordable price. It provides all the major security features like Data Protection with high-grade encryption level, dynamic IP addresses, Anti-Malware, Ad-Blocker, NAT Firewall, One-Stream, No-log VPN based in Hong Kong, provides three simultaneous connections, offers servers in 18 countries around the world. OneVPN doesn’t allow P2P file sharing on its servers, so it is a no-go option for torrent users.

Get OneVPN

Conclusion of Cheap VPN Services

Our primary objective of this article is to bring you the best cheap VPN services available in the market without compromising on the security and privacy features. We have tested and tried all the services recommended here, and after that, we put here for you to avail the benefits. We believe that just because you can’t afford a premium VPN, doesn’t mean you have to compromise on your internet privacy and security.

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Sandy Roberts

Sandy Roberts is technology admirer and a computer specialist who is always curious for new technological advancements in the IT industry. With her extensive experience and apprehension of IT industry and technology, she writes after concrete research and analysis with the intention to aid the reader the content full of factual information. Being so ambitious to facilitate the readers, she intermittently tries her hand on the tech-gadgets and services popping frequently in the industry to reduce any ambiguity in her mind related to the project on she works, that a huge sign of dedication to her work.

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